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Horse Vault, Men

Date14 – 23 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Kleisto Gymnastirio, Olympiako Athletiko Kentro Athinon Spiros Loues, Maroussi
Participants79 from 30 countries

The format was the same as it had been from 1984-2000, with eight gymnasts advancing from the team all-around, but no more than two per nation. Spain’s defending champion Gervasio Deferr qualified for the final, as did Li Xiaopeng (CHN), a three-time World Champion. They had to watch as Russian Aleksey Bondarenko crashed and fell on both vaults, receiving the remarkably low score of 4.550. Li also fell on his first vault, which ended his medal hopes, and he would place only seventh. Deferr performed two solid vaults and took the lead with 9.737. Romanian Marian Drăgulescu opened with his signature move, which bore his name, and scored 9.900, the highest score awarded at an Olympics or World Championships since 1995. On his second vault, however, he overshot his landing, going over the penalty stripe and touched down both hands to the mat. His score for that vault was 9.325, which seemed unusually high given that automatic deductions were required for his faults, and his average score of 9.612 brought him the bronze medal, trailing Deferr and Latvia’s Jevgēņijs Saproņenko.

Canada’s Kyle Shewfelt was fourth with 9.599, and they immediately protested after Drăgulescu’s second vault, stating that his score could not be that high with automatic deductions. There were five judges with the high and low scores eliminated. The other scores were required to be within 0.2 points of one another if the total was over 9.0. This was not true for Drăgulescu’s second vault, but the Canadian protest was brushed off by FIG Technical Director Adrian Stoica, who was also from Romania. Canada then lodged a protest with the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), but quickly withdrew it, realizing it had little chance of success.

1Gervasio DeferrESP9.737Gold
2Jevgēņijs SaproņenkoLAT9.706Silver
3Marian DrăgulescuROU9.612Bronze
4Kyle ShewfeltCAN9.599
5Filip YanevBUL9.581
6Róbert GálHUN9.537
7Li XiaopengCHN9.368
8Aleksey BondarenkoRUS4.550
=3 r1/1Anton GolotsutskovRUS
6 r1/1Matteo AngiolettiITA
=7 r1/1Yang Tae-YeongKOR
=7 r1/1Hiroyuki TomitaJPN
=10 r1/1Ioan SuciuROU
=10 r1/1Isao YonedaJPN
=13 r1/1Takehiro KashimaJPN
15 r1/1Benoît CaranobeFRA
=16 r1/1Kim Dae-EunKOR
=16 r1/1Xing AoweiCHN
18 r1/1Paul HammUSA
=19 r1/1Yang WeiCHN
=19 r1/1Andriy MykhailychenkoUKR
22 r1/1Yernar YerimbetovKAZ
=23 r1/1Brett McClureUSA
=23 r1/1Vlasis MarasGRE
=23 r1/1Blaine WilsonUSA
=26 r1/1Dzianis SavenkouBLR
=26 r1/1Răzvan ȘelariuROU
=26 r1/1Vadym KuvakinUKR
=26 r1/1Morgan HammUSA
=26 r1/1Hisashi MizutoriJPN
31 r1/1Teng HaibinCHN
=32 r1/1Ruslan MezentsevUKR
=32 r1/1Fabian HambüchenGER
=32 r1/1Dimitri KarbanenkoFRA
35 r1/1Sven KwiatkowskiGER
36 r1/1Guard YoungUSA
37 r1/1Kim Seung-IlKOR
=38 r1/1Tingui VargasPUR
=38 r1/1Igors VihrovsLAT
=38 r1/1Naoya TsukaharaJPN
=41 r1/1Rafael MartínezESP
=41 r1/1Jorge GiraldoCOL
=41 r1/1Ng Shu WaiMAS
=41 r1/1Matteo MorandiITA
=41 r1/1Jo Seong-MinKOR
=46 r1/1Erick LópezCUB
=46 r1/1Georgy GrebenkovRUS
=48 r1/1Pavel GofmanISR
=48 r1/1Oriol CombarrosESP
=48 r1/1Florent MaréeFRA
51 r1/1Dan PotraROU
52 r1/1Ilia GiorgadzeGEO
53 r1/1Roman ZozuliaUKR
=54 r1/1Enrico PozzoITA
=54 r1/1Kim Dong-HwaKOR
56 r1/1Mosiah RodriguesBRA
57 r1/1Pierre-Yves BényFRA
=58 r1/1Robert JuckelGER
=58 r1/1Xiao QinCHN
60 r1/1Aleksandr SafoshkinRUS
61 r1/1Johan MounardFRA
=62 r1/1Alejandro BarrenecheaESP
=62 r1/1Ri Jong-SongPRK
64 r1/1Sergej PfeiferGER
65 r1/1Adam WongCAN
66 r1/1Grant GoldingCAN
67 r1/1Andreas SchweizerSUI
68 r1/1Víctor CanoESP
69 r1/1Wajdi BouallègueTUN
70 r1/1Abel DriggsCUB
71 r1/1Matthias FahrigGER
72 r1/1Igor CassinaITA
73 r1/1Maksim DevyatovskyRUS
74 r1/1Yevhen BohonosiukUKR
75 r1/1Ken IkedaCAN
76 r1/1Filipe BezugoPOR
77 r1/1Sasha JeltkovCAN
78 r1/1Rúnar AlexanderssonISL
79 r1/1Alberto BusnariITA

