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Heptathlon, Women

Date15 – 16 August 2008
LocationBeijing Guojia Tiyuchang, Beijing Aolinpike Gongyuan, Beijing
Participants43 from 28 countries
FormatScoring by 1985 point tables.

The top heptathlete in the past few years had been Sweden’s Carolina Klüft. She was the defending champion and World Champion in 2005 and 2007, but announced in early 2008 she would no longer compete in the heptathlon and would instead take part only in the long and triple jumps. Without her, the event was wide-open, although Britain’s Kelly Sotherton had some support, as did Russian Tatyana Chernova. In the end, however, the gold went to an athlete given minimal consideration, Nataliya Dobrynska of Ukraine. Dobrynska came in with a PR of only 6,268 from 2004, but she PRed in five of the seven events and bettered her overall PR by 365 points to win. Behind her was American Hyleas Fountain, who led after the hurdles, the high jump, and at the end of the first day. Dobrynska passed her to take the lead in the long jump, the first event of day two, and Fountain knew she would have to work to medal, as the javelin and 800 were not good events for her. In the 800 she ran a 2:15.45 to hang to what appeared to be a bronze medal, having been passed by Dobrynska’s countrywoman, Liudmyla Blonska, who ran 2:09.44 in the 800 to move up.

That was how the event and the results seemed to have ended. In 2015, however, the IOC began re-testing samples from the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympics, using newer, more advanced testing techniques, in an effort to find those who had used performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), but in whom it could not be detected at the time of those Olympics. This was one of the many events affected.

Original silver medalist Liudmyla Blonska of Ukraine tested positive for methyltestosterone, an anabolic steroid. This was her second doping offense and she was given a lifetime ban from the sport. The bronze medalist, Russian Tatyana Chernova, was also tentatively disqualified in April 2017 after a positive re-test for dehydrochloromethyltestosterone (turinabol). Chernova appealed her suspension to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), however, but this was later denied and Kelly Sotherton (GBR) was advanced to the bronze medal. Chernova also lost a bronze medal in this event from the 2012 London Olympics, after a similar positive re-test for turinabol was announced in November 2016.

PosNrAthleteNOCPoints100 metres HurdlesHigh JumpShot Put200 metresLong JumpJavelin Throw800 metres
13079Nataliya DobrynskaUKR673313.441.8017.2924.396.6348.602:17.72Gold
23170Hyleas FountainUSA661912.781.8913.3623.216.3841.932:15.45Silver
31837Kelly SothertonGBR651713.181.8313.8723.396.3337.662:07.34Bronze
41301Jessica ZelinkaCAN649012.971.7713.7923.646.1243.912:07.95
52789Anna BogdanovaRUS646513.091.8614.0824.246.4535.412:09.45
62617Karolina TymińskaPOL642813.621.7714.0823.396.5335.972:07.08
71899Lilli SchwarzkopfGER637913.731.8014.6125.255.9651.882:10.91
82490Jolanda KeizerNED637013.901.8315.1523.976.1542.762:15.21
91058Kylie WheelerAUS636913.681.8913.0624.286.1143.812:11.49
101913Jennifer OeserGER636013.571.8013.6224.676.1647.532:11.33
111728Marie CollonvilléFRA630213.571.8612.4225.066.2146.142:11.81
122788Olga KurbanRUS619213.771.7713.8424.346.0842.852:13.59
133071Hanna MelnychenkoUKR616513.521.8013.1824.356.4035.892:15.23
142573Kamila ChudzikPOL615713.791.7714.3425.365.9752.052:21.97
151872Sonja KesselschlägerGER614013.501.7714.3325.506.0444.282:15.94
161247Lucimara SilvestreBRA607613.551.8311.5924.566.1840.342:16.20
171755Antoinette Nana DjimouFRA605513.851.7113.1224.906.1649.322:20.96
182328Aiga GrabusteLAT605013.781.7712.7024.716.3639.022:16.87
191404Liu HailiCHN604113.561.7712.7124.476.0841.792:18.84
202535Ida MarcussenNOR601514.071.7112.9725.026.0647.372:14.96
212546Rebecca WardellNZL598914.071.7114.2824.645.8442.142:13.65
221699Niina KeloFIN591113.951.6514.8225.905.7651.482:20.97
231931Argyro StratakiGRE589314.051.6813.2225.475.9745.202:14.57
241465Gretchen QuintanaCUB583013.771.6813.1024.346.0238.142:20.31
253293Yuliya TarasovaUZB578514.031.7112.6024.365.9243.312:26.19
262032Pramila GanapathyIND577113.971.7411.6624.926.1141.272:23.46
272003Győrgyi FarkasHUN576014.661.7412.0626.106.0943.452:14.05
282020J. J. ShobhaIND574913.621.6513.0724.625.8643.502:27.50
292928Linda ZüblinSUI574313.901.6212.3424.995.7447.192:18.68
301808Julie HollmanGBR572914.431.7712.4525.416.1339.082:22.54
312018Sushmitha Singha RoyIND570514.111.7111.2724.345.9839.792:21.14
321638Kaie KandEST567714.471.6512.9125.495.7542.512:13.36
331194Yana MaksimavaBLR480614.711.7413.6025.9439.142:21.55
DNF2489Laurien HoosNED13.521.6514.9824.575.7448.54
DNF3267Jackie JohnsonUSA13.221.7711.8224.745.88
DNF2370Austra SkujytėLTU14.461.7717.0225.40
DNF2374Viktorija ŽemaitytėLTU14.441.7414.0125.06
DNF1534Denisa ŠčerbovaCZE13.881.65
DNF2989Wassana WinathoTHA13.931.68
DNF2237Irina NaumenkoKAZ
DNF3218Diana PicklerUSA14.28
DQ3064Liudmyla BlonskaUKR[6700][13.31][1.86][14.29][24.14][6.48][47.60][2:09.04]
DQ2790Tatyana ChernovaRUS[6591][13.65][1.83][12.88][23.95][6.47][48.37][2:06.50]1