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1,500 metres, Men

Date22 February 1988
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
LocationMax Bell Arena, Calgary
Participants32 from 10 countries

The semi-finals saw Michel Daignault skate 2:25.25, lowering the world record. As the 1987 World Champion (shared with Toshinobu Kawai), the Canadian crowd hoped he could pull through in the final, but he placed last in that race. Instead, the competition was won by Kim Gi-Hun of South Korea. He would return to the Olympics in 1992, with short-track a full medal sport, winning both the 1,000 m gold medal and the relay title. At the 1994 Winter Olympics, Kim would retain his 1,000 m title.

PosCompetitor(s)NOCFPSPBest Time
1Kim Gi-HunKORA2:26.68
2Louis GrenierCANA2:26.99
3Orazio FagoneITAA2:27.16
4Bob PerettiITAA2:27.24
5Mario VincentCANA2:27.34
6Michel DaignaultCANA2:28.15
7Lee Jun-HoKORB2:38.19
8Tatsuyoshi IshiharaJPNB2:38.65
9Yuichi AkasakaJPNB2:38.88
10Toshinobu KawaiJPNB2:39.93
11Tsutomu KawasakiJPNB2:43.67
12Pat MooreUSAB2:51.21
13Brian ArseneauUSA5392:30.62
14Peter van der VeldeNED5392:31.72
15Didier ClaeysBEL5262:32.46
16Charles VeldhovenNED6242:31.09
17Enrico PerettiITA6162:32.64
18Richard SuytenNED6162:36.15
19Thierry FagotFRA482:31.05
20Emmanuel MichonFRA482:31.99
21Robert DubreuilCAN482:33.35
22Johnny KahAUS482:34.67
23Andy GabelUSA482:40.02
24Stuart HorsepoolGBR483:02.17
25Dave BestemanUSA552:35.83
26Ian EllisGBR552:36.17
27Jaco MosNED552:42.97
28Wilf O'ReillyGBR552:58.82
29Mo Ji-SuKOR553:13.11
30Robert BlairGBR632:47.44
ACHugo HerrnhofITADNF

Round One (22 February 1988 — 18:00)

Heat One

1Peter van der VeldeNED2:31.72Q
2Pat MooreUSA2:32.99Q
3Tsutomu KawasakiJPN2:34.30Q
4Stuart HorsepoolGBR3:02.17
DNFHugo HerrnhofITA

Heat Two

1Louis GrenierCAN2:27.99Q
2Bob PerettiITA2:28.16Q
3Toshinobu KawaiJPN2:29.99Q
4Johnny KahAUS2:34.67
5Jaco MosNED2:42.97
6Robert BlairGBR2:47.44

Heat Three

1Brian ArseneauUSA2:30.62Q
2Orazio FagoneITA2:30.74Q
3Mario VincentCAN2:30.79Q
4Thierry FagotFRA2:31.05
5Ian EllisGBR2:36.17

Heat Four

1Tatsuyoshi IshiharaJPN2:30.55Q
2Charles VeldhovenNED2:31.09Q
3Lee Jun-HoKOR2:31.89Q
4Emmanuel MichonFRA2:31.99
5Dave BestemanUSA2:35.83

Heat Five

1Kim Gi-HunKOR2:32.17Q
2Didier ClaeysBEL2:32.46Q
3Enrico PerettiITA2:32.64Q
4Robert DubreuilCAN2:33.35
5Wilf O'ReillyGBR2:58.82

Heat Six

1Yuichi AkasakaJPN2:33.51Q
2Michel DaignaultCAN2:36.15Q
3Richard SuytenNED2:36.15Q
4Andy GabelUSA2:40.02
5Mo Ji-SuKOR3:13.11
DNFMarc BellaFRA

Semi-Finals (22 February 1988)

Heat One

1Orazio FagoneITA2:30.47QA
2Mario VincentCAN2:30.56QA
3Yuichi AkasakaJPN2:30.60QB
4Toshinobu KawaiJPN2:31.91QB
5Brian ArseneauUSA2:51.08
6Charles VeldhovenNED2:54.63

Heat Two

1Louis GrenierCAN2:36.10QA
2Bob PerettiITA2:36.25QA
3Lee Jun-HoKOR2:36.41QB
4Tatsuyoshi IshiharaJPN2:36.44QB
5Didier ClaeysBEL2:37.64
6Richard SuytenNED2:39.10

Heat Three

1Michel DaignaultCAN2:25.25QAWR
2Kim Gi-HunKOR2:25.39QA
3Tsutomu KawasakiJPN2:26.38QB
4Pat MooreUSA2:29.37QB
5Peter van der VeldeNED2:38.57
6Enrico PerettiITA3:18.25

Final Round (22 February 1988 — 20:33)

A Final

1Kim Gi-HunKOR2:26.68
2Louis GrenierCAN2:26.99
3Orazio FagoneITA2:27.16
4Bob PerettiITA2:27.24
5Mario VincentCAN2:27.34
6Michel DaignaultCAN2:28.15

B Final

1Lee Jun-HoKOR2:38.19
2Tatsuyoshi IshiharaJPN2:38.65
3Yuichi AkasakaJPN2:38.88
4Toshinobu KawaiJPN2:39.93
5Tsutomu KawasakiJPN2:43.67
6Pat MooreUSA2:51.21