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100 metres Freestyle, Women

Date26 July 1992
LocationPiscinas Bernat Picornell, Barcelona
Participants48 from 34 countries

Australians had held the world record in this event from 1956-73, and East German swimmers then took over, setting multiple records from 1973-92, with the current mark as the Olympic year started being 54.73, set by Kristin Otto at the 1986 World Championships. At the US Olympic Trials Jenny Thompson swam 54.48 in the preliminaries to better Otto’s mark. She was favored in Barcelona, although her teammate, Nicole Haislett, 1991 World Champion and runner-up at 1991 Pan Pacs, was expected to be her biggest competition.

In the final, China’s Zhuang Yong surprisingly led Thompson at the turn, 26.46 to 26.54. But Thompson’s strong finish never came and Zhuang held on to win the gold medal, Thompson later saying, “I just choked hard coming home and I don’t know why.”

This was the first individual Olympic medal for Thompson, who would compete at the 1996, 2000, and 2004 Olympics, finishing her career with 12 Olympic medals, eight of them gold. But an individual gold medal would always elude her. Third-place in this event would go to German Franziska van Almsick, also beginning an Olympic career that would last through 2004. Van Almsick would win 10 Olympic medals, but like Thompson she would be frustrated, in her case never managing any Olympic gold.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Zhuang YongCHN55.78 (1 h4)54.64 (1)Gold
2Jenny ThompsonUSA54.69 (1 h6)54.84 (2)Silver
3Franziska van AlmsickGER55.40 (2 h6)54.94 (3)Bronze
4Nicole HaislettUSA55.67 (1 h5)55.19 (4)
5Catherine PlewinskiFRA55.44 (3 h6)55.72 (5)
6Le JingyiCHN55.87 (4 h6)55.89 (6)
7Simone OsygusGER55.98 (2 h5)55.93 (7)
8Karin BrienesseNED55.98 (2 h4)56.59 (8)
9Suzu ChibaJPN56.26 (3 h5)55.97 (1)
10Luminița DobrescuROU56.45 (4 h5)56.17 (2)
11Yelena ShubinaEUN56.31 (5 h6)56.19 (3)
12Gitta JensenDEN56.47 (6 h6)56.59 (4)
13Mildred MuisNED56.67 (3 h4)56.64 (5)
14Yevgeniya YermakovaEUN56.67 (6 h5)56.66 (6)
15Susie O'NeillAUS56.58 (5 h5)56.68 (7)
16Andrea NugentCAN56.82 (7 h5)56.91 (8)
17Karen PickeringGBR57.17 (4 h4)
18Martina MoravcováTCH57.19 (7 h6)
19Eva NybergSWE57.36 (5 h4)
20Marianne KrielRSA57.50 (1 h3)
21Claudia FrancoESP57.57 (2 h3)
22Ayako NakanoJPN57.71 (6 h4)
23Ellenor SvenssonSWE58.03 (8 h6)
24Minna SalmelaFIN58.04 (3 h3)
25Allison HigsonCAN58.47 (7 h4)
26Natalia PulidoESP58.54 (4 h3)
27Mette Nørskov NielsenDEN58.67 (5 h3)
28Karen Van WirdumAUS58.75 (8 h4)
29Toni JeffsNZL58.80 (8 h5)
30Rania El-WaniEGY58.82 (1 h2)
=31Alison SheppardGBR58.83 (=6 h3)
=31Diana UrecheROU58.83 (=6 h3)
33Joscelin YeoSGP58.93 (1 h1)
34Akiko ThomsonPHI59.02 (2 h2)
35Monica DahlNAM59.05 (3 h2)
36Ilaria SciorelliITA59.11 (8 h3)
37Robyn LamsamHKG59.26 (2 h1)
38Marja PäivinenFIN59.46 (4 h2)
39Shelley CramerISV59.99 (5 h2)
40Helga SigurðardóttirISL1:00.29 (6 h2)
41Ana AlegriaPOR1:00.35 (7 h2)
42Joshua IkhaghomiNGR1:00.72 (3 h1)
43Ratiporn WongTHA1:00.85 (8 h2)
44Corinne LeclairMRI1:00.95 (4 h1)
45Sharon PickeringFIJ1:01.42 (5 h1)
46Ana FortínHON1:01.50 (6 h1)
47Paola PeñarrietaBOL1:04.08 (7 h1)
48Elsa FreireANG1:05.45 (8 h1)

Round One (26 July 1992 — 10:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Swimmers placing 9th-16th advanced to the B Final.

Heat One

15Joscelin YeoSGP58.93
24Robyn LamsamHKG59.26
32Joshua IkhaghomiNGR1:00.72
46Corinne LeclairMRI1:00.95
57Sharon PickeringFIJ1:01.42
63Ana FortínHON1:01.50
71Paola PeñarrietaBOL1:04.08
88Elsa FreireANG1:05.45

Heat Two

15Rania El-WaniEGY58.82
27Akiko ThomsonPHI59.02
34Monica DahlNAM59.05
48Marja PäivinenFIN59.46
56Shelley CramerISV59.99
62Helga SigurðardóttirISL1:00.29
71Ana AlegriaPOR1:00.35
83Ratiporn WongTHA1:00.85

Heat Three

15Marianne KrielRSA57.50
21Claudia FrancoESP57.57
38Minna SalmelaFIN58.04
42Natalia PulidoESP58.54
53Mette Nørskov NielsenDEN58.67
=64Alison SheppardGBR58.83
=67Diana UrecheROU58.83
86Ilaria SciorelliITA59.11

Heat Four

14Zhuang YongCHN55.78Q
25Karin BrienesseNED55.98Q
36Mildred MuisNED56.67q
43Karen PickeringGBR57.17
51Eva NybergSWE57.36
67Ayako NakanoJPN57.71
78Allison HigsonCAN58.47
82Karen Van WirdumAUS58.75

Heat Five

14Nicole HaislettUSA55.67Q
23Simone OsygusGER55.98Q
36Suzu ChibaJPN56.26q
47Luminița DobrescuROU56.45q
55Susie O'NeillAUS56.58q
61Yevgeniya YermakovaEUN56.67q
72Andrea NugentCAN56.82q
88Toni JeffsNZL58.80

Heat Six

14Jenny ThompsonUSA54.69QOR
25Franziska van AlmsickGER55.40Q
36Catherine PlewinskiFRA55.44Q
42Le JingyiCHN55.87Q
58Yelena ShubinaEUN56.31q
63Gitta JensenDEN56.47q
77Martina MoravcováTCH57.19
81Ellenor SvenssonSWE58.03

B Final (26 July 1992 — 18:00)

14Suzu ChibaJPN55.97
23Luminița DobrescuROU56.17
35Yelena ShubinaEUN56.19
46Gitta JensenDEN56.59
51Mildred MuisNED56.64
67Yevgeniya YermakovaEUN56.66
72Susie O'NeillAUS56.68
88Andrea NugentCAN56.91

Final (26 July 1992 — 18:00)

12Zhuang YongCHN54.64OR
24Jenny ThompsonUSA54.84
35Franziska van AlmsickGER54.94
46Nicole HaislettUSA55.19
53Catherine PlewinskiFRA55.72
67Le JingyiCHN55.89
71Simone OsygusGER55.93
88Karin BrienesseNED56.59