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200 metres Individual Medley, Women

Date18 – 19 September 2000
LocationSydney International Aquatic Centre, Olympic Park, Sydney, New South Wales
Participants36 from 28 countries

Wu Yanyan, the world champion from 1998, suffered a lapse in form in 1999 but then came back in May 2000 to set the fastest time of the year at the Chinese Olympic trials. Soon after the Chinese authorities announced that she had failed a dope test for anabolic steroids and was banned for four years.

With Wu absent, Ukraine’s Yana Klochkova, who had already won the 400 metres medley, went into the race as a clear favourite to add another gold medal to the tally. She led from the off and had a two-second lead at 100 metres and held the difference until the end of the race. Her victory made her the second women in history to win both medleys, joining Michelle Smith in performing the feat.

1Yana KlochkovaUKR2:13.83 (1 h5)2:13.08 (1 h2)2:10.68 (1)Gold
2Beatrice CăşlaruROU2:13.72 (1 h4)2:13.31 (1 h1)2:12.57 (2)Silver
3Cristina TeuscherUSA2:14.17 (2 h5)2:13.47 (2 h2)2:13.32 (3)Bronze
4Marianne LimpertCAN2:15.07 (3 h4)2:13.90 (3 h1)2:13.44 (4)
5Joanne MalarCAN2:13.92 (2 h4)2:13.59 (2 h1)2:13.70 (5)
6Oksana VerevkaRUS2:13.48 (1 h3)2:14.04 (3 h2)2:13.88 (6)
7Gabrielle RoseUSA2:15.55 (3 h3)2:14.40 (4 h1)2:14.82 (7)
8Tomoko HagiwaraJPN2:15.16 (2 h3)2:15.09 (4 h2)2:15.64 (8)
9Chen YanCHN2:16.01 (3 h5)2:15.27 (5 h2)
10Federica BisciaITA2:16.09 (4 h5)2:15.71 (5 h1)
11Elli OvertonAUS2:16.76 (5 h5)2:15.74 (6 h1)
12Sue RolphGBR2:16.43 (4 h4)2:15.98 (6 h2)
13Zhan ShuCHN2:16.63 (6 h4)2:16.58 (7 h2)
14Yseult GervyBEL2:16.51 (5 h4)2:17.19 (7 h1)
15Sabine KlenzGER2:17.18 (6 h5)2:17.51 (8 h1)
16Nicole HetzerGER2:16.98 (4 h3)2:18.08 (8 h2)
17Hana ČernáCZE2:17.58 (1 h2)
18Kirsty CoventryZIM2:17.73 (5 h3)
19Alenka KejžarSLO2:18.33 (2 h2)
20Helen NorfolkNZL2:18.90 (6 h3)
21Vered BorochovskyISR2:18.99 (7 h5)
22Carolyn AdelSUR2:19.17 (3 h2)
23Joscelin YeoSGP2:19.18 (7 h4)
24Kathryn EvansGBR2:19.41 (8 h5)
25Anna WindsorAUS2:19.44 (8 h4)
26Yasuko TajimaJPN2:21.65 (7 h3)
27Nam Yu-SeonKOR2:22.53 (4 h2)
28Marina MulyayevaKAZ2:22.72 (1 h1)
29María GarroneARG2:22.98 (5 h2)
30Katia SarakatsaniGRE2:23.05 (6 h2)
31Sia Wai YenMAS2:23.31 (7 h2)
32Aleksandra ZertsalovaKGZ2:24.09 (2 h1)
33Smiljana MarinovićCRO2:25.24 (8 h2)
34Diana MocanuROU2:29.58 (8 h3)
35Meritxell SabatéAND2:30.41 (3 h1)
36Fernanda José CuadraNCA2:38.25 (4 h1)

Round One (18 September 2000)

Fastest 16 advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One (11:08)

13Marina MulyayevaKAZ2:22.720.87
25Aleksandra ZertsalovaKGZ2:24.090.91
34Meritxell SabatéAND2:30.411.05
46Fernanda José CuadraNCA2:38.250.95

Heat Two (11:13)

13Hana ČernáCZE2:17.580.89
25Alenka KejžarSLO2:18.330.79
34Carolyn AdelSUR2:19.170.75
42Nam Yu-SeonKOR2:22.530.92
51María GarroneARG2:22.980.83
66Katia SarakatsaniGRE2:23.050.92
78Sia Wai YenMAS2:23.310.85
87Smiljana MarinovićCRO2:25.240.90

Heat Three (11:18)

17Oksana VerevkaRUS2:13.480.84Q
24Tomoko HagiwaraJPN2:15.160.80Q
36Gabrielle RoseUSA2:15.550.76Q
43Nicole HetzerGER2:16.980.87Q
58Kirsty CoventryZIM2:17.730.82
61Helen NorfolkNZL2:18.900.80
72Yasuko TajimaJPN2:21.650.71
85Diana MocanuROU2:29.580.88

Heat Four (11:24)

14Beatrice CăşlaruROU2:13.720.83Q
25Joanne MalarCAN2:13.920.83Q
33Marianne LimpertCAN2:15.070.86Q
46Sue RolphGBR2:16.430.83Q
58Yseult GervyBEL2:16.510.83Q
62Zhan ShuCHN2:16.630.75Q
71Joscelin YeoSGP2:19.180.79
87Anna WindsorAUS2:19.440.80

Heat Five (11:30)

14Yana KlochkovaUKR2:13.830.85Q
25Cristina TeuscherUSA2:14.170.81Q
32Chen YanCHN2:16.010.80Q
41Federica BisciaITA2:16.090.86Q
53Elli OvertonAUS2:16.760.78Q
66Sabine KlenzGER2:17.180.86Q
78Vered BorochovskyISR2:18.990.94
87Kathryn EvansGBR2:19.410.90

Semi-Finals (18 September 2000)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (19:55)

14Beatrice CăşlaruROU2:13.310.83Q
25Joanne MalarCAN2:13.590.80Q
33Marianne LimpertCAN2:13.900.82Q
46Gabrielle RoseUSA2:14.400.77Q
52Federica BisciaITA2:15.710.84
61Elli OvertonAUS2:15.740.75
77Yseult GervyBEL2:17.190.86
88Sabine KlenzGER2:17.510.84

Heat Two (20:01)

15Yana KlochkovaUKR2:13.080.83Q
23Cristina TeuscherUSA2:13.470.83Q
34Oksana VerevkaRUS2:14.040.88Q
46Tomoko HagiwaraJPN2:15.090.76Q
52Chen YanCHN2:15.270.80
67Sue RolphGBR2:15.980.81
71Zhan ShuCHN2:16.580.76
88Nicole HetzerGER2:18.080.87

Final (19 September 2000 — 19:39)

14Yana KlochkovaUKR2:10.680.82OR
25Beatrice CăşlaruROU2:12.570.84
33Cristina TeuscherUSA2:13.320.82
42Marianne LimpertCAN2:13.440.81
56Joanne MalarCAN2:13.700.80
67Oksana VerevkaRUS2:13.880.81
71Gabrielle RoseUSA2:14.820.76
88Tomoko HagiwaraJPN2:15.640.80