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200 metres Freestyle, Women

Date30 – 31 July 2012
LocationLondon Aquatics Centre, Olympic Park, Stratford, London
Participants35 from 29 countries

The defending gold medalist and World Champion was Italy’s Federica Pellegrini but the favorite was American Allison Schmitt, who had starred at the US Olympic Trials in June. They were expected to be challenged by Schmitt’s teammate, Missy Franklin, who was swimming an ambitious seven-event schedule in London. Franklin started the final fast, passing 50 metres under the world record split, but she could not hold that and Schmitt moved ahead by 100 metres. She continued to open up, winning the gold medal by almost two seconds over France’s Camille Muffat, bronze medalist in the 200 and 400 frees at the 2011 Worlds, and earlier the gold medalist in London in the 400 free. Australian Bronte Barratt, better known for her efforts in relays, won the bronze medal, beating Franklin by only 1/100th of a second. Pellegrini was never a factor for the medals and placed fifth.

This was Schmitt’s third medal of the London Olympics, after a silver in the 400 free behind Muffat and a bronze in the 4×100 free relay. She had also won a bronze in 2008 as part of the 4×200 relay. She would finish London 2012 with five medals and three golds, later adding gold medals in the medley relay and the 4×200.

1Allison SchmittUSA1:57.33 (1 h5)1:56.15 (2 h1)1:53.61 (1)Gold
2Camille MuffatFRA1:58.49 (3 h4)1:56.18 (3 h1)1:55.58 (2)Silver
3Bronte BarrattAUS1:58.12 (2 h4)1:56.08 (1 h1)1:55.81 (3)Bronze
4Missy FranklinUSA1:57.62 (2 h3)1:57.57 (4 h2)1:55.82 (4)
5Federica PellegriniITA1:57.16 (1 h3)1:56.67 (1 h2)1:56.73 (5)
6Veronika PopovaRUS1:57.79 (3 h3)1:56.84 (4 h1)1:57.25 (6)
7Caitlin McClatcheyGBR1:58.03 (1 h4)1:57.33 (2 h2)1:57.60 (7)
8Kylie PalmerAUS1:58.16 (4 h5)1:57.44 (3 h2)1:57.68 (8)
9Melani CostaESP1:57.79 (2 h5)1:57.76 (5 h2)
10Barbara JardinCAN1:57.92 (4 h3)1:57.91 (5 h1)
11Samantha ChevertonCAN1:58.11 (5 h3)1:57.98 (6 h2)
12Sarah SjöströmSWE1:58.03 (3 h5)1:58.12 (6 h1)
13Silke LippokGER1:58.59 (5 h5)1:58.24 (7 h2)
14Sara IsakovičSLO1:58.96 (6 h5)1:58.47 (7 h1)
15Wang ShijiaCHN1:58.73 (4 h4)1:58.63 (8 h1)
16Hanae ItoJPN1:58.93 (5 h4)1:59.62 (8 h2)
17Becki TurnerGBR1:58.98 (6 h3)
18Ophélie EtienneFRA1:59.15 (7 h3)
19Nina RangelovaBUL1:59.21 (6 h4)
20Karin PrinslooRSA1:59.24 (7 h5)
21Song WenyanCHN1:59.47 (7 h4)
22Ágnes MutinaHUN1:59.56 (8 h5)
23Rosanna SzeHKG1:59.92 (8 h3)
24Pernille BlumeDEN2:00.91 (1 h2)
25Camelia PotecROU2:01.15 (2 h2)
26Liliana IbáñezMEX2:01.36 (3 h2)
27Anna StylianouCYP2:01.87 (4 h2)
28Katarína FilováSVK2:02.03 (5 h2)
29Jördis SteineggerAUT2:02.39 (6 h2)
30Natthanan ChankrajangTHA2:02.49 (1 h1)
31Danielle VillarsSUI2:03.55 (2 h1)
32Hanna-Maria SeppäläFIN2:04.21 (7 h2)
33Baek Il-JuKOR2:04.32 (3 h1)
34Heather ArsethMRI2:07.81 (4 h1)
35Aurelie FanchetteSEY2:23.49 (5 h1)
DNSFemke HeemskerkNED– (DNS h4)
DNSGráinne MurphyIRL– (DNS h2)

