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Individual All-Around, Men

Date29 July – 2 August 1984
LocationEdwin W. Pauley Pavilion, Los Angeles, California
Participants71 from 19 countries

The format was the now standard of 36 gymnasts advancing to a final round from the team all-around, with no more than three gymnasts allowed per nation. The total score consisted of 50% of the qualifying scores, and the final round score. The world’s greatest male gymnast in 1984 was Soviet Dmitry Bilozerchev who had won the 1983 World Championships at only 16-years-old. His routines were so difficult that he was already being spoken of as perhaps the greatest gymnast ever. But he could not compete in Los Angeles, nor could any Soviet. Japan’s Koji Gushiken had been runner-up to Bilozerchev at the 1983 Worlds and was favored in Los Angeles, but Gushiken qualified only fifth, slightly behind the USA’s Peter Vidmar, who led the qualifying. However, Gushiken posted the highest score in the final round to come back and win the gold medal, with Vidmar taking silver, while China’s Li Ning won the bronze medal. Li would later light the torch at the Opening Ceremony of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

Bilozerchev would also win the 1985 European Championships but shortly after that title, shattered his left leg in a motorcycle accident while driving drunk. Amputation was considered but the leg was saved by using an Ilizarov device, an orthopaedic treatment pioneered by Siberian orthopaedist Gavriil Ilizarov, who practiced in Kurgan. Bilozerchev’s recovery was long and difficult but in 1988 he won a bronze medal in the Olympic all-around.

1Koji GushikenJPN118.700Gold
2Peter VidmarUSA118.675Silver
3Li NingCHN118.575Bronze
4Tong FeiCHN118.550
5Mitch GaylordUSA118.525
6Bart ConnerUSA118.350
7Xu ZhiqiangCHN118.225
8Nobuyuki KajitaniJPN117.375
9Noritoshi HirataJPN117.200
10Jürgen GeigerFRG116.675
11Sepp ZellwegerSUI116.550
12Markus LehmannSUI116.200
13Jang Tae-EunKOR116.150
14Emilian NeculaROU116.025
=15Jean-Luc CaironFRA116.000
=15Valentin PînteaROU116.000
17Andreas JaptokFRG115.850
18Philippe ChartrandCAN115.675
19Warren LongCAN115.625
20Joël SutyFRA115.500
21Daniel WinklerFRG115.250
22Philippe VatuoneFRA115.025
23Tony PiñedaMEX114.950
24Andrew MorrisGBR114.900
25Miguel SolerESP114.850
26Vittorio AllieviITA114.825
27Han Chung-SikKOR114.675
=28Lee Jeong-SikKOR114.550
=28Daniel WunderlinSUI114.550
30Rocco AmboniITA114.350
31Werner BirnbaumAUS114.100
32Diego LazzarichITA113.800
33Daniel GaudetCAN113.550
34Keith LangleyGBR113.350
35Antonio FraguasESP113.325
36Terry BartlettGBR76.375
8 r1/2Tim DaggettUSA
9 r1/2Jim HartungUSA
10 r1/2Lou YunCHN
12 r1/2Li XiaopingCHN
15 r1/2Li YuejiuCHN
=16 r1/2Scott JohnsonUSA
=16 r1/2Shinji MorisueJPN
=25 r1/2Koji SotomuraJPN
=25 r1/2Benno GroßFRG
27 r1/2Marco PiattiSUI
=29 r1/2Kyoji YamawakiJPN
=32 r1/2Volker RohrwickFRG
=34 r1/2Laurent BarbiériFRA
36 r1/2Bernhard SimmelbauerFRG
37 r1/2Brad PetersCAN
41 r1/2Jacques DefFRA
=43 r1/2Bruno CaveltiSUI
49 r1/2Frank NutzenbergerCAN
51 r1/2Allan ReddonCAN
=52 r1/2Ju Yeong-SamKOR
54 r1/2Barry WinchGBR
56 r1/2Nam Seung-GuKOR
57 r1/2Chae Gwang-SeokKOR
=59 r1/2Michel BoutardFRA
=59 r1/2Urs MeisterSUI
62 r1/2Alfonso RodríguezESP
63 r1/2Finn GjertsenNOR
64 r1/2Carl BeynonGBR
65 r1/2Maurizio ZonziniSMR
66 r1/2Johan JonassonSWE
67 r1/2Yohanan MoyalISR
68 r1/2Rob EdmondsAUS
69 r1/2Eddie Van HoofGBR
70 r1/2Gerson GnoattoBRA
71 r1/2Ya'akov LeviISR

Qualifying (29 – 31 July 1984 — 09:30-11:30, 14:00-16:00, 18:30-20:30)

Top 36, maximum three per nation, from team all-around competition advanced to the individual all-around final. 50% of score from team all-around added to score derived from optional exercise on all six apparatuses.

