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100 metres Backstroke, Women

Date25 – 27 July 2021
LocationOlympic Aquatics Centre, 2-1, 2chome, Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tatsumi-no-Mori Seaside Park, Tokyo, Japan
Participants41 from 34 countries

The women’s 100 backstroke field had three swimmers who had held the world record at one time. American Regan Smith had set it first with 57.57 in opening the 2019 World Championship medley relay, while Australia’s Kaylee McKeown had three times gone under 58 seconds, most recently setting a world record at the Australian Olympic Trials with 57.45. Canadian Kylie Masse had swum 57.70 at the recent Canadian Olympic Trials, making her the third swimmer to crack the 58-second barrier, but she had also held the world mark back in 2017, swimming 58.10. Another swimmer to watch was the venerable Australian Emily Seebohm, the 2017 World Champion and the silver medallist at London in 2012.

All the favorites comfortably made it through the preliminaries and the semi-finals, including American challenger Rhyan White and Britain’s Kathleen Dawson. The favorites in the final were probably Smith and McKeown but it was very close. Masse led the first lap of the final in 27.91 with White second and McKeown third, but it was Kaylee McKeown who finished fastest to win the gold medal, coming in with ¼-second margin over Masse, as Smith also closed quickly for the bronze medal.

Four days later, McKeown would come back and complete the backstroke double, with Masse repeating her silver medal. McKeown would eventually win four medals, and three golds, in Tokyo with gold in the women’s medley relay and a bronze in the mixed medley relay.

1Kaylee McKeownAUS57.88 (1 h6)58.11 (2 h2)57.47 (1)Gold
2Kylie MasseCAN58.17 (8 h4)58.09 (1 h2)57.72 (2)Silver
3Regan SmithUSA57.96 (1 h5)57.86 (1 h1)58.05 (3)Bronze
4Rhyan WhiteUSA59.02 (2 h5)58.46 (2 h1)58.43 (4)
5Emily SeebohmAUS58.86 (3 h6)58.59 (3 h2)58.45 (5)
6Kathleen DawsonGBR58.69 (2 h6)58.56 (3 h1)58.70 (6)
7Kira ToussaintNED59.21 (3 h5)59.09 (4 h2)59.11 (7)
8Anastasia GorbenkoISR59.90 (3 h4)59.30 (4 h1)59.53 (8)
9Taylor RuckCAN59.89 (2 h4)59.45 (5 h2)
10Mariya KamenevaROC59.88 (5 h5)59.49 (5 h1)
11Margherita PanzieraITA59.74 (1 h4)59.75 (6 h1)
12Peng XuweiCHN59.78 (4 h5)59.98 (6 h2)
13Anna KonishiJPN1:00.04 (5 h4)1:00.07 (7 h1)
=14Anastasiya FesikovaROC59.92 (4 h4)1:00.20 (8 h1)
=14Cassie WildGBR59.99 (4 h6)1:00.20 (7 h2)
16Maaike de WaardNED1:00.03 (6 h5)1:00.49 (8 h2)
17Mimosa JallowFIN1:00.06 (1 h3)
=18Katalin BuriánHUN1:00.07 (7 h5)
=18Ingeborg LøyningNOR1:00.07 (5 h6)
20Lee Eun-JiKOR1:00.14 (6 h4)
21Michelle ColemanSWE1:00.54 (8 h5)
22Chen JieCHN1:00.63 (6 h6)
23Béryl GastaldelloFRA1:00.69 (2 h3)
24Laura RiedemannGER1:00.81 (7 h6)
25Danielle HillIRL1:00.86 (3 h3)
26Stephanie AuHKG1:01.07 (4 h3)
27Simona KubováCZE1:01.35 (7 h4)
28Tatiana SalcuțanMDA1:01.59 (1 h2)
29Lena GrabowskiAUT1:01.80 (5 h3)
30Daryna ZevinaUKR1:01.97 (6 h3)
31McKenna DeBeverPER1:02.09 (2 h2)
32Isabella ArcilaCOL1:02.28 (7 h3)
33Ali GalyerNZL1:02.65 (3 h2)
34Donata KataiZIM1:02.73 (1 h1)
35Krystal LaraDOM1:03.07 (4 h2)
36Carmen MárquezESA1:03.75 (5 h2)
37Danielle TitusBAR1:04.53 (6 h2)
38Felicity PassonSEY1:04.66 (7 h2)
39Maana PatelIND1:05.20 (2 h1)
40Diana NazarovaKAZ1:06.99 (8 h2)
41Kimberly InceGRN1:10.24 (3 h1)
DNSLouise HanssonSWE– (DNS h3)
DNSAnastasiya ShkurdaiBLR– (DNS h6)

Round One (25 July 2021 — 19:00)

