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Half-Middleweight (≤81 kilograms), Men

Date27 July 2021
LocationNippon Budokan, Chiyoda, Tokyo
Participants34 from 34 countries

Just like in Rio, the 81 kg category did not go well for the favourites. Only one of the four top seeded judoka, reigning world champion Matthias Casse from Belgium, brought home a medal. One home ground, the momentum of winning gold in the lighter classes was in favour of Takanori Nagase of Japan, the 2015 world champion and bronze medallist at the Rio Olympics. In the semi-final, he defeated Casse with a Seoi-naga (shoulder throw) for a Waza-ari (half point) as Golden Score. In the final against Saeid Mollaei, applying an Ashi-guruma earned him the decisive Waza-ari in the Golden Score. Mollaei reached the final collecting his second Waza-aris 2:55 min into the fight against Shamil Borchashvili. Mollaei competed at the 2016 Olympics and in 2018 became the world champion representing Iran. When he refused to submit to political pressure not to fight Israeli Sagi Muki, he defected first to Germany, and eventually to Mongolia, wearing their colours in Tokyo.

Underdog Borchashvili, born in Chechnya, came to Austria as a child and was trained by the German 2004 Olympic gold medallist Yvonne Bönisch. Only 14th in the ranking list, he scored an upset victory against Dominic Ressel by Ippon (full point) after 1:21 min for bronze. Casse clinched the second bronze medal toppling Georgian Tato Grigalashvili with a Yoki-otoshi for an Ippon after 1:26 min.

1Takanori NagaseJPNGold
2Saeid MollaeiMGLSilver
=3Shamil BorchashviliAUTBronze
=3Matthias CasseBELBronze
=5Dominic ResselGER
=5Tato GrigalashviliGEO
=7Alan KhubetsovROC
=7Sharofiddin BoltaboevUZB
=9Murad FətiyevAZE
=9Ivaylo IvanovBUL
=9Antoine Valois-FortierCAN
=9Sagi MukiISR
=9Christian ParlatiITA
=9Lee Seong-HoKOR
=9Frank de WitNED
=9Robin PacekSWE
=17Emmanuel LucentiARG
=17Eduardo YudyBRA
=17Mohamed AbdelaalEGY
=17Alexios NtanatsidisGRE
=17Didar KhamzaKAZ
=17Vladimir ZoloevKGZ
=17Nacif EliasLBN
=17Wesam Abu RmilahPLE
=17Anri EgutidzePOR
=17Adrián GandíaPUR
=17Peniamina PercivalSAM
=17Akmal MurodovTJK
=17Vedat AlbayrakTUR
=17Mikael AprahamianURU
=17Hugo CumboVAN
=32Housni ThaoubaniCOM
=32Joshter AndrewGUM
=32Attila UngváriHUN
DNSFrederick HarrisSLE

Round One

Date27 July 2021 — 11:00
Match #127 Jul 11:00
Match #227 Jul 11:06Adrián GandíaPURbye
Match #327 Jul 11:12
Match #427 Jul 11:18Mat 1
Match #527 JulAlan KhubetsovROCbye
Match #627 Jul
Match #727 Jul
Match #827 Jul
Match #927 Jul
Match #1027 Jul
Match #1127 JulMat 1
Match #1227 Jul
Match #1327 Jul
Match #1427 Jul
Match #1527 Jul
Match #1627 Jul
Match #1727 Jul
Match #1827 Jul
Match #1927 Jul
Match #2027 Jul
Match #2127 Jul
Match #2227 Jul
Match #2327 Jul
Match #2427 Jul
Match #2527 Jul
Match #2627 JulMat 1
Match #2727 Jul
Match #2827 Jul
Match #2927 JulSaeid MollaeiMGLbye
Match #3027 Jul
Match #3127 Jul
Match #3227 Jul

