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Individual, Open

Date22 – 27 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Kentro Ippasias Markopoulou, Markopoulo
Participants77 from 27 countries
FormatThree rounds of qualifying advanced the top 45 riders to two final rounds, maximum of three riders per nation advanced.

There were a number of notable absentees from the Athina Olympic Games. Dermott Lennon, the Irishman who had won the 2002 world title missed the Games as his gold medal winning horse, Liscalgot, had suffered an injury in 2003 that would eventually end her career. The same fate befell another top contender, For Pleasure, the mount of Germany’s Marcus Ehning had to be withdrawn shortly before the Games when it too fell lame. A different reason was responsible for the non-appearance of the top German Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, her horse Shutterfly tested positive for the sedative hydroxylpromazine at the World Cup final earlier in the year and the German federation did not consider her for Athina. Of those that reached Athina, the Brazilian Rodrigo Pessoa and his “superstar” horse Baloubet du Rouet had been consistently amongst the world’s best for nearly a decade, German riders had finished 1-2-3 in the 2003 European Championships and Jos Lansink, in his fifth Olympics, although this time representing Belgium instead of the Netherlands, was also considered amongst those in strong contention for medals.

A single qualifying round held on 22 August was added to individual results from the team competition, those riding solely as individuals competed over the same course with the top 45 competitors moving into the final. The rule stating that only three from each nation could qualify for the final proved costly for the European champion Christian Ahlmann of Germany, he finished 19th but only fourth German.

Qualifying scores were not carried through to the final which consisted of two rounds of jumping over courses of increased difficulty. Only two riders produced faultless first rounds, Jessica Chesney-Kürten of Ireland and the veteran Briton Nick Skelton. Skelton was a sentimental favourite, having retired in 2000 following a fall in which he suffered a double fracture of his C1 vertebrae. By 2002 the injury had sufficiently healed that surgeons were able to declare him fit to resume his career. The outsider Daniel Meech of New Zealand placed third with a single time penalty but no less than 28 riders were within eight penalties of the leaders.

For the second round riders went in the order of their positions with the leaders going last. Pessoa was the first rider to go clear, adding zero to his first round score of eight. As those around him produced disappointing performances he moved up the leaderboard until the entry into the arena of Ireland’s Cian O’Connor. O’Connor and Waterford Crystal jumped impeccably and stayed on their round one score of four faults. With only the last three combinations to go O’Connor still led with Pessoa and the USA’s Chris Kappler jointly in second. Meech and Skelton produced identical rounds, knocking three fences down and being slightly over the allowed time. This guaranteed a gold medal to Ireland, a nation that prides itself on its’ horsemanship, for the first time in Olympic equestrianism. The only question was whether it would go O’Connor or to Chesney-Kürten. In the event Chesney-Kürten would have a disastrous round, knocking five fences over and O’Connor would win the gold. A jump-off for the silver medal was decided in favour of Pessoa when Royal Kaliber, Chris Kappler’s mount, pulled up lame.

On 8 October 2004 it was announced that a urine sample taken from Waterford Crystal had tested positive for prohibited substances. The substances were later revealed to be zuclopenthixol and fluphenazine, anti-psychotic drugs used to treat schizophrenia in humans. O’Connor requested that the “B” sample be tested but it was reported missing, believed stolen, in transit between Medication Control Programme Central Laboratory in Paris and the Horseracing Forensic Laboratory in Newmarket, England. On the day that the news of the theft became public, the offices of the Irish Equestrian Federation were broken into and some documents taken although no link to the case has ever been proven. A blood sample taken at the same time as the urine sample was later tested and the results confirmed the previous findings. The explanation given by O’Connor was that the horse suffered a fetlock injury a month prior to the Games and his veterinary surgeon recommended the horse be given a mild sedative to prevent him becoming upset, which might have caused further injury. Although the FEI inquiry absolved O’Connor of deliberate doping he was stripped of his medal, his Olympic results were annulled and he received a three-month ban from competition. Rodrigo Pessoa of Brazil inherited the gold medal, Chris Kappler (USA) moved up to silver and Germany’s Marco Kutscher took the bronze.