Final (23 August 2004)

Top eight on each apparatus (maximum two per nation) in the individual all-around qualifying advanced to the apparatus finals. Mean score of two final jumps determined placement.

1Gervasio DeferrESP9.7379.6879.787
2Jevgēņijs SaproņenkoLAT9.7069.7129.700
3Marian DrăgulescuROU9.6129.9009.325
4Kyle ShewfeltCAN9.5999.6879.512
5Filip YanevBUL9.5819.6259.537
6Róbert GálHUN9.5379.5259.550
7Li XiaopengCHN9.3689.0759.662
8Aleksey BondarenkoRUS4.5509.1000.000

Qualifying (14 August 2004)

Top eight on each apparatus (maximum two per nation) in the individual all-around qualifying advanced to the apparatus finals. Mean score of two final jumps determined placement.

1Aleksey BondarenkoRUS9.825Q
2Li XiaopengCHN9.800Q
=3Marian DrăgulescuROU9.762Q
=3Anton GolotsutskovRUS9.762QDNS
5Kyle ShewfeltCAN9.687Q
6Matteo AngiolettiITA9.662QDNS
=7Yang Tae-YeongKOR9.650QDNS
=7Hiroyuki TomitaJPN9.650QDNS
=7Jevgēņijs SaproņenkoLAT9.650Q
=10Ioan SuciuROU9.637
=10Isao YonedaJPN9.637
=10Gervasio DeferrESP9.637q
=13Filip YanevBUL9.625q
=13Takehiro KashimaJPN9.625
15Benoît CaranobeFRA9.612
=16Kim Dae-EunKOR9.600
=16Xing AoweiCHN9.600
18Paul HammUSA9.575
=19Yang WeiCHN9.550
=19Andriy MykhailychenkoUKR9.550
=19Róbert GálHUN9.550q
22Yernar YerimbetovKAZ9.537
=23Brett McClureUSA9.512
=23Vlasis MarasGRE9.512
=23Blaine WilsonUSA9.512
=26Dzianis SavenkouBLR9.500
=26Răzvan ȘelariuROU9.500
=26Vadym KuvakinUKR9.500
=26Morgan HammUSA9.500
=26Hisashi MizutoriJPN9.500
31Teng HaibinCHN9.487
=32Ruslan MezentsevUKR9.475
=32Fabian HambüchenGER9.475
=32Dimitri KarbanenkoFRA9.475
35Sven KwiatkowskiGER9.462
36Guard YoungUSA9.450
37Kim Seung-IlKOR9.437
=38Tingui VargasPUR9.425
=38Igors VihrovsLAT9.425
=38Naoya TsukaharaJPN9.425
=41Rafael MartínezESP9.412
=41Jorge GiraldoCOL9.412
=41Ng Shu WaiMAS9.412
=41Matteo MorandiITA9.412
=41Jo Seong-MinKOR9.412
=46Erick LópezCUB9.400
=46Georgy GrebenkovRUS9.400
=48Pavel GofmanISR9.375
=48Oriol CombarrosESP9.375
=48Florent MaréeFRA9.375
51Dan PotraROU9.362
52Ilia GiorgadzeGEO9.350
53Roman ZozuliaUKR9.337
=54Enrico PozzoITA9.325
=54Kim Dong-HwaKOR9.325
56Mosiah RodriguesBRA9.262
57Pierre-Yves BényFRA9.250
=58Robert JuckelGER9.237
=58Xiao QinCHN9.237
60Aleksandr SafoshkinRUS9.212
61Johan MounardFRA9.187
=62Alejandro BarrenecheaESP9.162
=62Ri Jong-SongPRK9.162
64Sergej PfeiferGER9.150
65Adam WongCAN9.137
66Grant GoldingCAN9.125
67Andreas SchweizerSUI9.100
68Víctor CanoESP9.087
69Wajdi BouallègueTUN9.025
70Abel DriggsCUB9.012
71Matthias FahrigGER9.000
72Igor CassinaITA8.987
73Maksim DevyatovskyRUS8.975
74Yevhen BohonosiukUKR8.962
75Ken IkedaCAN8.937
76Filipe BezugoPOR8.925
77Sasha JeltkovCAN8.900
78Rúnar AlexanderssonISL8.887
79Alberto BusnariITA8.762