14Kaylee McKeownAUS57.88Q OR
24Regan SmithUSA57.96Q
34Kylie MasseCAN58.17Q
45Kathleen DawsonGBR58.69Q
53Emily SeebohmAUS58.86Q
65Rhyan WhiteUSA59.02Q
73Kira ToussaintNED59.21Q
83Margherita PanzieraITA59.74Q
91Peng XuweiCHN59.78Q
106Mariya KamenevaROC59.88Q
115Taylor RuckCAN59.89Q
127Anastasia GorbenkoISR59.90Q
136Anastasiya FesikovaROC59.92Q
142Cassie WildGBR59.99Q
157Maaike de WaardNED0.00Q
161Anna KonishiJPN0.00Q
172Mimosa JallowFIN1:00.06
=188Katalin BuriánHUN1:00.07
=188Ingeborg LøyningNOR1:00.07
208Lee Eun-JiKOR1:00.14
212Michelle ColemanSWE1:00.54
227Chen JieCHN1:00.63
235Béryl GastaldelloFRA1:00.69
241Laura RiedemannGER1:00.81
253Danielle HillIRL1:00.86
266Stephanie AuHKG1:01.07
272Simona KubováCZE1:01.35
285Tatiana SalcuțanMDA1:01.59
298Lena GrabowskiAUT1:01.80
301Daryna ZevinaUKR1:01.97
317McKenna DeBeverPER1:02.09
327Isabella ArcilaCOL1:02.28
334Ali GalyerNZL1:02.65
345Donata KataiZIM1:02.73
356Krystal LaraDOM1:03.07
363Carmen MárquezESA1:03.75
371Danielle TitusBAR1:04.53
382Felicity PassonSEY1:04.66
394Maana PatelIND1:05.20
408Diana NazarovaKAZ1:06.99
413Kimberly InceGRN1:10.24
DNS4Louise HanssonSWE
DNS6Anastasiya ShkurdaiBLR

Heat One (19:00)

15Donata KataiZIM1:02.730.62
24Maana PatelIND1:05.200.58
33Kimberly InceGRN1:10.240.64

Heat Two (19:03)

15Tatiana SalcuțanMDA1:01.590.69
27McKenna DeBeverPER1:02.090.70
34Ali GalyerNZL1:02.650.61
46Krystal LaraDOM1:03.070.49
53Carmen MárquezESA1:03.750.55
61Danielle TitusBAR1:04.530.62
72Felicity PassonSEY1:04.660.63
88Diana NazarovaKAZ1:06.990.75

Heat Three (19:06)

12Mimosa JallowFIN1:00.060.56
25Béryl GastaldelloFRA1:00.690.56
33Danielle HillIRL1:00.860.57
46Stephanie AuHKG1:01.070.60
58Lena GrabowskiAUT1:01.800.63
61Daryna ZevinaUKR1:01.970.63
77Isabella ArcilaCOL1:02.280.64
DNS4Louise HanssonSWE

Heat Four (19:09)

13Margherita PanzieraITA59.740.64Q
25Taylor RuckCAN59.890.65Q
37Anastasia GorbenkoISR59.900.67Q
46Anastasiya FesikovaROC59.920.72Q
51Anna KonishiJPN1:00.040.54Q
68Lee Eun-JiKOR1:00.140.57
72Simona KubováCZE1:01.350.56
84Kylie MasseCAN58.170.54Q

Heat Five (19:12)

14Regan SmithUSA57.960.57Q
25Rhyan WhiteUSA59.020.61Q
33Kira ToussaintNED59.210.54Q
41Peng XuweiCHN59.780.59Q
56Mariya KamenevaROC59.880.63Q
67Maaike de WaardNED1:00.030.67Q
78Katalin BuriánHUN1:00.070.62
82Michelle ColemanSWE1:00.540.79

Heat Six (19:15)

14Kaylee McKeownAUS57.880.57Q OR
25Kathleen DawsonGBR58.690.62Q
33Emily SeebohmAUS58.860.65Q
42Cassie WildGBR59.990.60Q
58Ingeborg LøyningNOR1:00.070.56
67Chen JieCHN1:00.630.59
71Laura RiedemannGER1:00.810.59
DNS6Anastasiya ShkurdaiBLR

Semi-Finals (26 July 2021 — 11:53)

14Regan SmithUSA57.86Q OR
25Kylie MasseCAN58.09Q
34Kaylee McKeownAUS58.11Q
43Rhyan WhiteUSA58.46Q
55Kathleen DawsonGBR58.56Q
63Emily SeebohmAUS58.59Q
76Kira ToussaintNED59.09Q
87Anastasia GorbenkoISR59.30Q
97Taylor RuckCAN59.45
102Mariya KamenevaROC59.49
116Margherita PanzieraITA59.75
122Peng XuweiCHN59.98
138Anna KonishiJPN1:00.07
=141Anastasiya FesikovaROC1:00.20
=141Cassie WildGBR1:00.20
168Maaike de WaardNED1:00.49

Heat One (11:53)

14Regan SmithUSA57.860.57Q OR
23Rhyan WhiteUSA58.460.60Q
35Kathleen DawsonGBR58.560.59Q
47Anastasia GorbenkoISR59.300.66Q
52Mariya KamenevaROC59.490.60
66Margherita PanzieraITA59.750.58
78Anna KonishiJPN1:00.070.60
81Anastasiya FesikovaROC1:00.200.71

Heat Two (11:59)

15Kylie MasseCAN58.090.53Q
24Kaylee McKeownAUS58.110.57Q
33Emily SeebohmAUS58.590.66Q
46Kira ToussaintNED59.090.53Q
57Taylor RuckCAN59.450.64
62Peng XuweiCHN59.980.59
71Cassie WildGBR1:00.200.60
88Maaike de WaardNED1:00.490.62

Final (27 July 2021 — 10:51)

13Kaylee McKeownAUS57.470.56OR
25Kylie MasseCAN57.720.53
34Regan SmithUSA58.050.59
46Rhyan WhiteUSA58.430.61
57Emily SeebohmAUS58.450.64
62Kathleen DawsonGBR58.700.62
71Kira ToussaintNED59.110.51
88Anastasia GorbenkoISR59.530.67