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20 kilometres, Men

Date11 February 1984 — 08:50
LocationVeliko Polje, Igman
Participants63 from 25 countries
FormatOne-minute penalty for each missed target.
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: 89 m
Maximum Climb: 38 m
Shooting 1: Prone at 4.0 km, 50 m range
Shooting 2: Standing at 8.0 km, 50 m range
Shooting 3: Prone at 12.0 km, 50 m range
Shooting 4: Standing at 16.0 km, 50 m range
Total Climbing: 614 m

East German Frank Ullrich had been a dominating figure on the international scene after his breakthrough at the 1978 World Championships. After his successful 1980 Winter Olympics (one gold and two silver medals), he was 1981 sprint and relay World Champion, 20 km and relay World Champion in 1982, and 20 km World Champion 1983, giving him a total of six individual and four relay World or Olympic gold medals. Still only 26, he was expected to increase his medal collection in the 1984 Olympics. But in 1983 his wife Sylvia died after a sudden illness, and Ullrich announced that he would retire from top sport. However, he was persuaded to return for another season and reluctantly agreed, but his preparations for the 1984 Olympics were surely affected by his wife’s death.

As usual, the 20 km race was the opening biathlon event in the 1984 Winter Olympics. After the first round of shooting, the new biathlon star from East Germany, 19-year old Frank-Peter Roetsch was in the lead. Roesch had won the silver medal behind Ullrich at the 1983 World Championship. In second place after the first shooting round was Peter Angerer of West Germany, who had won the bronze medal behind Roetsch at the 1983 World Championship. On the second series of shots, Roetsch was penalized two minutes and dropped down to sixth, putting Angerer in the lead. After the third shooting round the situation changed again. Jan Matouš, a 22-year old unmerited Czech, had taken over the lead, five seconds ahead of Angerer and Roetsch back in medal position in third. At the final set of targets the Norwegian Erik Kvalfoss, world sprint champion from 1982 and 1983, and the fastest skier of the day, took an early lead. Matouš missed four targets and was out of the fight for medals. Then Roetsch missed one target, but was one minute ahead of Kvalfoss when he left for the final 2.5 km to the finish. Of the late starters, only Angerer was expected to compete with Roetsch’s time, and he did. After a perfect standing shooting round he was over a minute ahead of his East German competitor, and easily secured the first ever Olympic biathlon gold medal for West Germany. Roetsch had no problems taking the silver medal ahead of fast finishing Kvalfoss. Ullrich was far from his former self, usually one of the fastest skiers, he lost three minutes to Kvalfoss in skiing time and had to be content with fifth place, behind Frenchman Yvon Mougel, who improved from sixth in 1980 to fourth in 1984.

PosNrBiathleteNOCTimeMissesSkiing (Pos)
159Peter AngererFRG1-11:52.721-09:52.7 (2)Gold
242Frank-Peter RoetschGDR1-13:21.431-10:21.4 (3)Silver
331Eirik KvalfossNOR1-14:02.451-09:02.4 (1)Bronze
426Yvon MougelFRA1-14:53.141-10:53.1 (4)
550Frank UllrichGDR1-14:53.731-11:53.7 (8)
656Rolf StorsveenNOR1-15:23.941-11:23.9 (5)
723Fritz FischerFRG1-15:49.741-11:49.7 (7)
861Leif AnderssonSWE1-16:19.331-13:19.3 (19)
957Andreas ZingerleITA1-16:21.741-12:21.7 (14)
1037Jan MatoušTCH1-16:39.051-11:39.0 (6)
119Sven FahlénSWE1-18:10.861-12:10.8 (11)
1228Tapio PiipponenFIN1-18:38.461-12:38.4 (16)
1354Vladimir VelichkovBUL1-18:47.151-13:47.1 (21)
1452Jim WoodGBR1-18:55.841-14:55.8 (28)
1548Zdeněk HákTCH1-19:05.561-13:05.5 (17)
1646Arto JääskeläinenFIN1-19:23.351-14:23.3 (24)
1714Sergey BulyginURS1-19:28.071-12:28.0 (15)
1819Keijo TiitolaFIN1-19:32.851-14:32.8 (26)
198Marco ZanonITA1-19:59.941-15:59.9 (32)
2030Ronnie AdolfssonSWE1-20:12.281-12:12.2 (12)
2158Francis MougelFRA1-20:20.571-13:20.5 (20)
2215Ernst ReiterFRG1-20:37.451-15:37.4 (31)
233Christian PoirotFRA1-20:54.261-14:54.2 (27)
2416Odd LirhusNOR1-20:55.091-11:55.0 (10)
252Jaromír ŠimůnekTCH1-21:04.361-15:04.3 (29)
2629Lyle NelsonUSA1-21:05.471-14:05.4 (22)
275Spas ZlatevBUL1-21:10.951-16:10.9 (34)
2832Adriano DarioliITA1-21:14.081-13:14.0 (18)
2910Holger WickGDR1-21:19.191-12:19.1 (13)
306Franz SchulerAUT1-21:23.051-16:23.0 (35)
3153Beat MeierSUI1-21:24.471-14:24.4 (25)
3243Dmitry VasilyevURS1-22:09.281-14:09.2 (23)
3355Glen EberleUSA1-22:15.041-18:15.0 (42)
3460Alfred EderAUT1-22:52.661-16:52.6 (38)
3547Yury KashkarovURS1-22:53.8111-11:53.8 (9)
3622Rudi HornAUT1-23:10.881-15:10.8 (30)
3717Charles MacIvorGBR1-23:37.571-16:37.5 (36)
3811Yoshinobu MuraseJPN1-23:39.161-17:39.1 (40)
3949Shoichi KinoshitaJPN1-23:49.871-16:49.8 (37)
4021Yuri MitevBUL1-24:05.481-16:05.4 (33)
4163Andrej LanišekYUG1-24:23.161-18:23.1 (44)
4239Isao YamaseJPN1-25:09.671-18:09.6 (41)
4362Imre LestyanROU1-25:26.661-19:26.6 (48)
4424Tony McLeodGBR1-25:34.581-17:34.5 (39)
4564Zsolt KovácsHUN1-26:18.771-19:18.7 (47)
461Marjan VidmarYUG1-26:32.181-18:32.1 (45)
4738Andrew PaulAUS1-26:38.751-21:38.7 (54)
4833Jure VelepecYUG1-27:05.861-21:05.8 (53)
4918Mihai RădulescuROU1-27:18.181-19:18.1 (46)
5041Vladimir TodașcăROU1-28:00.981-20:00.9 (50)
5112János SpisákHUN1-28:06.981-20:06.9 (51)
5244Sun XiaopingCHN1-28:07.181-20:07.1 (52)
5320Martin HagenUSA1-30:19.8121-18:19.8 (43)
5427Liu HongwangCHN1-31:47.5121-19:47.5 (49)
5513Víctor FigueroaARG1-34:02.371-27:02.3 (57)
564Manuel GarcíaESP1-34:12.4101-24:12.4 (55)
5740Cecilio FernándezESP1-34:42.091-25:42.0 (56)
5836Luis RíosARG1-42:17.9101-32:17.9 (58)
5934Ueng Ming-YihTPE1-45:07.081-37:07.0 (60)
6045Hwang Byung-DaeKOR1-49:49.9151-34:49.9 (59)
6135Hernán CarazoCRC2-24:54.9112-13:54.9 (61)
DNF7Long YunzhouCHN– (–)
DNF25László PalácsikHUN– (–)
DNS51Óscar di LoveraARG– (–)