1Rodrigo PessoaBRABaloubet du Rouet8449.42Gold
2Chris KapplerUSARoyal Kaliber8DNFSilver
3Marco KutscherGERMontender9Bronze
=4Robert SmithGBRMr Springfield12
=4Dirk DemeersmanBELClinton12
=4Peder FredricsonSWEMagic Bengtsson12
=4Kevin BabingtonIRLCarling King12
=4Rolf-Göran BengtssonSWEMac Kinley12
=4Ludo PhilippaertsBELParco12
=10Thomas VelinDENCarnute13
=10Nick SkeltonGBRArko III13
12Daniel MeechNZLDiagonal14
13Christina LiebherrSUINo Mercy17
14Son Bong-GakKORCim Christo18
=15Taizo SugitaniJPNLamalushi20
=15Juan Carlos GarcíaITAAlbin III20
=17Otto BeckerGERCento21
=17Jessica Chesney-KürtenIRLCastle Forbes Maike21
19Bruno ChimirriITALandknecht23
20Hwang Sun-WonKORC. Chap24
21Martín DopazoARGFurka Du Village25
22Ian MillarCANPromise Me30
AC r2/2Ju Jeong-HyeonKOREpsom Gesmeray
AC r2/2Vincenzo ChimirriITADefi Platiere
AC r2/2 DodaBRACountdown 23
AC r2/2Wim SchröderNEDMontreal
AC r2/2McLain WardUSASapphire
AC r2/2Jos LansinkBELCumano
AC r2/2Leopold van AstenNEDFleche Rouge
AC r2/2Malin Baryard-JohnssonSWEButterfly Flip
AC r2/2Gert-Jan BrugginkNEDJoel
AC r2/2Beezie MaddenUSAAuthentic
AC r2/2Vladimir TuganovRUSLeroy Brown 17
AC r2/2Fabio CrottaSUIMme Pompadour M
AC r2/2Antonis PetrisGREGredo La Daviere
AC r2/2Eugénie AngotFRACigale Du Taillis
AC r2/2Yuka WatanabeJPNNike
AC r2/2Luciana Diniz-KnipplingBRAMariachi
AC r2/2Grant CashmoreNZLFranklins Flyte
AC r2/2Florian AngotFRAFirst De Launay
AC r2/2Rosen RaychevBULMedoc II
AC r2/2Grzegorz KubiakPOLDjane Des Fontenis
AC r2/2Kamal BahamdanKSACasita
AC r2/2Markus FuchsSUITinka's Boy
AC r2/2Cian O'ConnorIRLWaterford Crystal1
AC r2/2Ludger BeerbaumGERGoldfever 32
=18 r1/2Christian AhlmannGERCöster
=20 r1/2Gerco SchröderNEDMonaco
27 r1/2Peter ErikssonSWECardento 933
=28 r1/2Stanny Van PaesschenBELO De Pomme
=35 r1/2Peter WyldeUSAFein Cera
=39 r1/2Steve GuerdatSUIOlympic Z
41 r1/2Wu Jeong-HoKORSeven Up 15
52 r1/2Federico FernándezMEXBohemio
53 r1/2Ibrahim BisharatJORQwinto
54 r1/2Roberto ArioldiITADime De La Cour
55 r1/2Ramzy Al-DuhamiKSAFall Khaeer
=56 r1/2Marcela Lobo PérezMEXJoskin
=56 r1/2Guy ThomasNZLNz Madison
58 r1/2Hannah Roberson-MytilinaiouGRESantana 329
AC r1/2Marion HughesIRLFortunus
AC r1/2Bernardo AlvesBRACanturo
AC r1/2André Salah SakakiniEGYCasper
AC r1/2Tadayoshi HayashiJPNSwanky
AC r1/2Tim AmitranoAUSMr Innocent
AC r1/2Emmanouela AthanasiadiGRERimini Z
AC r1/2Bruce GoodinNZLBraveheart
AC r1/2Gustavo Ramos HernándezMEXMinotauro
AC r1/2Éric NavetFRADollar Du Murier
AC r1/2Gerardo TazzerMEXChanel
AC r1/2Danai TsatsouGRERoble Z
AC r1/2Gregorio WertheinARGCalwaro
AC r1/2Mark WatringPURSapphire
AC r1/2Ryuichi ObataJPNOliver Q
AC r1/2Lucas WertheinARGWarren
AC r1/2Bruno BroucqsaultFRADileme De Cephe
AC r1/2Federico Enrique SztyrleARGWho Knows Lilly

