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Four, Men

Date27 – 28 February 1988
LocationCanada Olympic Park, Calgary (Bobsleigh/Luge Track)
Participants104 from 17 countries
FormatFour runs, total time determined placement.
DetailsCurves: 14
Length: 1475 m
Start Altitude: 1250 m
Vertical Drop: 120 m

Despite Swiss victories in the previous two FIBT World Championships the general consensus of opinion was that Wolfgang Hoppe’s East Germany I would recover from the disappointment of the two-man event and Hoppe would claim his third Olympic gold. At the halfway point the expected victory seemed a formality as the East Germans built up a sizeable lead. It was the third run that was to prove decisive and while Hoppe’s crew had a nightmare run and finished halfway down the field, Switzerland I flourished under the veteran driver Ekkehard Fasser and moved from a distant third into a clear lead by producing the fastest time of the competition. Though the GDR crew gained some time back over the final run it was not enough to deny Fasser an unlikely victory in the final event of his career.

Despite the excitement of the chase for the championship more publicity was garnered by a team that did not complete the competition. The novelty of seeing the Jamaican flag painted on the side of an Olympic bob had already caused excitement worldwide but the events of the third run helped the story to become a major news event. Coming too late out of the Kreissel curve the Jamaican bob overturned and slid down the track with the crew members’ helmets scraping the ice wall. Thankfully the team were unhurt in the accident and the sight of the quartet walking across the finish line alongside their bobsleigh was beamed to millions across the world. The Jamaican story was later picked up by Hollywood and “Cool Runnings,” a film very loosely based around the 1988 Winter Olympics, was a massive success around the world.

PosNrBobsleighNOCTimeRun 1Run 2Run 3Run 4
121Switzerland ISUI3:47.5156.83 (7)57.37 (3)55.88 (1)57.43 (4)Gold
Ekkehard FasserKurt MeierMarcel FässlerWerner Stocker
23East Germany IGDR3:47.5856.16 (1)57.31 (2)56.77 (13)57.34 (3)Silver
Wolfgang HoppeDietmar SchauerhammerBogdan MusiolIngo Voge
314Soviet Union IIURS3:48.2656.72 (=4)57.28 (1)56.41 (=4)57.85 (7)Bronze
Jānis ĶipursGuntis OsisJuris ToneVladimir Kozlov
411United States IUSA3:48.2856.72 (=4)57.67 (8)56.69 (9)57.20 (1)
Brent RushlawHal HoyeMike WaskoBill White
512Soviet Union IURS3:48.3556.75 (6)57.66 (7)56.70 (10)57.24 (2)
Māris PoikānsOlafs KļaviņšIvars BērzupsJuris Jaudzems
622Austria IAUT3:48.6557.07 (11)57.40 (4)56.27 (2)57.91 (8)
Peter KienastFranz SieglChristian MarkKurt Teigl
717Austria IIAUT3:48.9556.93 (8)57.51 (5)56.41 (=4)58.10 (=13)
Ingo AppeltJosef MuiggGerhard RedlHarald Winkler
824East Germany IIGDR3:49.0657.18 (=13)57.60 (6)56.33 (3)57.95 (9)
Detlef RichterBodo FerlLudwig JahnAlexander Szelig
94Switzerland IISUI3:49.2556.39 (2)57.91 (12)57.13 (15)57.82 (6)
Hans HiltebrandUrs FehlmannErwin FassbindAndré Kiser
1020Italy IITA3:49.4657.20 (15)57.72 (9)56.53 (7)58.01 (10)
Alex WolfPasquale GesuitoGeorg BeikircherStefano Ticci
1115West Germany IIFRG3:49.5557.02 (9)57.75 (10)56.71 (11)58.07 (12)
Toni FischerFranz NießnerUwe EisenreichChristoph Langen
1210Great Britain IGBR3:49.9057.22 (16)58.26 (17)56.86 (14)57.56 (5)
Mark ToutDavid ArmstrongLenny PaulAudley Richards
1316Canada IICAN3:49.9957.18 (=13)57.82 (11)56.67 (8)58.32 (=17)
Greg HaydenluckCal LangfordKevin TylerLloyd Guss
1426West Germany IFRG3:50.1757.58 (19)58.04 (13)56.41 (=4)58.14 (15)
Michael SperrOlaf HampelFlorian CrucigerRolf Müller
152Canada ICAN3:50.3756.66 (3)58.05 (14)57.34 (18)58.32 (=17)
Chris LoriKen LeBlancAndrew SwimHoward Dell
169United States IIUSA3:51.2357.17 (12)58.49 (=19)57.47 (19)58.10 (=13)
Brian ShimerJim HerberichMatt RoyScott Pladel
1723Great Britain IIGBR3:51.2757.81 (22)58.13 (15)56.74 (12)58.59 (20)
Tom De La HuntyColin RattiganGeorge RobertsonAlec Leonce
187Japan JPN3:51.3557.36 (17)58.15 (16)57.68 (22)58.16 (16)
Takao SakaiToshio WakitaYuji YakuNaomi Takewaki
1913Italy IIITA3:51.8857.69 (20)58.65 (21)57.50 (20)58.04 (11)
Roberto D'AmicoThomas RottensteinerPaolo ScaramuzzaAndrea Meneghin
206Romania ROU3:51.8957.41 (18)58.49 (=19)57.64 (21)58.35 (19)
Csaba Nagy LakatosGrigore AnghelFlorian OlteanuCostel Petrariu
2119New Zealand NZL3:52.3757.98 (23)58.42 (18)57.30 (17)58.67 (=21)
Lex PetersonBlair TelfordRhys DacrePeter Henry
221Chinese Taipei TPE3:52.7557.03 (10)58.94 (23)57.98 (23)58.80 (23)
Chen Chin-SanChen Chin-SenLee Chen-TanWang Jauo-Hueyi
2325Australia AUS3:53.3458.20 (25)58.87 (22)57.25 (16)59.02 (24)
Adrian Di PiazzaMartin HarlandSimon DoddStephen Craig
248Bulgaria BUL3:53.6657.72 (21)59.07 (24)58.20 (24)58.67 (=21)
Tsvetozar ViktorovPlamen StamovNikolay BotevAleksandar Simeonov
255Portugal POR3:55.5058.42 (26)59.67 (26)58.28 (25)59.13 (25)
António ReisJoão PoupadaJoão PiresRogério Bernardes
DQ18Jamaica JAM58.04 (24)59.37 (25)1:03.19 (26)– (DQ)
Dudley StokesDevon HarrisMichael WhiteChris Stokes