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Combined, Women

Date12 – 13 February 1992
Participants40 from 18 countries
FormatOne downhill run and two slalom runs, point tables determined placement.
DetailsGates: 30
Length: 2200 m
Start Altitude: 2080 m
Vertical Drop: 648 m

Austrians Petra Kronberger and Sabine Ginther were expected to battle it out for this title. Ginther was leading the 1991-92 World Cup and had shared the combined World Cup title in 1991 with France’s Florence Masnada. But in training the day before the event started, Ginther fell, breaking a bone in her back and was unable to compete. This left it open for Kronberger who posted the fastest time in the downhill. As she was the 1991 World Cup slalom champion, and would win the gold medal in the slalom later in the week, this effectively ended the gold medal race. Kronberger also had the best time in the second slalom run and skied to an overwhelming victory in the event. Her teammate, Anita Wachter, won silver with Masnada taking bronze. Kronberger was one of the most well-rounded women skiers ever. She won only one discipline World Cup title, that the slalom in 1991 but she was a three-time overall World Cup Champion – 1990, 1991, 1992, and is one of only four women to have won World Cup races in all five events. Her versatility is shown by her gold medal win in the 1992 Olympic slalom and a downhill gold medal at the 1991 World Championships.

13Petra KronbergerAUT2.551:25.84 (1)1:09.60 (3)Gold
223Anita WachterAUT19.391:27.25 (11)1:09.51 (2)Silver
324Florence MasnadaFRA21.381:27.08 (9)1:10.01 (5)Bronze
45Chantal BournissenSUI24.981:26.92 (7)1:10.69 (6)
541Anne BergeNOR35.281:28.67 (21)1:09.29 (1)
616Michelle McKendryCAN39.021:27.32 (13)1:11.79 (7)
728Nataša BokalSLO42.601:29.02 (24)1:09.65 (4)
820Lucia MedzihradskáTCH47.431:27.89 (16)1:11.95 (9)
92Miriam VogtGER48.521:27.35 (14)1:12.90 (11)
106Régine CavagnoudFRA51.131:28.16 (18)1:11.99 (10)
1112Krista SchmidingerUSA51.561:26.36 (2)1:14.77 (14)
121Svetlana GladyshevaEUN61.251:26.88 (5)1:15.16 (15)
1318Emi KawabataJPN66.101:27.13 (10)1:15.37 (16)
148Heidi ZellerSUI69.071:26.90 (6)1:16.08 (17)
1522Ľudmila MilanováTCH76.281:28.68 (22)1:14.26 (12)
1625Morena GallizioITA93.211:29.84 (25)1:14.56 (13)
1734Emma Carrick-AndersonGBR107.611:32.79 (33)1:11.84 (8)
1819Tatyana LebedevaEUN111.341:27.79 (15)1:19.87 (20)
1921Svetlana NovikovaEUN122.481:30.03 (=26)1:17.83 (18)
2029Birgit HeebLIE164.251:28.90 (23)1:24.62 (21)
2138Carolina EirasARG184.961:34.00 (34)1:19.41 (19)
2217Astrid LødemelNOR210.941:26.95 (8)1:33.25 (22)
DNF11Katja SeizingerGER1:26.42 (3)– (DNF)
DNF27Ulrike MaierAUT1:28.51 (20)– (DNF)
DNF30Béatrice FilliolFRA1:30.03 (=26)– (DNF)
DNF26Sachiko YamamotoJPN1:30.70 (28)– (DNF)
DNF31Mihaela FeraROU1:31.74 (31)– (DNF)
DNF39Astrid SteverlynckARG1:31.71 (30)– (DNF)
DNF36Valerie ScottGBR1:34.57 (35)– (DNF)
DNF35Zali SteggallAUS1:31.30 (29)– (DNF)
DNF33Claire de PourtalesGBR1:32.52 (32)– (DNF)
DNF37Marina VidovićYUG1:35.82 (36)– (DNF)
DNF9Kristin KroneUSA– (DNF)
DNF14Varvara ZelenskayaEUN– (DNF)
DNF42Arijana BorasYUG– (DNF)
DQ40Merete FjeldavlieNOR1:28.26 (19)– (DQ)
DQ10Kerrin Lee-GartnerCAN1:26.49 (4)– (DQ)
DQ7Michaela Gerg-LeitnerGER1:27.26 (12)– (DQ)
DQ13Regina HäuslGER1:27.95 (17)– (DQ)
DQ15Heidi ZurbriggenSUI[1:27.04] (DQ)
DNSSabine GintherAUT– (DNS)
DNSDebbie PrattGBR– (DNS)