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Foil, Individual, Women

Date22 July 1996
LocationGeorgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Georgia
Participants40 from 17 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament.

In contrast to many of the men’s events in Atlanta, the women’s foil went along with expectations and the three medals were won by the three top ranked women in the world. Italy supplied the top two seeds in Valentina Vezzali and Barcelona Games winner Giovanna Trillini but they were thwarted by world #3, and the reigning World Champion, Laura Badea of Romania. Badea ousted Trillini in a classic semi-final where the Italian fought back from a seemingly impossible position to draw level at 14-14 before the Romania forced the decisive hit. Badea’s win over Vezzali was much more straightforward. This was Romania’s first gold in fencing since 1968.

13Laura BadeaROUGold
21Valentina VezzaliITASilver
32Giovanna TrilliniITABronze
413Laurence Modaine-CessacFRA
55Monika Weber-KosztoGER
610Xiao AihuaCHN
79Ann MarshUSA
811Aida MohamedHUN
94Diana BianchediITA
106Anja Fichtel-MauritzGER
117Zsuzsa Jánosi-NémethHUN
128Sabine BauGER
1312Lydia Czuckermann-HatuelISR
1414Adeline WuillèmeFRA
1518Roxana ScarlatROU
1617Olga VelichkoRUS
1716Gabriella LantosHUN
1815Svetlana BoykoRUS
1919Reka SzaboROU
2020Olga SharkovaRUS
2121Felicia ZimmermannUSA
2222Anna RybickaPOL
2324Clothilde MagnanFRA
2423Anna AngelovaBUL
2526Barbara Wolnicka-SzewczykPOL
2625Ayelet OhayonISR
2727Liang JunCHN
2828Katarzyna FelusiakPOL
2929Wang HuifengCHN
3030Lilach PariskyISR
3131Ivana GeorgievaBUL
3233Jeon Mi-GyeongKOR
3332Suzie PaxtonUSA
3434Fiona McIntoshGBR
3535Yanina IannuzziARG
3636Alejandra CarboneARG
=3738Ferial SalhiALG
=3739Dolores PampinARG
=3737Henda ZaoualiTUN
=3740Carmen RodríguezGUA

Round One

Date22 July 1996
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round two.
MatchDate/TimeCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #122 JulValentina Vezzali (1)ITAbye
Bout #222 JulJeon Mi-Gyeong (33)KOR15 – 14Suzie Paxton (32)USA
Bout #322 JulOlga Velichko (17)RUSbye
Bout #422 JulGabriella Lantos (16)HUNbye
Bout #522 JulAnn Marsh (9)USAbye
Bout #622 JulClothilde Magnan (24)FRAbye
Bout #722 JulAyelet Ohayon (25)ISR15 – 2Carmen Rodríguez (40)GUA
Bout #822 JulSabine Bau (8)GERbye
Bout #922 JulMonika Weber-Koszto (5)GERbye
Bout #1022 JulKatarzyna Felusiak (28)POL15 – 9Henda Zaouali (37)TUN
Bout #1122 JulFelicia Zimmermann (21)USAbye
Bout #1222 JulLydia Czuckermann-Hatuel (12)ISRbye
Bout #1322 JulLaurence Modaine-Cessac (13)FRAbye
Bout #1422 JulOlga Sharkova (20)RUSbye
Bout #1522 JulWang Huifeng (29)CHN15 – 4Alejandra Carbone (36)ARG
Bout #1622 JulDiana Bianchedi (4)ITAbye
Bout #1722 JulLaura Badea (3)ROUbye
Bout #1822 JulLilach Parisky (30)ISR15 – 7Yanina Iannuzzi (35)ARG
Bout #1922 JulReka Szabo (19)ROUbye
Bout #2022 JulAdeline Wuillème (14)FRAbye
Bout #2122 JulAida Mohamed (11)HUNbye
Bout #2222 JulAnna Rybicka (22)POLbye
Bout #2322 JulLiang Jun (27)CHN15 – 7Ferial Salhi (38)ALG
Bout #2422 JulAnja Fichtel-Mauritz (6)GERbye
Bout #2522 JulZsuzsa Jánosi-Németh (7)HUNbye
Bout #2622 JulBarbara Wolnicka-Szewczyk (26)POL15 – 8Dolores Pampin (39)ARG
Bout #2722 JulAnna Angelova (23)BULbye
Bout #2822 JulXiao Aihua (10)CHNbye
Bout #2922 JulSvetlana Boyko (15)RUSbye
Bout #3022 JulRoxana Scarlat (18)ROUbye
Bout #3122 JulIvana Georgieva (31)BUL15 – 4Fiona McIntosh (34)GBR
Bout #3222 JulGiovanna Trillini (2)ITAbye

