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Half-Middleweight (≤63 kilograms), Women

Date27 July 2021
LocationNippon Budokan, Chiyoda, Tokyo
Participants30 from 30 countries

The final of the women’s half-middleweight was like a déjà vu of the 2016 Rio Olympics final. On that occasion, Tina Trstenjak from Slovenia overpowered the younger Frenchwoman Clarisse Agbegnenou, with Togolese roots, with an Ippon (full point) after only 1:45 min. In the meantime, Agbegnenou not only ousted Trstenjak from the top of the ranking list but also won all four world titles since the last Olympics to become the dominant fighter in the half-middleweight class. Already a legend, she took her first Olympic gold as expected in Tokyo. The final, however, was not an easy task and she had to go into overtime to defeat Trstenjak with Waza-ari (half point) for the Golden Score after 4:37 min. Both finallists did not sail through the previous rounds too smoothly, with Trstenjak having to sustain one more bout, eliminating not only third seed Anriquelis Barrios but also the eventual bronze medallist Maria Centracchio. Agbegnenou’s strongest opponent on the way into the final was fourth seed Pan-American Champion Catherine Beauchemin-Pinard from Canada. The Québécois lost by a Waza-ari, the only score by either of the fighters. Eventually Beauchemin-Pinard was compensated scoring a Waza-ari in extra time against Barrios to win the bronze medal contest. One of the few surprise judo medallists was 12th seed Maria Centracchio from Italy. With a bit of luck in the quarter-final draw, she faced Agata Ozdoba-Blach from Poland who received three Shidos (penalties) compared to Centracchio’s two. And in her bronze medal match, again her opponent, Juul Franssen from The Netherlands, collected three Shidos for a defeat.

1Clarisse AgbegnenouFRAGold
2Tina TrstenjakSLOSilver
=3Maria CentracchioITABronze
=3Catherine Beauchemin-PinardCANBronze
=5Juul FranssenNED
=5Anriquelis BarriosVEN
=7Ketleyn QuadrosBRA
=7Agata Ozdoba-BłachPOL
=9Katharina HaeckerAUS
=9Magdalena KrssakovaAUT
=9Sandrine BillietCPV
=9Maylín del ToroCUB
=9Cristina CabanaESP
=9Szofi ÖzbasHUN
=9Miku TashiroJPN
=9Bold GankhaichMGL
=17Yang JunxiaCHN
=17Lærke OlsenDEN
=17Estefanía GarcíaECU
=17Muna DahoukEOR
=17Lucy RenshallGBR
=17Martyna TrajdosGER
=17Gili SharirISR
=17Han Hui-JuKOR
=17Damiella NomenjanaharyMAD
=17Prisca AwitiMEX
=17Kiyomi WatanabePHI
=17Darya DavydovaROC
=17Anja ObradovićSRB
=17Farangiz KhojievaUZB
DNSCergia DavidHON

Round One

Date27 July 2021 — 11:00
FormatWinners advance to round two.
Match #127 Jul 11:00Clarisse AgbegnenouFRAbye
Match #227 Jul 11:06Mat 2Sandrine BillietCPVIpponFarangiz KhojievaUZB
Match #327 Jul 11:13Mat 2Juul FranssenNEDIpponAnja ObradovićSRB
Match #427 Jul 11:19Mat 2Katharina HaeckerAUSIpponGili SharirISR
Match #527 Jul 11:26Mat 2Catherine Beauchemin-PinardCANIpponLærke OlsenDEN
Match #627 Jul 11:32Mat 2Magdalena KrssakovaAUTIpponYang JunxiaCHN
Match #727 Jul 11:39Mat 2Ketleyn QuadrosBRAIpponCergia DavidHONwalkover
Match #827 Jul 11:45Mat 2Bold GankhaichMGLIpponPrisca AwitiMEX
Match #927 Jul 11:52Mat 2Tina TrstenjakSLOWaza-ariHan Hui-JuKOR
Match #1027 Jul 11:58Mat 2Cristina CabanaESPIpponKiyomi WatanabePHI
Match #1127 Jul 12:05Mat 2Maylín del ToroCUBIpponMuna DahoukEOR
Match #1227 Jul 12:11Mat 2Anriquelis BarriosVENIpponDarya DavydovaROC
Match #1327 Jul 12:18Mat 2Miku TashiroJPNWaza-ariLucy RenshallGBR
Match #1427 Jul 12:24Mat 2Agata Ozdoba-BłachPOLIpponEstefanía GarcíaECU
Match #1527 Jul 12:41Mat 2Szofi ÖzbasHUNWaza-ariMartyna TrajdosGER
Match #1627 Jul 12:47Mat 2Maria CentracchioITAIpponDamiella NomenjanaharyMAD

Round Two

Date27 July 2021 — 12:54
FormatWinners advance to quarter-finals.
Match #127 Jul 12:54Mat 2Clarisse AgbegnenouFRAIpponSandrine BillietCPV
Match #227 Jul 13:00Mat 2Juul FranssenNEDIpponKatharina HaeckerAUS
Match #327 Jul 13:07Mat 2Catherine Beauchemin-PinardCANIpponMagdalena KrssakovaAUT
Match #427 Jul 13:13Mat 2Ketleyn QuadrosBRAIpponBold GankhaichMGL
Match #527 Jul 13:20Mat 2Tina TrstenjakSLOIpponCristina CabanaESP
Match #627 Jul 13:26Mat 2Anriquelis BarriosVENIpponMaylín del ToroCUB
Match #727 Jul 13:33Mat 2Agata Ozdoba-BłachPOLIpponMiku TashiroJPN
Match #827 Jul 13:39Mat 2Maria CentracchioITAIpponSzofi ÖzbasHUN


Date27 July 2021 — 13:46
FormatWinners advance to semi-finals. Losers advance to repêchage for bronze medal tournament.
Match #127 Jul 13:46Mat 2Clarisse AgbegnenouFRAWaza-ariJuul FranssenNED
Match #227 Jul 13:52Mat 2Catherine Beauchemin-PinardCANIpponKetleyn QuadrosBRA
Match #327 Jul 13:59Mat 2Tina TrstenjakSLOIpponAnriquelis BarriosVEN
Match #427 Jul 14:05Mat 2Maria CentracchioITAIpponAgata Ozdoba-BłachPOL


Date27 July 2021 — 17:00
FormatWinners advance to bronze medal matches.
Match #127 Jul 17:00Mat 1Juul FranssenNEDIpponKetleyn QuadrosBRA
Match #227 Jul 17:08Mat 1Anriquelis BarriosVENWaza-ariAgata Ozdoba-BłachPOL


Date27 July 2021 — 17:17
FormatWinners advance to gold medal final. Losers advance to bronze medal matches.
Match #127 Jul 17:25Mat 1Clarisse AgbegnenouFRAWaza-ariCatherine Beauchemin-PinardCAN
Match #227 Jul 17:17Mat 1Tina TrstenjakSLOIpponMaria CentracchioITA

Final Round

Date27 July 2021 — 18:18
Match 3/527 Jul 18:18Mat 1Maria CentracchioITAIpponJuul FranssenNED
Match 3/527 Jul 18:28Mat 1Catherine Beauchemin-PinardCANWaza-ariAnriquelis BarriosVEN
Match 1/227 Jul 18:38Mat 1Clarisse AgbegnenouFRAWaza-ariTina TrstenjakSLO