Qualifying Round (22 – 24 August 2004)

Three rounds. Total score for all rounds determined placement. Top 45 riders advanced to the final round, maximum three riders per nation.

1Beezie MaddenUSAAuthentic0Q
2Rolf-Göran BengtssonSWEMac Kinley4Q
3Nick SkeltonGBRArko III6Q
=4Marco KutscherGERMontender8Q
=4Gert-Jan BrugginkNEDJoel8Q
=4Chris KapplerUSARoyal Kaliber8Q
=4Kevin BabingtonIRLCarling King8Q
8Juan Carlos GarcíaITAAlbin III9Q
=9Thomas VelinDENCarnute10Q
=9Otto BeckerGERCento10Q
11Eugénie AngotFRACigale Du Taillis11Q
=12Antonis PetrisGREGredo La Daviere12Q
=12Wim SchröderNEDMontreal12Q
=12Peder FredricsonSWEMagic Bengtsson12Q
=12Malin Baryard-JohnssonSWEButterfly Flip12Q
16Jessica Chesney-KürtenIRLCastle Forbes Maike13Q
17Rodrigo PessoaBRABaloubet du Rouet14Q
=18Christian AhlmannGERCöster16
=18Leopold van AstenNEDFleche Rouge16Q
=20Florian AngotFRAFirst De Launay17Q
=20Christina LiebherrSUINo Mercy17Q
=20McLain WardUSASapphire17Q
=20Fabio CrottaSUIMme Pompadour M17Q
=20Jos LansinkBELCumano17Q
=20Gerco SchröderNEDMonaco17
26Bruno ChimirriITALandknecht18Q
27Peter ErikssonSWECardento 93319
=28Daniel MeechNZLDiagonal20Q
=28Ludo PhilippaertsBELParco20Q
=28Dirk DemeersmanBELClinton20Q
=28Stanny Van PaesschenBELO De Pomme20
=32Robert SmithGBRMr Springfield21Q
=32Hwang Sun-WonKORC. Chap21Q
=32Markus FuchsSUITinka's Boy21Q
=35Martín DopazoARGFurka Du Village24Q
=35Yuka WatanabeJPNNike24Q
=35Peter WyldeUSAFein Cera24
38Rosen RaychevBULMedoc II25Q
=39Steve GuerdatSUIOlympic Z28
=39 DodaBRACountdown 2328Q
41Wu Jeong-HoKORSeven Up 1530Q
=42Ian MillarCANPromise Me31Q
=42Son Bong-GakKORCim Christo31Q
=44Vladimir TuganovRUSLeroy Brown 1732Q
=44Vincenzo ChimirriITADefi Platiere32Q
46Grant CashmoreNZLFranklins Flyte33Q
47Luciana Diniz-KnipplingBRAMariachi34Q
48Kamal BahamdanKSACasita36Q
=49Taizo SugitaniJPNLamalushi37Q
=49Grzegorz KubiakPOLDjane Des Fontenis37Q
=49Ju Jeong-HyeonKOREpsom Gesmeray37
52Federico FernándezMEXBohemio38
53Ibrahim BisharatJORQwinto42
54Roberto ArioldiITADime De La Cour48
55Ramzy Al-DuhamiKSAFall Khaeer54
=56Marcela Lobo PérezMEXJoskin58
=56Guy ThomasNZLNz Madison58
58Hannah Roberson-MytilinaiouGRESantana 32965
DNFMarion HughesIRLFortunus
DNFBernardo AlvesBRACanturo
DNFAndré Salah SakakiniEGYCasper
DNFTadayoshi HayashiJPNSwanky
DNFTim AmitranoAUSMr Innocent
DNFEmmanouela AthanasiadiGRERimini Z
DNFBruce GoodinNZLBraveheart
DNFGustavo Ramos HernándezMEXMinotauro
DNFÉric NavetFRADollar Du Murier
DNFGerardo TazzerMEXChanel
DNFDanai TsatsouGRERoble Z
DNFGregorio WertheinARGCalwaro
DNFMark WatringPURSapphire
DNFRyuichi ObataJPNOliver Q
DNFLucas WertheinARGWarren
DNFBruno BroucqsaultFRADileme De Cephe
DNFFederico Enrique SztyrleARGWho Knows Lilly
DQLudger BeerbaumGERGoldfever 3[1]Q3
DQCian O'ConnorIRLWaterford Crystal[22]Q4

