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Flyweight (≤49 kilograms), Women

Date24 July 2021
LocationMakuhari Messe, 2-1, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Participants17 from 17 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament. All fighters losing to the finalists in each pool advance to repêchage tournament for the bronze medal.

Spain’s Adriana Cerezo beat the second seed, Serbia’s Tijana Bogdanović, in her first-round bout, and went on to reach the final against the top seed, Panipak Wongpattanakit of Thailand, who was also the 2015 and 2019 World Champion. The final was a very close bout, which Wongpattanakit won 11-10, thus becoming the first Olympic Taekwondo gold medal winner from Thailand, improving on the bronze medal she won at Rio. The 2008 and 2012 Olympic champion, Wu Jingyu from China, lost her quarter-final bout to Cerezo and then lost the repêchage to Bogdanović, who won one of the bronze medals, with the other bronze going to Israel’s Abishag Semberg.

1Panipak WongpattanakitTHAGold
2Adriana CerezoESPSilver
=3Abishag SembergISRBronze
=3Tijana BogdanovićSRBBronze
=5Miyu YamadaJPN
=5Rukiye YıldırımTUR
=7Wu JingyuCHN
=7Trương Thị Kim TuyếnVIE
=9Andrea RamírezCOL
=9Sim Jae-YeongKOR
=11Yvette YongCAN
=11Kristina TomićCRO
=11Nour AbdelsalamEGY
=11Dina PouryounesEOR
=11Oumaima El-BouchtiMAR
=11Su Po-YaTPE
17Victoria StambaughPUR

Round One

Date24 July 2021 — 19:45
Match #124 Jul 19:45Abishag SembergISRPoint gapVictoria StambaughPUR

Round Two

Date24 July 2021 — 10:00
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #124 Jul 10:00Miyu YamadaJPNFinal scoreSu Po-YaTPE
Match #224 Jul 10:30Sim Jae-YeongKORFinal scoreOumaima El-BouchtiMAR
Match #324 Jul 11:00Trương Thị Kim TuyếnVIEFinal scoreYvette YongCAN
Match #424 Jul 11:30Panipak WongpattanakitTHAPoint gapAbishag SembergISR
Match #524 Jul 12:00Adriana CerezoESPFinal scoreTijana BogdanovićSRB
Match #624 Jul 12:30Wu JingyuCHNPoint gapDina PouryounesEOR
Match #724 Jul 13:00Andrea RamírezCOLPoint gapKristina TomićCRO
Match #824 Jul 13:30Rukiye YıldırımTURFinal scoreNour AbdelsalamEGY


Date24 July 2021 — 14:00
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #124 Jul 14:00Miyu YamadaJPNFinal scoreSim Jae-YeongKOR
Match #224 Jul 14:30Panipak WongpattanakitTHAFinal scoreTrương Thị Kim TuyếnVIE
Match #324 Jul 15:00Adriana CerezoESPPoint gapWu JingyuCHN
Match #424 Jul 15:30Rukiye YıldırımTURFinal scoreAndrea RamírezCOL


Date24 July 2021 — 16:00
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final round.
Match #124 Jul 16:00Panipak WongpattanakitTHAFinal scoreMiyu YamadaJPN
Match #224 Jul 16:30Adriana CerezoESPFinal scoreRukiye YıldırımTUR

Repêchage Round One

Date24 July 2021 — 19:00
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the bronze medal match.
Match #124 Jul 19:00Abishag SembergISRPoint gapTrương Thị Kim TuyếnVIE
Match #224 Jul 19:30Tijana BogdanovićSRBFinal scoreWu JingyuCHN

Final Round

Date24 July 2021 — 21:30
Match 1/224 Jul 21:30Panipak WongpattanakitTHAFinal scoreAdriana CerezoESP
Match 3/524 Jul 20:30Abishag SembergISRFinal scoreRukiye YıldırımTUR
Match 3/524 Jul 21:00Tijana BogdanovićSRBFinal scoreMiyu YamadaJPN