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Lightweight (≤73 kilograms), Men

Date26 July 2021
LocationNippon Budokan, Chiyoda, Tokyo
Participants34 from 34 countries

Fighting on home ground carried Japanese Shohei Ono to the third men’s gold in Judo, having been preferred to his countryman Soichi Hashimoto for nomination for the Tokyo Olympics. The three-time world champion in this class, and Rio 2016 gold medallist, Oni defeated top seed Lasha Shavdatuashvili in the final, scoring a Waza-ari (half point) for his Sasae-tsurikomi-ashi (ankle-kick) after 9:25 min in the Golden Score. At this point, Ono had already picked up his second Shido (penalty) and was in danger of being disqualified. In the semi-final, he also needed the extra-time to score a Waza-ari against Mongolia’s Tsend-Ochiryn Tsogtbaatar and proceed to the final. Ono also beat second seed, and 2016 silver medallist, Rüstəm Orucov from Azerbaijan in the second round. Bronze medals went to Tsogtbaatar and Korean An Chang-Rim, who toppled Orucov in the bronze medal match.

1Shohei OnoJPNGold
2Lasha ShavdatuashviliGEOSilver
=3An Chang-RimKORBronze
=3Tsend-Ochiryn TsogtbaatarMGLBronze
=5Rüstəm OrucovAZE
=5Arthur MargelidonCAN
=7Akil GjakovaKOS
=7Tohar ButbulISR
=9Aden-Alexandre HousseinDJI
=9Zhansay SmagulovKAZ
=9Victor SterpuMDA
=9Cédric BessiMON
=9Tommy MaciasSWE
=9Somon MakhmadbekovTJK
=9Bilal ÇiloğluTUR
=9Khikmatillokh TuraevUZB
=17Ferdinand KarapetianARM
=17Lucas DialloBUR
=17Magdiel EstradaCUB
=17Guillaume ChaineFRA
=17Faye NjieGAM
=17Igor WandtkeGER
=17Mamadou Samba BahGUI
=17Fabio BasileITA
=17Younis Eyal SlmanJOR
=17Sulaiman HamadKSA
=17Musa MogushkovROC
=17Alexandru RaicuROU
=17Chamara RepiyallageSRI
=17Nils StumpSUI
=17Victor ScvortovUAE
=32Eduardo BarbosaBRA
=32Ahmad AlikajEOR
=32Ahmed AyashYEM
DNSFethi NourineALG
DNSMohamed AbdalrasoolSUD

Round One

Date26 July 2021 — 11:00
Match #126 Jul 11:00
Match #226 Jul 11:06
Match #326 Jul 11:12
Match #426 Jul 11:18Mat 2
Match #526 Jul
Match #626 Jul
Match #726 Jul
Match #826 JulShohei OnoJPNbye
Match #926 Jul
Match #1026 Jul
Match #1126 JulMat 2Akil GjakovaKOS
Match #1226 JulNils StumpSUIbye
Match #1326 Jul
Match #1426 Jul
Match #1526 Jul
Match #1626 Jul
Match #1726 Jul
Match #1826 JulMat 2
Match #1926 Jul
Match #2026 Jul
Match #2126 Jul
Match #2226 Jul
Match #2326 Jul
Match #2426 Jul
Match #2526 Jul
Match #2626 Jul
Match #2726 Jul
Match #2826 Jul
Match #2926 Jul
Match #3026 JulMat 2
Match #3126 Jul
Match #3226 Jul