Round One (22 August 2004 — 09:00)

=1Peter WyldeUSAFein Cera0
=1Juan Carlos GarcíaITAAlbin III0
=1Thomas VelinDENCarnute0
=1Malin Baryard-JohnssonSWEButterfly Flip0
=1Antonis PetrisGREGredo La Daviere0
=1Peder FredricsonSWEMagic Bengtsson0
=1Grant CashmoreNZLFranklins Flyte0
=1Ludo PhilippaertsBELParco0
=1Beezie MaddenUSAAuthentic0
=1Wim SchröderNEDMontreal0
=11Otto BeckerGERCento1
=11McLain WardUSASapphire1
=11Bernardo AlvesBRACanturo1
=11Nick SkeltonGBRArko III1
15Kevin BabingtonIRLCarling King2
16Yuka WatanabeJPNNike3
=17Christian AhlmannGERCöster4
=17Chris KapplerUSARoyal Kaliber4
=17Jos LansinkBELCumano4
=17Leopold van AstenNEDFleche Rouge4
=17Rolf-Göran BengtssonSWEMac Kinley4
=17Robert SmithGBRMr Springfield4
=17Bruno BroucqsaultFRADileme De Cephe4
=17Markus FuchsSUITinka's Boy4
=17Stanny Van PaesschenBELO De Pomme4
=17Florian AngotFRAFirst De Launay4
=17Jessica Chesney-KürtenIRLCastle Forbes Maike4
=17Gert-Jan BrugginkNEDJoel4
=29Éric NavetFRADollar Du Murier5
=29Gerco SchröderNEDMonaco5
=29Peter ErikssonSWECardento 9335
=29Fabio CrottaSUIMme Pompadour M5
=29Bruno ChimirriITALandknecht5
=29Rodrigo PessoaBRABaloubet du Rouet5
=29Federico Enrique SztyrleARGWho Knows Lilly5
=29Danai TsatsouGRERoble Z5
=29Luciana Diniz-KnipplingBRAMariachi5
=29Rosen RaychevBULMedoc II5
=29Son Bong-GakKORCim Christo5
=40Hwang Sun-WonKORC. Chap6
=40Marion HughesIRLFortunus6
=40Eugénie AngotFRACigale Du Taillis6
=40Wu Jeong-HoKORSeven Up 156
=40Steve GuerdatSUIOlympic Z6
=45Gerardo TazzerMEXChanel8
=45 DodaBRACountdown 238
=45Vincenzo ChimirriITADefi Platiere8
=45Martín DopazoARGFurka Du Village8
=45Tadayoshi HayashiJPNSwanky8
=45Grzegorz KubiakPOLDjane Des Fontenis8
=45Marco KutscherGERMontender8
=52Federico FernándezMEXBohemio9
=52Ramzy Al-DuhamiKSAFall Khaeer9
=52Lucas WertheinARGWarren9
=52Christina LiebherrSUINo Mercy9
56André Salah SakakiniEGYCasper10
57Ian MillarCANPromise Me11
=58Kamal BahamdanKSACasita12
=58Taizo SugitaniJPNLamalushi12
=58Dirk DemeersmanBELClinton12
=61Daniel MeechNZLDiagonal13
=61Ibrahim BisharatJORQwinto13
=61Hannah Roberson-MytilinaiouGRESantana 32913
=64Ju Jeong-HyeonKOREpsom Gesmeray14
=64Ryuichi ObataJPNOliver Q14
66Vladimir TuganovRUSLeroy Brown 1715
=67Marcela Lobo PérezMEXJoskin16
=67Guy ThomasNZLNz Madison16
69Roberto ArioldiITADime De La Cour17
70Gustavo Ramos HernándezMEXMinotauro19
71Mark WatringPURSapphire25
72Bruce GoodinNZLBraveheart28
73Tim AmitranoAUSMr Innocent38
DNFEmmanouela AthanasiadiGRERimini Z58
DNFGregorio WertheinARGCalwaro58
DQCian O'ConnorIRLWaterford Crystal[1]5
DQLudger BeerbaumGERGoldfever 3[1]6

