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Light-Heavyweight (≤81 kilograms), Men

Date30 July – 11 August 1984 — 11:00-14:00-18:00-21:30 (all days)
LocationLos Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California
Participants24 from 24 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

The 1982 World Champion was Cuba’s Pablo Romero, and in 1983 he won the Pan American Games gold medal, defeating American Evander Holyfield in the final. Romero was absent because of the Soviet-led boycott, leaving Holyfield as the favorite in Los Angeles. Holyfield rolled through his first three matches, none going the distance, and in the semi-finals faced New Zealand’s Kevin Barry, the 1982 Commonwealth Games bronze medalist. Near the end of the second round, Holyfield hammered Barry’s ribs with a right, and then unloaded with a left hook that floored Barry. The official, a Yugoslav named Gligorije Novičić, waved Holyfield to a neutral corner and then counted out Barry. He then turned to Holyfield and disqualified him for a purported late hit, saying he had told him to break prior to the left hook. Films did seem to confirm this, but even Barry told Holyfield that “You won the fight fair and square.” The pro-American crowd went crazy, and Novičić had to receive a police escort to exit the arena. Barry had won, but could not fight in the finals because he had been knocked out and amateur rules prohibit a knocked out boxer from fighting for 28 days. This gave the gold medal to Ante Josipović, who like Novičić, was from Yugoslavia. During the victory ceremony, Josipović pulled Holyfield up to the top step of the podium. Josipović turned professional in 1990, fighting through 1995, and retiring after losing two bouts for the Croatian professional cruiserweight title. Holyfield turned professional right after the Los Angeles Olympics. Always in superb condition, with a chiseled body, he continued to fight through 2011, winning multiple world titles in both the cruiserweight and heavyweight divisions. His pro record at the end of 2011 was 44 wins, 10 losses, and 2 draws. Pablo Romero never got to box at the Olympics as Cuba would boycott again in 1988, but he won the World Championship once again in 1986, and repeated as Pan American champion in 1987.

1Ante JosipovićYUGGold
2Kevin BarryNZLSilver
=3Evander HolyfieldUSABronze
=3Mustapha MoussaALGBronze
=5Tony WilsonGBR
=5Georgică DoniciROU
=5Sylvanus OkelloKEN
=5Jean-Paul Nanga-NtsahCMR
=9Drake ThadziMAW
=9Roberto OviedoARG
=9Fine Sani VeaTGA
=9Markus BottFRG
=9Michael NassoroTAN
=9Ismail SalmanIRQ
=9Christer CorpiSWE
=9Jonathan KiriisaUGA
=17Juha HänninenFIN
=17Ahmed El-NagarEGY
=17Taju AkayGHA
=17Anthony LongdonGRN
=17Philip PinderBAH
=17Arcadio FuentesPUR
=17Don SmithTTO
=17Djiguible TraoréMLI

Round One (30 July 1984)

Winner of each match advanced to the second round.

Match #1 Mustapha MoussaALG Bye
Match #2 Drake ThadziMAW Bye
Match #3 Tony WilsonGBR Bye
Match #4 Roberto OviedoARG Bye
Match #5 Georgică DoniciROU Bye
Match #6 Fine Sani VeaTGA Bye
Match #7 Ante JosipovićYUG Bye
Match #8 Markus BottFRG Bye
Match #9 Michael NassoroTAN Juha HänninenFIN Referee Stops Contest (Head Blow) (Round 1, 1:17)
Match #10 Sylvanus OkelloKEN Ahmed El-NagarEGY Referee Stops Contest (Head Blow) (Round 3, 2:42)
Match #11 Evander HolyfieldUSA Taju AkayGHA Referee Stops Contest (Head Blow) (Round 3, 2:14)
Match #12 Ismail SalmanIRQ Anthony LongdonGRN Knock Out (Round 2, 2:48)
Match #13 Jean-Paul Nanga-NtsahCMR Philip PinderBAH Decision (5 - 0)
Match #14 Christer CorpiSWE Arcadio FuentesPUR Knock Out (Round 1, 2:35)
Match #15 Kevin BarryNZL Don SmithTTO Decision (5 - 0)
Match #16 Jonathan KiriisaUGA Djiguible TraoréMLI Decision (5 - 0)

Round Two (4 August 1984)

Winner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.

Match #1 Mustapha MoussaALG Drake ThadziMAW Decision (5 - 0)
Match #2 Tony WilsonGBR Roberto OviedoARG Referee Stops Contest (Round 1, 2:08)
Match #3 Georgică DoniciROU Fine Sani VeaTGA Decision (5 - 0)
Match #4 Ante JosipovićYUG Markus BottFRG Decision (4 - 1)
Match #5 Sylvanus OkelloKEN Michael NassoroTAN Decision (5 - 0)
Match #6 Evander HolyfieldUSA Ismail SalmanIRQ Referee Stops Contest (Head Blow) (Round 2, 2:44)
Match #7 Jean-Paul Nanga-NtsahCMR Christer CorpiSWE Decision (4 - 1)
Match #8 Kevin BarryNZL Jonathan KiriisaUGA Decision (3 - 2)

Quarter-Finals (7 August 1984)

Winner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.

Match #1 1 Mustapha MoussaALG 2Tony WilsonGBR Decision (5 - 0)
Match #2 Ante JosipovićYUG Georgică DoniciROU Decision (5 - 0)
Match #3 Evander HolyfieldUSA Sylvanus OkelloKEN Knock Out (Round 1, 2:57)
Match #4 Kevin BarryNZL Jean-Paul Nanga-NtsahCMR Decision (4 - 1)

Semi-Finals (9 August 1984)

Winner of each match advanced to the final match.

Match #1 Ante JosipovićYUG Mustapha MoussaALG Decision (5 - 0)
Match #2 3 Kevin BarryNZL Evander HolyfieldUSA 4Disqualified (Round 2, 2:55)

Final Round (11 August 1984)

Match 1/2 5 Ante JosipovićYUG Kevin BarryNZL 6Walkover