Round Two

Date27 July 2021 — 11:13
FormatWinners advance to round three.
Match #127 Jul 11:13Mat 1Matthias CasseBELIpponAdrián GandíaPUR
Match #227 Jul 11:19Mat 1Robin PacekSWEIpponMikael AprahamianURU
Match #327 Jul 11:26Mat 1Alan KhubetsovROCIpponVladimir ZoloevKGZ
Match #427 Jul 11:32Mat 1Antoine Valois-FortierCANIpponAlexios NtanatsidisGRE
Match #527 Jul 11:39Mat 1Takanori NagaseJPNIpponVedat AlbayrakTUR
Match #627 Jul 11:45Mat 1Christian ParlatiITAIpponMohamed AbdelaalEGY
Match #727 Jul 11:52Mat 1Frank de WitNEDIpponPeniamina PercivalSAM
Match #827 Jul 11:58Mat 1Dominic ResselGERIpponWesam Abu RmilahPLE
Match #927 Jul 12:05Mat 1Sagi MukiISRIpponEduardo YudyBRA
Match #1027 Jul 12:11Mat 1Shamil BorchashviliAUTWaza-ariAnri EgutidzePOR
Match #1127 Jul 12:18Mat 1Sharofiddin BoltaboevUZBIpponHugo CumboVAN
Match #1227 Jul 12:24Mat 1Ivaylo IvanovBULIpponEmmanuel LucentiARG
Match #1327 Jul 12:41Mat 1Tato GrigalashviliGEOIpponAkmal MurodovTJK
Match #1427 Jul 12:47Mat 1Lee Seong-HoKORIpponNacif EliasLBN
Match #1527 Jul 12:54Mat 1Saeid MollaeiMGLIpponDidar KhamzaKAZ
Match #1627 Jul 13:00Mat 1Murad FətiyevAZEIpponFrederick HarrisSLEwalkover

Round Three

Date27 July 2021 — 13:07
FormatWinners advance to quarter-finals.
Match #127 Jul 13:07Mat 1Matthias CasseBELIpponRobin PacekSWE
Match #227 Jul 13:13Mat 1Alan KhubetsovROCWaza-ariAntoine Valois-FortierCAN
Match #327 Jul 13:20Mat 1Takanori NagaseJPNIpponChristian ParlatiITA
Match #427 Jul 13:26Mat 1Dominic ResselGERWaza-ariFrank de WitNED
Match #527 Jul 13:33Mat 1Shamil BorchashviliAUTWaza-ariSagi MukiISR
Match #627 Jul 13:39Mat 1Sharofiddin BoltaboevUZBWaza-ariIvaylo IvanovBUL
Match #727 Jul 13:46Mat 1Tato GrigalashviliGEOIpponLee Seong-HoKOR
Match #827 Jul 13:52Mat 1Saeid MollaeiMGLWaza-ariMurad FətiyevAZE


Date27 July 2021 — 13:59
FormatWinners advance to semi-finals. Losers advance to repêchage for bronze medal tournament.
Match #127 Jul 13:59Mat 1Matthias CasseBELIpponAlan KhubetsovROC
Match #227 Jul 14:05Mat 1Takanori NagaseJPNWaza-ariDominic ResselGER
Match #327 Jul 14:12Mat 1Shamil BorchashviliAUTWaza-ariSharofiddin BoltaboevUZB
Match #427 Jul 14:18Mat 1Saeid MollaeiMGLIpponTato GrigalashviliGEO


Date27 July 2021 — 17:34
FormatWinners advance to bronze medal matches.
Match #127 Jul 17:34Mat 1Dominic ResselGERIpponAlan KhubetsovROC
Match #227 Jul 17:42Mat 1Tato GrigalashviliGEOWaza-ariSharofiddin BoltaboevUZB


Date27 July 2021 — 17:51
FormatWinners advance to gold medal final. Losers advance to bronze medal matches.
Match #127 Jul 17:59Mat 1Takanori NagaseJPNWaza-ariMatthias CasseBEL
Match #227 Jul 17:51Mat 1Saeid MollaeiMGLIpponShamil BorchashviliAUT

Final Round

Date27 July 2021 — 18:49
Match 3/527 Jul 18:49Mat 1Shamil BorchashviliAUTIpponDominic ResselGER
Match 3/527 Jul 18:59Mat 1Matthias CasseBELIpponTato GrigalashviliGEO
Match 1/227 Jul 19:09Mat 1Takanori NagaseJPNWaza-ariSaeid MollaeiMGL