Round Two (24 August 2004 — 09:00)

=1Beezie MaddenUSAAuthentic0
=1Gert-Jan BrugginkNEDJoel0
=1Chris KapplerUSARoyal Kaliber0
=1Rolf-Göran BengtssonSWEMac Kinley0
=1Rodrigo PessoaBRABaloubet du Rouet0
=1Marco KutscherGERMontender0
=1Christina LiebherrSUINo Mercy0
=1Dirk DemeersmanBELClinton0
=9Juan Carlos GarcíaITAAlbin III1
=9Kevin BabingtonIRLCarling King1
11Yuka WatanabeJPNNike3
=12Wim SchröderNEDMontreal4
=12Antonis PetrisGREGredo La Daviere4
=12Ludo PhilippaertsBELParco4
=12Thomas VelinDENCarnute4
=12Florian AngotFRAFirst De Launay4
=12Christian AhlmannGERCöster4
=12Leopold van AstenNEDFleche Rouge4
=12Markus FuchsSUITinka's Boy4
=12Peter ErikssonSWECardento 9334
=12Eugénie AngotFRACigale Du Taillis4
=22Nick SkeltonGBRArko III5
=22Otto BeckerGERCento5
24Daniel MeechNZLDiagonal6
=25Peder FredricsonSWEMagic Bengtsson8
=25Malin Baryard-JohnssonSWEButterfly Flip8
=25Bernardo AlvesBRACanturo8
=25McLain WardUSASapphire8
=25Robert SmithGBRMr Springfield8
=25Stanny Van PaesschenBELO De Pomme8
=25Fabio CrottaSUIMme Pompadour M8
=25Gerco SchröderNEDMonaco8
=25Bruno ChimirriITALandknecht8
=25Wu Jeong-HoKORSeven Up 158
=25Martín DopazoARGFurka Du Village8
=25 DodaBRACountdown 238
=25Vladimir TuganovRUSLeroy Brown 178
=38Jessica Chesney-KürtenIRLCastle Forbes Maike9
=38Hwang Sun-WonKORC. Chap9
=38Ibrahim BisharatJORQwinto9
=41Ian MillarCANPromise Me10
=41Roberto ArioldiITADime De La Cour10
=43Peter WyldeUSAFein Cera12
=43Grant CashmoreNZLFranklins Flyte12
=43Rosen RaychevBULMedoc II12
=43Vincenzo ChimirriITADefi Platiere12
=43Grzegorz KubiakPOLDjane Des Fontenis12
=43Federico FernándezMEXBohemio12
=43Kamal BahamdanKSACasita12
=50Jos LansinkBELCumano13
=50Luciana Diniz-KnipplingBRAMariachi13
=50Ju Jeong-HyeonKOREpsom Gesmeray13
=50Guy ThomasNZLNz Madison13
54Gregorio WertheinARGCalwaro14
=55Éric NavetFRADollar Du Murier16
=55André Salah SakakiniEGYCasper16
=55Taizo SugitaniJPNLamalushi16
=58Tadayoshi HayashiJPNSwanky17
=58Ramzy Al-DuhamiKSAFall Khaeer17
=58Emmanouela AthanasiadiGRERimini Z17
61Steve GuerdatSUIOlympic Z20
62Son Bong-GakKORCim Christo21
63Marcela Lobo PérezMEXJoskin25
64Hannah Roberson-MytilinaiouGRESantana 32926
65Bruce GoodinNZLBraveheart28
66Gustavo Ramos HernándezMEXMinotauro33
=67Danai TsatsouGRERoble Z39
=67Mark WatringPURSapphire39
69Tim AmitranoAUSMr Innocent48
DNFRyuichi ObataJPNOliver Q
DNFLucas WertheinARGWarren
DNFGerardo TazzerMEXChanel
DNFMarion HughesIRLFortunus
DNFBruno BroucqsaultFRADileme De Cephe
DNFFederico Enrique SztyrleARGWho Knows Lilly
DQLudger BeerbaumGERGoldfever 3[0]7
DQCian O'ConnorIRLWaterford Crystal[12]8

