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1,000 metres, Women

Date20 – 23 February 2002
LocationSalt Lake Ice Center, Salt Lake City, Utah
Participants28 from 16 countries
FormatPlacements 1-8 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on points earned in earlier rounds, and time in final round skated.
Olympic Record 1:31.991 WR / Yang Yang (A) CHN / 21 February 1998

Only one woman was supposed to win this competition: Yang Yang (A) of China. She had won the last five world titles in the event, and the season’s World Cup. To boot, she also owned the world record, and had won the 500 m gold earlier in the Olymics. She would face tough competition, from the season’s winners in World Cup races: namesake and teammate Yang Yang (S), and South Koreans Go Gi-Hyun and Choi Eun-Gyeong, who had placed 1-2 in the 1,500 m.

The race was pretty much a copy of the 500 m. Again, Yang (A) led from start to finish, holding off a competitor (Go) and a teammate (Yang (S)) for the title. Her victory marked the first time a short track skater won two individual gold medals at the Olympics

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsBest Time
1122Yang Yang (A)CHNGold
2174Go Gi-HyeonKORSilver
3123Yang Yang (S)CHNBronze
4110Marie-Ève DroletCAN
5105Evgeniya RadanovaBUL
6170Choi Eun-GyeongKOR
7167Chikage TanakaJPN
8112Alanna KrausCAN
9128Jo WilliamsGBR421:34.373
10182Caroline HalliseyUSA341:33.007
11163Mara ZiniITA341:33.697
12125Stéphanie BouvierFRA341:35.409
13126Sarah LindsayGBR341:36.753
14131Yvonne KunzeGER291:35.830
15178Nina YevteyevaRUS291:36.519
16134Christin PriebstGER291:36.848
17168Ikue TeshigawaraJPN131:33.855
18104Anna KrastevaBUL131:39.195
19146Szandra LajtosHUN131:40.688
20176Katalin KristoROU131:42.276
21157Olga DanilovISR131:42.767
22141Cordia TsoiHKG131:48.445
23140Christy RenHKG131:50.094
24177Nataliya DmitriyevaRUS131:50.132
25149Marianna NagyHUN81:39.648
26124Kateřina NovotnáCZE81:42.495
27184Erin PorterUSA81:56.409
DQ162Katia ZiniITA

Round One (20 February 2002 — 18:50)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to quarter-finals.

Heat One

12Yang Yang (S)CHN1:40.63234Q
21Marie-Ève DroletCAN1:40.64621Q
33Christy RenHKG1:50.09413

Heat Two

13Evgeniya RadanovaBUL1:49.49634Q
21Christin PriebstGER1:49.56921Q
32Nataliya DmitriyevaRUS1:50.13213

Heat Three

12Jo WilliamsGBR1:39.67234Q
23Nina YevteyevaRUS1:46.67321Q
34Cordia TsoiHKG1:48.44513
41Erin PorterUSA1:56.4098

Heat Four

13Choi Eun-GyeongKOR1:37.60934Q
24Caroline HalliseyUSA1:37.71621Q
31Anna KrastevaBUL1:39.19513
DQ2Katia ZiniITA

Heat Five

12Yang Yang (A)CHN1:37.03934Q
21Stéphanie BouvierFRA1:37.68421Q
33Szandra LajtosHUN1:40.68813

Heat Six

11Go Gi-HyeonKOR1:42.90334Q
22Sarah LindsayGBR1:42.15721Q
33Katalin KristoROU1:42.27613
44Kateřina NovotnáCZE1:42.4958

Heat Seven

12Alanna KrausCAN1:33.62234Q
23Mara ZiniITA1:33.69721Q
34Ikue TeshigawaraJPN1:33.85513
41Marianna NagyHUN1:39.6488

Heat Eight

11Chikage TanakaJPN1:42.33234Q
23Yvonne KunzeGER1:42.38921Q
32Olga DanilovISR1:42.76713

Quarter-Finals (23 February 2002 — 18:39)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One

11Yang Yang (A)CHN1:31.23534QOR
22Go Gi-HyeonKOR1:31.34921Q
34Caroline HalliseyUSA1:33.00713
43Nina YevteyevaRUS1:36.5198

Heat Two

11Alanna KrausCAN1:36.68334Q
23Evgeniya RadanovaBUL1:36.72721Q
32Sarah LindsayGBR1:36.75313
44Christin PriebstGER1:36.8488

Heat Three

14Choi Eun-GyeongKOR1:34.84234Q
23Chikage TanakaJPN1:34.96021Q
32Stéphanie BouvierFRA1:35.40913
41Yvonne KunzeGER1:35.8308

Heat Four

12Yang Yang (S)CHN1:33.56134Q
24Marie-Ève DroletCAN1:33.57821Q
33Mara ZiniITA1:33.88013
41Jo WilliamsGBR1:34.3738

Semi-Finals (23 February 2002 — 19:27)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One

12Marie-Ève DroletCAN1:37.91634Q
21Yang Yang (A)CHN1:38.03721Q
33Chikage TanakaJPN1:38.26913
44Choi Eun-GyeongKOR1:38.5238

Heat Two

13Yang Yang (S)CHN1:35.07234Q
24Go Gi-HyeonKOR1:35.17221Q
31Alanna KrausCAN1:35.51013
42Evgeniya RadanovaBUL1:35.6078

Final Round (23 February 2002 — 19:58)

B Final

11Evgeniya RadanovaBUL1:34.702
23Choi Eun-GyeongKOR1:34.808
32Chikage TanakaJPN1:35.125
44Alanna KrausCAN1:35.642

A Final (19:58)

14Yang Yang (A)CHN1:36.391
22Go Gi-HyeonKOR1:36.427
31Yang Yang (S)CHN1:37.008
43Marie-Ève DroletCAN1:37.563