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Springboard, Women

Date19 – 20 July 1976
LocationPiscine olympique, Montréal, Québec
Participants27 from 14 countries
Format3 metre springboard.

The three favorites were the last two World Champions – Christa Köhler (GDR-1973) and Irina Kalinina (URS-1975), and the 1975 Pan American Champion, Jennifer Chandler of the USA. But the event was not close. Chandler led the qualifying and then took the lead in the final round on the second dive, and increased it on almost every dive to win the gold medal easily. Köhler was steady throughout to win silver. The bronze medal went to American Cynthia Potter-McIngvale, who was fourth behind East German Heidi Ramlow going into the final dive, but nailed her inward 2½ to move into third place. Kalinina was never a factor, barely qualifying in eighth place, and placing seventh in the final. She placed ahead of only Barbara Nejman (USA), who hit the board on her fifth dive, and dropped well back.

1Jennifer ChandlerUSAGold
2Christa KöhlerGDRSilver
3Cynthia Potter-McIngvaleUSABronze
4Heidi RamlowGDR
5Karin GuthkeGDR
6Olga DmitriyevaURS
7Irina KalininaURS
8Barbara NejmanUSA
9 r1/2Beverly BoysCAN
10 r1/2Ursula MöckelFRG
11 r1/2Ulrika KnapeSWE
12 r1/2Agneta HenriksonSWE
13 r1/2Helen KoppellGBR
14 r1/2Teri YorkCAN
15 r1/2Madeleine BarnettAUS
16 r1/2Tatyana PodmaryovaURS
17 r1/2Eniko KieferCAN
18 r1/2Rikiko YamanakaJPN
19 r1/2Renate PiotraschkeFRG
20 r1/2Susanne WetteskogSWE
21 r1/2Rebecca EwertNZL
22 r1/2Elizabeth JackAUS
23 r1/2Norma BaraldiMEX
24 r1/2Fusako KakumaruJPN
25 r1/2Carmen Belén NúñezESP
26 r1/2Aura Di NisioVEN
27 r1/2Peri Suzan ÖzkumTUR

Qualifying (19 July 1976 — 14:00-21:45)

Ten dives. Top 8 advanced to the final round.

1Jennifer ChandlerUSA463.32Q
2Barbara NejmanUSA455.49Q
3Cynthia Potter-McIngvaleUSA455.16Q
4Olga DmitriyevaURS447.33Q
5Heidi RamlowGDR445.08Q
6Christa KöhlerGDR441.90Q
7Karin GuthkeGDR441.03Q
8Irina KalininaURS434.28Q
9Beverly BoysCAN420.57
10Ursula MöckelFRG417.63
11Ulrika KnapeSWE416.94
12Agneta HenriksonSWE404.19
13Helen KoppellGBR396.96
14Teri YorkCAN393.36
15Madeleine BarnettAUS391.77
16Tatyana PodmaryovaURS387.39
17Eniko KieferCAN383.13
18Rikiko YamanakaJPN381.96
19Renate PiotraschkeFRG377.49
20Susanne WetteskogSWE369.15
21Rebecca EwertNZL352.62
22Elizabeth JackAUS348.54
23Norma BaraldiMEX336.12
24Fusako KakumaruJPN330.54
25Carmen Belén NúñezESP318.66
26Aura Di NisioVEN293.04
27Peri Suzan ÖzkumTUR274.44

Final (20 July 1976 — 21:00)

Ten dives.

1Jennifer ChandlerUSA506.19
2Christa KöhlerGDR469.41
3Cynthia Potter-McIngvaleUSA466.83
4Heidi RamlowGDR462.15
5Karin GuthkeGDR459.81
6Olga DmitriyevaURS432.24
7Irina KalininaURS417.99
8Barbara NejmanUSA365.07