Round Two

Date26 July 2021 — 11:24
FormatWinners advance to round three.
Match #126 Jul 11:24Mat 2Rüstəm OrucovAZEWaza-ariMusa MogushkovROC
Match #226 Jul 11:30Mat 2Somon MakhmadbekovTJKIpponFaye NjieGAM
Match #326 Jul 11:36Mat 2Bilal ÇiloğluTURIpponYounis Eyal SlmanJOR
Match #426 Jul 11:42Mat 2Shohei OnoJPNIpponAlexandru RaicuROU
Match #526 Jul 11:48Mat 2Tommy MaciasSWEIpponVictor ScvortovUAE
Match #626 Jul 11:54Mat 2Akil GjakovaKOSIpponNils StumpSUI
Match #726 Jul 12:00Mat 2Tsend-Ochiryn TsogtbaatarMGLIpponMamadou Samba BahGUI
Match #826 Jul 12:06Mat 2Cédric BessiMONIpponLucas DialloBUR
Match #926 Jul 12:12Mat 2Lasha ShavdatuashviliGEOWaza-ariGuillaume ChaineFRA
Match #1026 Jul 12:18Mat 2Aden-Alexandre HousseinDJIIpponChamara RepiyallageSRI
Match #1126 Jul 12:24Mat 2Arthur MargelidonCANWaza-ariSulaiman HamadKSA
Match #1226 Jul 12:40Mat 2Zhansay SmagulovKAZWaza-ariFerdinand KarapetianARM
Match #1326 Jul 12:46Mat 2An Chang-RimKORWaza-ariFabio BasileITA
Match #1426 Jul 12:52Mat 2Khikmatillokh TuraevUZBIpponIgor WandtkeGER
Match #1526 Jul 12:58Mat 2Tohar ButbulISRwalkover
Match #1626 Jul 13:04Mat 2Victor SterpuMDAIpponMagdiel EstradaCUB

Round Three

Date26 July 2021 — 13:10
FormatWinners advance to quarter-finals.
Match #126 Jul 13:10Mat 2Rüstəm OrucovAZEWaza-ariSomon MakhmadbekovTJK
Match #226 Jul 13:16Mat 2Shohei OnoJPNIpponBilal ÇiloğluTUR
Match #326 Jul 13:22Mat 2Akil GjakovaKOSWaza-ariTommy MaciasSWE
Match #426 Jul 13:28Mat 2Tsend-Ochiryn TsogtbaatarMGLIpponCédric BessiMON
Match #526 Jul 13:34Mat 2Lasha ShavdatuashviliGEOWaza-ariAden-Alexandre HousseinDJI
Match #626 Jul 13:40Mat 2Arthur MargelidonCANIpponZhansay SmagulovKAZ
Match #726 Jul 13:46Mat 2An Chang-RimKORWaza-ariKhikmatillokh TuraevUZB
Match #826 Jul 13:52Mat 2Tohar ButbulISRIpponVictor SterpuMDA


Date26 July 2021 — 13:58
FormatWinners advance to semi-finals. Losers advance to repêchage for bronze medal tournament.
Match #126 Jul 13:58Mat 2Shohei OnoJPNIpponRüstəm OrucovAZE
Match #226 Jul 14:04Mat 2Tsend-Ochiryn TsogtbaatarMGLWaza-ariAkil GjakovaKOS
Match #326 Jul 14:10Mat 2Lasha ShavdatuashviliGEOIpponArthur MargelidonCAN
Match #426 Jul 14:16Mat 2An Chang-RimKORWaza-ariTohar ButbulISR


Date26 July 2021 — 17:34
FormatWinners advance to bronze medal matches.
Match #126 Jul 17:34Rüstəm OrucovAZEWaza-ariAkil GjakovaKOS
Match #226 Jul 17:42Arthur MargelidonCANIpponTohar ButbulISR


Date26 July 2021 — 17:51
FormatWinners advance to gold medal final. Losers advance to bronze medal matches.
Match #126 Jul 17:59Shohei OnoJPNWaza-ariTsend-Ochiryn TsogtbaatarMGL
Match #226 Jul 17:51Lasha ShavdatuashviliGEOIpponAn Chang-RimKOR

Final Round

Date26 July 2021 — 18:49
Match 3/526 Jul 18:49Mat 1An Chang-RimKORWaza-ariRüstəm OrucovAZE
Match 3/526 Jul 18:59Mat 1Tsend-Ochiryn TsogtbaatarMGLIpponArthur MargelidonCAN
Match 1/226 Jul 19:09Mat 1Shohei OnoJPNWaza-ariLasha ShavdatuashviliGEO