Round One (30 July 2012 — 10:41)

Fastest 16 swimmers advanced to semi-finals

Heat One (10:41)

13Natthanan ChankrajangTHA2:02.490.73
25Danielle VillarsSUI2:03.550.70
34Baek Il-JuKOR2:04.320.75
46Heather ArsethMRI2:07.810.66
52Aurelie FanchetteSEY2:23.490.77

Heat Two (10:45)

15Pernille BlumeDEN2:00.910.72
26Camelia PotecROU2:01.150.80
32Liliana IbáñezMEX2:01.360.74
41Anna StylianouCYP2:01.870.76
58Katarína FilováSVK2:02.030.72
64Jördis SteineggerAUT2:02.390.78
77Hanna-Maria SeppäläFIN2:04.210.71
DNS3Gráinne MurphyIRL

Heat Three (10:49)

15Federica PellegriniITA1:57.160.70Q
24Missy FranklinUSA1:57.620.76Q
33Veronika PopovaRUS1:57.790.73Q
46Barbara JardinCAN1:57.920.73Q
57Samantha ChevertonCAN1:58.110.72Q
62Becki TurnerGBR1:58.980.64
71Ophélie EtienneFRA1:59.150.73
88Rosanna SzeHKG1:59.920.68

Heat Four (10:53)

12Caitlin McClatcheyGBR1:58.030.73Q
23Bronte BarrattAUS1:58.120.71Q
34Camille MuffatFRA1:58.490.69Q
46Wang ShijiaCHN1:58.730.71Q
51Hanae ItoJPN1:58.930.75Q
68Nina RangelovaBUL1:59.210.78
77Song WenyanCHN1:59.470.75
DNS5Femke HeemskerkNED

Heat Five (10:57)

14Allison SchmittUSA1:57.330.78Q
27Melani CostaESP1:57.790.71Q
35Sarah SjöströmSWE1:58.030.73Q
43Kylie PalmerAUS1:58.160.73Q
56Silke LippokGER1:58.590.79Q
61Sara IsakovičSLO1:58.960.70Q
78Karin PrinslooRSA1:59.240.85
82Ágnes MutinaHUN1:59.560.68

Semi-Finals (30 July 2012 — 19:30)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (19:30)

12Bronte BarrattAUS1:56.080.72Q
24Allison SchmittUSA1:56.150.79Q
37Camille MuffatFRA1:56.180.64Q
45Veronika PopovaRUS1:56.840.72Q
53Barbara JardinCAN1:57.910.75
66Sarah SjöströmSWE1:58.120.74
78Sara IsakovičSLO1:58.470.69
81Wang ShijiaCHN1:58.630.73

Heat Two (19:38)

14Federica PellegriniITA1:56.670.67Q
26Caitlin McClatcheyGBR1:57.330.71Q
37Kylie PalmerAUS1:57.440.75Q
45Missy FranklinUSA1:57.570.77Q
53Melani CostaESP1:57.760.74
62Samantha ChevertonCAN1:57.980.73
71Silke LippokGER1:58.240.71
88Hanae ItoJPN1:59.620.74

Final (31 July 2012 — 19:41)

15Allison SchmittUSA1:53.610.75OR
23Camille MuffatFRA1:55.580.65
34Bronte BarrattAUS1:55.810.71
48Missy FranklinUSA1:55.820.76
56Federica PellegriniITA1:56.730.69
62Veronika PopovaRUS1:57.250.73
77Caitlin McClatcheyGBR1:57.600.72
81Kylie PalmerAUS1:57.680.75