1Peter VidmarUSA118.5559.2559.30Q
2Li NingCHN118.4559.0559.40Q
3Tong FeiCHN118.4058.9559.45Q
4Bart ConnerUSA118.3059.0559.25Q
5Koji GushikenJPN118.2059.2558.95Q
=6Xu ZhiqiangCHN118.1558.8559.30Q
=6Mitch GaylordUSA118.1558.8059.35Q
8Tim DaggettUSA117.8558.8559.00
9Jim HartungUSA117.7558.8558.90
10Lou YunCHN117.6558.4059.25
11Nobuyuki KajitaniJPN116.9558.2558.70Q
12Li XiaopingCHN116.8558.2558.60
13Noritoshi HirataJPN116.8058.0058.80Q
14Jürgen GeigerFRG116.7558.3558.40Q
15Li YuejiuCHN116.7057.7059.00
=16Scott JohnsonUSA116.6058.2558.35
=16Shinji MorisueJPN116.6057.6558.95
=18Sepp ZellwegerSUI116.4058.4058.00Q
=18Daniel WinklerFRG116.4057.9558.45Q
20Markus LehmannSUI116.3058.2058.10Q
21Andreas JaptokFRG116.2057.8558.35Q
=22Valentin PînteaROU116.1058.1557.95Q
=22Daniel WunderlinSUI116.1058.1557.95Q
=22Jean-Luc CaironFRA116.1057.7058.40Q
=25Koji SotomuraJPN116.0558.0058.05
=25Benno GroßFRG116.0557.9558.10
27Marco PiattiSUI115.9557.9058.05
28Philippe ChartrandCAN115.7557.8557.90Q
=29Emilian NeculaROU115.6558.2057.45Q
=29Kyoji YamawakiJPN115.6557.2558.40
31Joël SutyFRA115.5057.4058.10Q
=32Philippe VatuoneFRA115.4557.6557.80Q
=32Volker RohrwickFRG115.4557.6057.85
=34Jang Tae-EunKOR115.3057.5557.75Q
=34Laurent BarbiériFRA115.3057.3557.95
36Bernhard SimmelbauerFRG115.2557.7057.55
37Brad PetersCAN115.1557.9057.25qDNC
=38Han Chung-SikKOR115.0557.4057.65q
=38Warren LongCAN115.0557.4057.65q
40Terry BartlettGBR114.9557.7557.20q
41Jacques DefFRA114.8556.7058.15
42Lee Jeong-SikKOR114.7057.5057.20q
=43Werner BirnbaumAUS114.6057.8556.75q
=43Daniel GaudetCAN114.6057.3557.25q
=43Bruno CaveltiSUI114.6057.1057.50
46Tony PiñedaMEX114.5057.0557.45q
=47Andrew MorrisGBR114.4058.0556.35q
=47Miguel SolerESP114.4056.6557.75q
49Frank NutzenbergerCAN114.3057.1557.15
50Keith LangleyGBR114.1057.4056.70q
51Allan ReddonCAN114.0557.7056.35
=52Vittorio AllieviITA113.9557.9556.00q
=52Ju Yeong-SamKOR113.9556.9557.00
54Barry WinchGBR113.9056.9057.00
55Diego LazzarichITA113.8057.0056.80q
56Nam Seung-GuKOR113.7556.8556.90
57Chae Gwang-SeokKOR113.5056.7056.80
58Rocco AmboniITA113.4056.5056.90q
=59Antonio FraguasESP113.2557.1056.15q
=59Michel BoutardFRA113.2556.3556.90
=59Urs MeisterSUI113.2556.3056.95
62Alfonso RodríguezESP112.7555.7557.00
63Finn GjertsenNOR112.3556.4555.90
64Carl BeynonGBR111.8555.4056.45
65Maurizio ZonziniSMR111.6556.2055.45
66Johan JonassonSWE111.5554.4557.10
67Yohanan MoyalISR110.8054.8555.95
68Rob EdmondsAUS110.4557.3553.10
69Eddie Van HoofGBR110.2555.5054.75
70Gerson GnoattoBRA108.0552.2555.80
71Ya'akov LeviISR106.1553.8052.35

Final (2 August 1984 — 17:30-18:30)

Top 36, maximum three per nation, from team all-around competition advanced to the individual all-around final. 50% of score from team all-around added to score derived from optional exercise on all six apparatuses.

1Koji GushikenJPN118.70059.10059.60
2Peter VidmarUSA118.67559.27559.40
3Li NingCHN118.57559.22559.35
4Tong FeiCHN118.55059.20059.35
5Mitch GaylordUSA118.52559.07559.45
6Bart ConnerUSA118.35059.15059.20
7Xu ZhiqiangCHN118.22559.07559.15
8Nobuyuki KajitaniJPN117.37558.47558.90
9Noritoshi HirataJPN117.20058.40058.80
10Jürgen GeigerFRG116.67558.37558.30
11Sepp ZellwegerSUI116.55058.20058.35
12Markus LehmannSUI116.20058.15058.05
13Jang Tae-EunKOR116.15057.65058.50
14Emilian NeculaROU116.02557.82558.20
=15Jean-Luc CaironFRA116.00058.05057.95
=15Valentin PînteaROU116.00058.05057.95
17Andreas JaptokFRG115.85058.10057.75
18Philippe ChartrandCAN115.67557.87557.80
19Warren LongCAN115.62557.52558.10
20Joël SutyFRA115.50057.75057.75
21Daniel WinklerFRG115.25058.20057.05
22Philippe VatuoneFRA115.02557.72557.30
23Tony PiñedaMEX114.95057.25057.70
24Andrew MorrisGBR114.90057.20057.70
25Miguel SolerESP114.85057.20057.65
26Vittorio AllieviITA114.82556.97557.85
27Han Chung-SikKOR114.67557.52557.15
=28Lee Jeong-SikKOR114.55057.35057.20
=28Daniel WunderlinSUI114.55058.05056.50
30Rocco AmboniITA114.35056.70057.65
31Werner BirnbaumAUS114.10057.30056.80
32Diego LazzarichITA113.80056.90056.90
33Daniel GaudetCAN113.55057.30056.25
34Keith LangleyGBR113.35057.05056.30
35Antonio FraguasESP113.32556.62556.70
36Terry BartlettGBR76.37557.47518.90