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Skeet, Open

Date21 – 22 October 1968 — 8:30
LocationPolígono de Tiro Vicente Suárez, Campo Militar No. 1, Ciudad de México
Participants52 from 30 countries
Format200 targets.

This was the Olympic début for skeet shooting. It is somewhat similar to trap shooting as the shooters used a shotgun to fire at clay discs. But in skeet, the rifle is held at the hip, or mid-torso, until the target is fired and the birds are thrown from two towers above the ground, while trap discs are launched from ground level. In skeet, there is also a variable delay for the discs to be launched after they are called.

Most of the shooters used the Browning over-and-under shotgun, with the German Rottweil the most popular ammunition. At the 1967 World Championships, Germany’s Konrad Wirnhier was the champion, with Soviets Yury Tsuranov and Yevgeny Petrov placing second and third, respectively. On the first day, Chile’s Jorge Jottar led with 99, followed by Petrov, Wirnhier and Italy’s Romano Garagnani with 98. Jottar fell back on the second day, while Petrov, Wirnhier and Garagnani were clean to tie for first at 198, Tsuranov finishing fourth with 196. In the shoot-off Petrov won the gold medal with a clean 25 string, while Garagnani took the silver in a second round of shoot-offs.

PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsShoot-off 1 PointsShoot-off 2 Points
1Yevgeny PetrovURS19825Gold=WR
2Romano GaragnaniITA1982425Silver=WR
3Konrad WirnhierFRG1982423Bronze=WR
4Yury TsuranovURS196
5Pedro GianellaPER194
6Nicolás AtalahCHI194
7Jorge JottarCHI194
8Panagiotis XanthakosGRE194
9Menelaos MichailidisGRE192
10Ernst PedersenDEN191
11Gheorghe SencoviciROU191
12Miguel MarinaESP191
13Nuria OrtizMEX191
14Alec BonnettGBR191
15Don SanderlinCAN191
16Earl HerringUSA190
17Arne KarlssonSWE190
18Alain PlanteFRA190
19Bob RodaleUSA189
20Arne OrrgårdSWE189
21Karl Meyer zu HölsenFRG189
22Tuukka MäkeläFIN189
23Włodzimierz DanekPOL189
24Wiesław GawlikowskiPOL188
25Giancarlo ChionoITA188
26Colin SephtonGBR188
27Rafael BatistaPUR187
28Karni SinghIND187
29Ignacio HuguetCUB187
30Delfín GómezCUB187
31Mario PaniMEX187
32Paul VittetSUI186
33Benny JensenDEN186
34Atanas TasevBUL185
35Jean-Paul FaberFRA185
36José Luis MartínezESP183
37Harry WillsieCAN181
38Gerry BradyIRL180
39Spiro HayekLBN180
40Anton ManolovBUL180
41Tanios HarbLBN179
42Carlos PachecoCRC176
43Andrés AmadorESA175
44Francis CornetBEL174
45Alberto GuerreroPUR174
46Peppi GrechMLT173
47Arthur McMahonIRL170
48Riyadh YunesDOM170
49Boonkua LourvanijTHA150
50Ricardo SoundyESA147
51Jorge AndréCRC75
52Luis SantanaDOM57