Round Three (24 August 2004 — 20:30)

=1Beezie MaddenUSAAuthentic0
=1Rolf-Göran BengtssonSWEMac Kinley0
=1Nick SkeltonGBRArko III0
=1Marco KutscherGERMontender0
=1Jessica Chesney-KürtenIRLCastle Forbes Maike0
=1Jos LansinkBELCumano0
=7Eugénie AngotFRACigale Du Taillis1
=7Daniel MeechNZLDiagonal1
9Steve GuerdatSUIOlympic Z2
=10Gert-Jan BrugginkNEDJoel4
=10Chris KapplerUSARoyal Kaliber4
=10Otto BeckerGERCento4
=10Peder FredricsonSWEMagic Bengtsson4
=10Malin Baryard-JohnssonSWEButterfly Flip4
=10Fabio CrottaSUIMme Pompadour M4
=10Gerco SchröderNEDMonaco4
=17Kevin BabingtonIRLCarling King5
=17Bruno ChimirriITALandknecht5
=17Son Bong-GakKORCim Christo5
=20Thomas VelinDENCarnute6
=20Hwang Sun-WonKORC. Chap6
=22Juan Carlos GarcíaITAAlbin III8
=22Antonis PetrisGREGredo La Daviere8
=22Wim SchröderNEDMontreal8
=22Christian AhlmannGERCöster8
=22Leopold van AstenNEDFleche Rouge8
=22Christina LiebherrSUINo Mercy8
=22McLain WardUSASapphire8
=22Dirk DemeersmanBELClinton8
=22Stanny Van PaesschenBELO De Pomme8
=22Martín DopazoARGFurka Du Village8
=22Rosen RaychevBULMedoc II8
=33Rodrigo PessoaBRABaloubet du Rouet9
=33Florian AngotFRAFirst De Launay9
=33Robert SmithGBRMr Springfield9
=33Vladimir TuganovRUSLeroy Brown 179
=33Taizo SugitaniJPNLamalushi9
=38Peter ErikssonSWECardento 93310
=38Ian MillarCANPromise Me10
=38Ju Jeong-HyeonKOREpsom Gesmeray10
=41Peter WyldeUSAFein Cera12
=41 DodaBRACountdown 2312
=41Vincenzo ChimirriITADefi Platiere12
=41Kamal BahamdanKSACasita12
45Markus FuchsSUITinka's Boy13
=46Ludo PhilippaertsBELParco16
=46Wu Jeong-HoKORSeven Up 1516
=46Luciana Diniz-KnipplingBRAMariachi16
=49Grzegorz KubiakPOLDjane Des Fontenis17
=49Federico FernándezMEXBohemio17
=49Marcela Lobo PérezMEXJoskin17
52Yuka WatanabeJPNNike18
53Ibrahim BisharatJORQwinto20
=54Grant CashmoreNZLFranklins Flyte21
=54Roberto ArioldiITADime De La Cour21
56Hannah Roberson-MytilinaiouGRESantana 32926
57Ramzy Al-DuhamiKSAFall Khaeer28
58Guy ThomasNZLNz Madison29
DNFBernardo AlvesBRACanturoeliminated
DNFAndré Salah SakakiniEGYCasperretired
DNFTadayoshi HayashiJPNSwankyretired
DNFTim AmitranoAUSMr Innocent
DNFEmmanouela AthanasiadiGRERimini Z
DNFBruce GoodinNZLBraveheart
DNFGustavo Ramos HernándezMEXMinotauro
DNFÉric NavetFRADollar Du Murier
DNFDanai TsatsouGRERoble Z
DNFGregorio WertheinARGCalwaro
DNFMark WatringPURSapphire
DQLudger BeerbaumGERGoldfever 3[0]9
DQCian O'ConnorIRLWaterford Crystal[9]10

