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High Jump, Men

Date 2 August 1936
LocationOlympiastadion, Reichssportfeld, Berlin
Participants40 from 24 countries

Corny Johnson was favored but barely over teammate Dave Albritton. They had tied for first at the US Trials with world records 2.07 (6-9½). Johnson won the gold medal without a miss, clearing the winning 2.03 (6-7¾) on his first attempt. He failed three tries at a world record 2.08 (6-9¾). Albritton took silver over teammates Delos Thurber in a jump-off, clearing 1.97, as the US swept the medals, with Finland’s Kalevi Kotkas missing out and finishing fourth.

Johnson was snubbed by Adolf Hitler, who had congratulated all the other winners on that day, but refused to shake the hand of a black man. He was then told by the IOC to congratulate all the winners or none of them, and chose none. This led to the rumors that he refused to acknowledge the victories of Jesse Owens but in reality, Johnson was the black American he had insulted. Silver medalist Dave Albritton was the first prominent high jumper to use the straddle technique, which became the dominant high jump style in the 1950s-60s.

PosNrAthleteNOCQualifying RoundFinal Round
1773Corny JohnsonUSA1.85 (=1)2.03 (1)GoldOR
2772Dave AlbrittonUSA1.85 (=1)2.00 (2)SilverOR1
3774Delos ThurberUSA1.85 (=1)2.00 (3)BronzeOR2
4173Kalevi KotkasFIN1.85 (=1)2.00 (4)OR3
5393Kimio YadaJPN1.85 (=1)1.97 (5)
=6172Lauri KalimaFIN1.85 (=1)1.94 (=6)
=6857Gustav WeinkötzGER1.85 (=1)1.94 (=6)
=6392Hiroshi TanakaJPN1.85 (=1)1.94 (=6)
=6391Yoshiro AsakumaJPN1.85 (=1)1.94 (=6)
=10146Aksel KuuseEST1.85 (=1)1.90 (=10)
=10855Günter GehmertGER1.85 (=1)1.90 (=10)
=1237Jack MetcalfeAUS1.85 (=1)1.85 (=12)
=1286Joe HaleyCAN1.85 (=1)1.85 (=12)
=12141Poul OttoDEN1.85 (=1)1.85 (=12)
=12174Veikko PeräsaloFIN1.85 (=1)1.85 (=12)
=12716Mihály BodosiHUN1.85 (=1)1.85 (=12)
=12305Jan BrasserNED1.85 (=1)1.85 (=12)
=12538Simeon ToribioPHI1.85 (=1)1.85 (=12)
=12660Edwin ThackerRSA1.85 (=1)1.85 (=12)
=12626Rudolf EggenbergSUI1.85 (=1)1.85 (=12)
=12593Åke ÖdmarkSWE1.85 (=1)1.85 (=12)
22547Jerzy PławczykPOL1.85 (=1)1.80 (22)
=23 r1/2506Fritz FlachbergerAUT1.80 (=23)
=23 r1/258Alfredo MendesBRA1.80 (=23)
=23 r1/257Ícaro MelloBRA1.80 (=23)
=23 r1/2139Svend Aage ThomsenDEN1.80 (=23)
=23 r1/2280Robert KennedyGBR1.80 (=23)
=23 r1/2281Jack NewmanGBR1.80 (=23)
=23 r1/2323Sigurður SigurðssonISL1.80 (=23)
=23 r1/2306Gerard CarlierNED1.80 (=23)
=23 r1/2475Edvard NatvigNOR1.80 (=23)
=32 r1/2505Fritz NeuruhrerAUT1.70 (=32)
=32 r1/2115Wu BixianCHN1.70 (=32)
=32 r1/2282Stan WestGBR1.70 (=32)
=32 r1/2856Hans MartensGER1.70 (=32)
=32 r1/210Konstantinos PantazisGRE1.70 (=32)
=32 r1/2546Karol HoffmannPOL1.70 (=32)
=32 r1/2678Břetislav KrátkýTCH1.70 (=32)
=32 r1/2679Zdeněk SobotkaTCH1.70 (=32)
=32 r1/2428Hans MohrYUG1.70 (=32)
DNS114Wang ShilinCHN
DNS133Pedro del VecchioCOL
DNS221Christian GillmannFRA
DNS222René PoirierFRA
DNS223Louis ThiebertFRA
DNS592Kurt LundqvistSWE
DNS677Vladimír GalandaTCH
DNS427Fritz MartiniYUG
DNS429Nikola VučevićYUG

Qualifying Round (2 August 1936 — 10:30)

All those clearing 1.85 metres advanced to the final.