Round Two

Date22 July 1996
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round three.
MatchDate/TimeCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #122 JulValentina Vezzali (1)ITA15 – 12Jeon Mi-Gyeong (33)KOR
Bout #222 JulOlga Velichko (17)RUS15 – 14Gabriella Lantos (16)HUN
Bout #322 JulAnn Marsh (9)USA15 – 9Clothilde Magnan (24)FRA
Bout #422 JulSabine Bau (8)GER15 – 10Ayelet Ohayon (25)ISR
Bout #522 JulMonika Weber-Koszto (5)GER15 – 14Katarzyna Felusiak (28)POL
Bout #622 JulLydia Czuckermann-Hatuel (12)ISR15 – 12Felicia Zimmermann (21)USA
Bout #722 JulLaurence Modaine-Cessac (13)FRA15 – 14Olga Sharkova (20)RUS
Bout #822 JulDiana Bianchedi (4)ITA15 – 10Wang Huifeng (29)CHN
Bout #922 JulLaura Badea (3)ROU15 – 5Lilach Parisky (30)ISR
Bout #1022 JulAdeline Wuillème (14)FRA15 – 12Reka Szabo (19)ROU
Bout #1122 JulAida Mohamed (11)HUN15 – 8Anna Rybicka (22)POL
Bout #1222 JulAnja Fichtel-Mauritz (6)GER15 – 10Liang Jun (27)CHN
Bout #1322 JulZsuzsa Jánosi-Németh (7)HUN15 – 11Barbara Wolnicka-Szewczyk (26)POL
Bout #1422 JulXiao Aihua (10)CHN15 – 4Anna Angelova (23)BUL
Bout #1522 JulRoxana Scarlat (18)ROU15 – 10Svetlana Boyko (15)RUS
Bout #1622 JulGiovanna Trillini (2)ITA15 – 8Ivana Georgieva (31)BUL

Round Three

Date22 July 1996
FormatWinner of each match advanced to quarter-finals.
MatchDate/TimeCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #122 JulValentina Vezzali (1)ITA15 – 13Olga Velichko (17)RUS
Bout #222 JulAnn Marsh (9)USA15 – 8Sabine Bau (8)GER
Bout #322 JulMonika Weber-Koszto (5)GER15 – 13Lydia Czuckermann-Hatuel (12)ISR
Bout #422 JulLaurence Modaine-Cessac (13)FRA15 – 0Diana Bianchedi (4)ITA
Bout #522 JulLaura Badea (3)ROU15 – 6Adeline Wuillème (14)FRA
Bout #622 JulAida Mohamed (11)HUN15 – 14Anja Fichtel-Mauritz (6)GER
Bout #722 JulXiao Aihua (10)CHN15 – 7Zsuzsa Jánosi-Németh (7)HUN
Bout #822 JulGiovanna Trillini (2)ITA15 – 11Roxana Scarlat (18)ROU


Date22 July 1996
FormatWinner of each match advanced to semi-finals.
MatchDate/TimeCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #122 JulValentina Vezzali (1)ITA15 – 10Ann Marsh (9)USA
Bout #222 JulLaurence Modaine-Cessac (13)FRA15 – 14Monika Weber-Koszto (5)GER
Bout #322 JulLaura Badea (3)ROU15 – 8Aida Mohamed (11)HUN
Bout #422 JulGiovanna Trillini (2)ITA15 – 7Xiao Aihua (10)CHN


Date22 July 1996
FormatWinner of each match advanced to final.
MatchDate/TimeCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #122 JulValentina Vezzali (1)ITA15 – 7Laurence Modaine-Cessac (13)FRA
Bout #222 JulLaura Badea (3)ROU15 – 14Giovanna Trillini (2)ITA

Final Round

Date22 July 1996
MatchDate/TimeCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout 1/222 JulLaura Badea (3)ROU15 – 10Valentina Vezzali (1)ITA
Bout 3/422 JulGiovanna Trillini (2)ITA15 – 9Laurence Modaine-Cessac (13)FRA