Final Round (27 August 2004)

Two final rounds. Total score for both rounds determined placement.

1Rodrigo PessoaBRABaloubet du Rouet8449.42
2Chris KapplerUSARoyal Kaliber8DNF
3Marco KutscherGERMontender9
=4Robert SmithGBRMr Springfield12
=4Dirk DemeersmanBELClinton12
=4Peder FredricsonSWEMagic Bengtsson12
=4Kevin BabingtonIRLCarling King12
=4Rolf-Göran BengtssonSWEMac Kinley12
=4Ludo PhilippaertsBELParco12
=10Thomas VelinDENCarnute13
=10Nick SkeltonGBRArko III13
12Daniel MeechNZLDiagonal14
13Christina LiebherrSUINo Mercy17
14Son Bong-GakKORCim Christo18
=15Taizo SugitaniJPNLamalushi20
=15Juan Carlos GarcíaITAAlbin III20
=17Otto BeckerGERCento21
=17Jessica Chesney-KürtenIRLCastle Forbes Maike21
19Bruno ChimirriITALandknecht23
20Hwang Sun-WonKORC. Chap24
21Martín DopazoARGFurka Du Village25
22Ian MillarCANPromise Me30
DNFJu Jeong-HyeonKOREpsom Gesmeray
DNFVincenzo ChimirriITADefi Platiere
DNF DodaBRACountdown 23
DNFWim SchröderNEDMontreal
DNFMcLain WardUSASapphire
DNQJos LansinkBELCumano
DNQLeopold van AstenNEDFleche Rouge
DNQMalin Baryard-JohnssonSWEButterfly Flip
DNQGert-Jan BrugginkNEDJoel
DNQBeezie MaddenUSAAuthentic
DNQVladimir TuganovRUSLeroy Brown 17
DNQFabio CrottaSUIMme Pompadour M
DNQAntonis PetrisGREGredo La Daviere
DNQEugénie AngotFRACigale Du Taillis
DNQYuka WatanabeJPNNike
DNQLuciana Diniz-KnipplingBRAMariachi
DNQGrant CashmoreNZLFranklins Flyte
DNQFlorian AngotFRAFirst De Launay
DNQRosen RaychevBULMedoc II
DNQGrzegorz KubiakPOLDjane Des Fontenis
DNQKamal BahamdanKSACasita
DNQMarkus FuchsSUITinka's Boy
DQCian O'ConnorIRLWaterford Crystal[4]11
DQLudger BeerbaumGERGoldfever 3[20]12

Round One (16:00)