=1Dave AlbrittonUSA1.85Q
=1Günter GehmertGER1.85Q
=1Jerzy PławczykPOL1.85Q
=1Kimio YadaJPN1.85Q
=1Mihály BodosiHUN1.85Q
=1Veikko PeräsaloFIN1.85Q
=1Jan BrasserNED1.85Q
=1Aksel KuuseEST1.85Q
=1Simeon ToribioPHI1.85Q
=1Poul OttoDEN1.85Q
=1Kalevi KotkasFIN1.85Q
=1Gustav WeinkötzGER1.85Q
=1Yoshiro AsakumaJPN1.85Q
=1Joe HaleyCAN1.85Q
=1Rudolf EggenbergSUI1.85Q
=1Corny JohnsonUSA1.85Q
=1Delos ThurberUSA1.85Q
=1Åke ÖdmarkSWE1.85Q
=1Lauri KalimaFIN1.85Q
=1Jack MetcalfeAUS1.85Q
=1Hiroshi TanakaJPN1.85Q
=1Edwin ThackerRSA1.85Q
=23Alfredo MendesBRA1.80
=23Svend Aage ThomsenDEN1.80
=23Robert KennedyGBR1.80
=23Ícaro MelloBRA1.80
=23Jack NewmanGBR1.80
=23Gerard CarlierNED1.80
=23Edvard NatvigNOR1.80
=23Sigurður SigurðssonISL1.80
=23Fritz FlachbergerAUT1.80
=32Stan WestGBR1.70
=32Fritz NeuruhrerAUT1.70
=32Břetislav KrátkýTCH1.70
=32Hans MohrYUG1.70
=32Zdeněk SobotkaTCH1.70
=32Hans MartensGER1.70
=32Konstantinos PantazisGRE1.70
=32Karol HoffmannPOL1.70
=32Wu BixianCHN1.70

Qualifying Round, Group A (2 August 1936 — 10:30)

PosAthleteNOCHeight1.60 m1.70 m1.80 m1.85 m
=1Dave AlbrittonUSA1.85-ooo
=1Günter GehmertGER1.85-ooo
=1Jerzy PławczykPOL1.85oooo
=1Kimio YadaJPN1.85oooo
=1Mihály BodosiHUN1.85oooo
=1Veikko PeräsaloFIN1.85-oxoo
=1Jan BrasserNED1.85oooxo
=1Aksel KuuseEST1.85oooxo
=1Simeon ToribioPHI1.85-xooxo
=1Poul OttoDEN1.85oooxxo
=11Alfredo MendesBRA1.80--oxxx
=11Svend Aage ThomsenDEN1.80ooxoxxx
=11Robert KennedyGBR1.80-oxoxxx
=14Stan WestGBR1.70-ox--
=14Fritz NeuruhrerAUT1.70ooxxx
=14Břetislav KrátkýTCH1.70ooxxx
=14Hans MohrYUG1.70ooxxx
=14Zdeněk SobotkaTCH1.70ooxxx
=14Hans MartensGER1.70-xoxxx

Qualifying Round, Group B (2 August 1936)

PosAthleteNOCHeight1.60 m1.70 m1.80 m1.85 m
=1Kalevi KotkasFIN1.85-o-o
=1Gustav WeinkötzGER1.85--oo
=1Yoshiro AsakumaJPN1.85o-oo
=1Joe HaleyCAN1.85-ooo
=1Rudolf EggenbergSUI1.85-ooo
=1Corny JohnsonUSA1.85oooo
=1Delos ThurberUSA1.85oooo
=1Åke ÖdmarkSWE1.85oooo
=1Lauri KalimaFIN1.85-o-xo
=1Jack MetcalfeAUS1.85oooxo
=1Hiroshi TanakaJPN1.85oooxo
=1Edwin ThackerRSA1.85-xooxo
=13Ícaro MelloBRA1.80-ooxxx
=13Jack NewmanGBR1.80oooxxx
=15Gerard CarlierNED1.80oxooxxx
=15Edvard NatvigNOR1.80ooxoxxx
=15Sigurður SigurðssonISL1.80ooxxoxxx
=15Fritz FlachbergerAUT1.80ooxxoxxx
=19Konstantinos PantazisGRE1.70ooxxx
=19Karol HoffmannPOL1.70ooxxx
=19Wu BixianCHN1.70ooxxx

Final Round (2 August 1936 — 15:00)

PosAthleteNOCHeight1.70 m1.80 m1.85 m1.90 m1.94 m1.97 m2.00 m2.03 m2.08 m
1Corny JohnsonUSA2.03ooooooooxxxOR
2Dave AlbrittonUSA2.00oxooooxoxxoxxxOR
3Delos ThurberUSA2.00o-ooooxoxxxOR
4Kalevi KotkasFIN2.00-o-oxxooxxoxxxOR
5Kimio YadaJPN1.97ooooooxxx
=6Hiroshi TanakaJPN1.94oooooxxx
=6Yoshiro AsakumaJPN1.94ooooxoxxx
=6Lauri KalimaFIN1.94ooooxoxxx
=6Gustav WeinkötzGER1.94ooxooxxoxxx
=10Aksel KuuseEST1.90oooxxoxxx
=10Günter GehmertGER1.90-xooxxoxxx
=12Jack MetcalfeAUS1.85oooxxx
=12Jan BrasserNED1.85oooxxx
=12Åke ÖdmarkSWE1.85oooxxx
=12Edwin ThackerRSA1.85oooxxx
=12Joe HaleyCAN1.85-xooxxx
=12Simeon ToribioPHI1.85oxooxxx
=12Poul OttoDEN1.85oxoxoxxx
=12Veikko PeräsaloFIN1.85xooxxoxxx
=12Rudolf EggenbergSUI1.85-oxxoxxx
=12Mihály BodosiHUN1.85ooxxoxxx
22Jerzy PławczykPOL1.80ooxxx

Jump-off for 2-4 (15:00)

PosAthleteNOCHeight2.00 m1.95 m1.97 m
1Dave AlbrittonUSA1.97xoo
2Delos ThurberUSA1.95xox
3Kalevi KotkasFINNMxx