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10 kilometres, Women

Date 1 February 1964 — 9:30
LocationLanglaufstadion, Seefeld
Participants35 from 12 countries
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: 103 m
Intermediate 1: 5.0 km
Maximum Climb: 37 m
Total Climbing: 256 m

Alevtina Kolchina was highly favored to win her first Olympic gold medal in her third Olympic appearance. She had won three gold medals in the 1962 World Championships in Zakopane, and had also been victorious at Holmenkollen in 1961, 1962 and 1963 in the 10 km race.

At the halfway point Klavdiya Boyarskikh, a 24-year-old schoolteacher from Sverdlovsk, had a scant lead, only two seconds ahead of another Soviet skier, Yevdokiya Mekshilo. Kolchina was in third place, 15 seconds behind the leader, and Maria Gusakova, second after Kolchina in the 10 km race in World Championships 1962, followed in fourth place. The event developed into a very close race between Boyarskikh and Mekshilo, with Boyarskikh able to cling to the lead and win by 2.3 seconds. Kolchina faded in the last part of the track and dropped down to seventh place, and Gusakova with the fastest finish of the day advanced to bronze medal position. The best non-Soviet skier was Britt Strandberg, the only skier from the victorious Swedish relay team of 1960 competing in 1964, in fourth place, only 8.4 seconds outside the bronze medal.

For the first time female skiers from outside Europe competed in the Olympics, but the four skiers from People’s Republic of Korea and Mongolia ended in the last four placings in the final rankings.

115Klavdiya BoyarskikhURS40:24.3Gold
22Yevdokiya MekshiloURS40:26.6Silver
324Mariya GusakovaURS40:46.6Bronze
411Britt StrandbergSWE40:54.0
51Toini PöystiFIN41:17.4
610Senja PusulaFIN41:17.8
732Alevtina KolchinaURS41:26.2
829Toini GustafssonSWE41:41.1
928Eeva RuoppaFIN41:58.1
1031Mirja LehtonenFIN42:06.9
1119Barbro MartinssonSWE42:36.1
1220Ingrid WigernæsNOR43:38.0
1317Christine NestlerGER43:38.2
1435Renate DannhauerGER43:52.7
1513Rita Czech-BlaselGER44:07.8
163Elfriede SpiegelhauerGER44:08.8
176Gun ÄdelSWE44:18.9
1833Stefania BiegunPOL44:45.0
1918Éva BalázsHUN46:04.7
2021Nadezhda VasilevaBUL46:10.8
2136Eva Paulusová-BenešováTCH46:31.2
227Roza DimovaBUL46:53.1
238Czesława StopkaPOL46:57.1
2425Teresa TrzebuniaPOL47:20.3
2526Heiderun LudwigAUT47:27.6
2634Krastana StoevaBUL47:39.2
2727Jarmila ŠkodováTCH47:40.3
285Nadezhda MihaylovaBUL47:45.2
2916Eva BřízováTCH47:56.0
3012Mária TarnaiHUN48:18.9
3130Babben EngerNOR48:43.8
324Kim Bong-ZaPRK52:18.6
339Ri Han-SoonPRK53:21.8
3423Jigjeegiin JavzandulamMGL54:47.6
3514Dorjgotovyn PürevloovMGL55:03.6
DNS22Kim Choon-ZaPRK