=1Jessica Chesney-KürtenIRLCastle Forbes Maike0
=1Nick SkeltonGBRArko III0
3Daniel MeechNZLDiagonal1
=4Ludo PhilippaertsBELParco4
=4Wim SchröderNEDMontreal4
=4Thomas VelinDENCarnute4
=4Chris KapplerUSARoyal Kaliber4
=4Marco KutscherGERMontender4
9Son Bong-GakKORCim Christo5
10Bruno ChimirriITALandknecht6
=11Ju Jeong-HyeonKOREpsom Gesmeray8
=11Taizo SugitaniJPNLamalushi8
=11Vincenzo ChimirriITADefi Platiere8
=11Ian MillarCANPromise Me8
=11 DodaBRACountdown 238
=11Martín DopazoARGFurka Du Village8
=11Hwang Sun-WonKORC. Chap8
=11Robert SmithGBRMr Springfield8
=11Dirk DemeersmanBELClinton8
=11McLain WardUSASapphire8
=11Christina LiebherrSUINo Mercy8
=11Rodrigo PessoaBRABaloubet du Rouet8
=11Peder FredricsonSWEMagic Bengtsson8
=11Otto BeckerGERCento8
=11Juan Carlos GarcíaITAAlbin III8
=11Kevin BabingtonIRLCarling King8
=11Rolf-Göran BengtssonSWEMac Kinley8
=28Jos LansinkBELCumano12
=28Leopold van AstenNEDFleche Rouge12
=28Malin Baryard-JohnssonSWEButterfly Flip12
=28Gert-Jan BrugginkNEDJoel12
=28Beezie MaddenUSAAuthentic12
33Vladimir TuganovRUSLeroy Brown 1713
=34Fabio CrottaSUIMme Pompadour M16
=34Antonis PetrisGREGredo La Daviere16
=34Eugénie AngotFRACigale Du Taillis16
37Yuka WatanabeJPNNike17
=38Luciana Diniz-KnipplingBRAMariachi20
=38Grant CashmoreNZLFranklins Flyte20
=38Florian AngotFRAFirst De Launay20
41Rosen RaychevBULMedoc II21
42Grzegorz KubiakPOLDjane Des Fontenis24
43Kamal BahamdanKSACasita25
DNFMarkus FuchsSUITinka's Boyeliminated
DQCian O'ConnorIRLWaterford Crystal[4]13
DQLudger BeerbaumGERGoldfever 3[8]14

Round Two (20:30)

1Rodrigo PessoaBRABaloubet du Rouet0
=2Chris KapplerUSARoyal Kaliber4
=2Robert SmithGBRMr Springfield4
=2Dirk DemeersmanBELClinton4
=2Peder FredricsonSWEMagic Bengtsson4
=2Kevin BabingtonIRLCarling King4
=2Rolf-Göran BengtssonSWEMac Kinley4
8Marco KutscherGERMontender5
9Ludo PhilippaertsBELParco8
=10Thomas VelinDENCarnute9
=10Christina LiebherrSUINo Mercy9
=12Taizo SugitaniJPNLamalushi12
=12Juan Carlos GarcíaITAAlbin III12
=14Nick SkeltonGBRArko III13
=14Daniel MeechNZLDiagonal13
=14Son Bong-GakKORCim Christo13
=14Otto BeckerGERCento13
18Hwang Sun-WonKORC. Chap16
=19Bruno ChimirriITALandknecht17
=19Martín DopazoARGFurka Du Village17
21Jessica Chesney-KürtenIRLCastle Forbes Maike21
22Ian MillarCANPromise Me22
DNFJu Jeong-HyeonKOREpsom Gesmerayeliminated
DNFVincenzo ChimirriITADefi Platiereeliminated
DNF DodaBRACountdown 23eliminated
DNFWim SchröderNEDMontrealeliminated
DNFMcLain WardUSASapphireretired
DQCian O'ConnorIRLWaterford Crystal[0]15
DQLudger BeerbaumGERGoldfever 3[12]16