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Four, Men1

Date11 – 12 February 1936
LocationOlympia-Bobbahn, Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Participants72 from 10 countries
FormatFour runs, total time determined placement.
DetailsCurves: 17
Length: 1525 m
Start Altitude: 919 m
Vertical Drop: 129 m

The four-man competition was originally planned for 8 and 9 February, but because rain- and snowfall had prevented the crews from training on the track, the competition was delayed by three days. When the competition got off to a start, the start time was set at 8 in the morning to make sure the course would not melt in the sun. The first run was eventful, as three of the 18 teams failed to finish. The crew of Germany II saw their bob continue without them, the second French bob lost its brakesman, while the Czechoslovakians became airborne and crashed. The fastest time was posted by the top favourite for the Olympic gold, Hanns Kilian. The Garmisch native was not only riding on his home course, he also had the 1934 and 1935 world title under his belt, as well as Olympic bronze medals in 1928 and 1932. But the crowd favourite lost his lead in the second run, which was interrupted because of the weather. When the race continued at 16:30, conditions were much better, which favoured the crews that drove after the interlude, notably Great Britain and Switzerland II. The latter crew, piloted by the 1935 runner-up at the World Championships Pierre Musy, led the event after day one.

Musy, son of former Swiss president Jean-Marie Musy, further increased his lead by winning the third run, then consolidated in the final descent. His compatriot Reto Capadrutt, 1932 silver medallist in the two-man bob, won the final run in a new track record, beating Kilian’s 1:18.70. The bronze medal was by one of the most interesting characters at the 1936 Olympics, Freddie McEvoy. The native Australian was a noted racing car driver, who moved around in the highest classes but was also a noted gambler, con artist and womanizer.

PosNrBobsleighNOCTimeRun 1Run 2Run 3Run 4
1Switzerland IISUI5:19.851:22.45 (3)1:18.78 (1)1:19.60 (1)1:19.02 (3)Gold
Pierre MusyNoldi GartmannCharles BouvierJoseph Beerli
2Switzerland ISUI5:22.731:23.49 (7)1:19.88 (3)1:20.75 (5)1:18.61 (1)Silver
Reto CapadruttHans AicheleFritz FeierabendHans Bütikofer
3Great Britain GBR5:23.411:23.38 (6)1:20.18 (4)1:20.74 (4)1:19.11 (4)Bronze
Freddie McEvoyJames CardnoGuy DugdalePaddy Green
4United States IUSA5:24.131:25.61 (=8)1:19.17 (2)1:20.51 (3)1:18.84 (2)
Hubert StevensCrawford MerkelRobert MartinJohn Shene
5Belgium IIBEL5:28.921:22.22 (2)1:23.52 (9)1:22.50 (8)1:20.68 (8)
Max HoubenMartial Van SchelleLouis De RidderPaul Graeffe
6United States IIUSA5:29.001:25.61 (=8)1:23.85 (10)1:20.22 (2)1:19.32 (5)
Frank TylerJim Bickford, Jr.Dick LawrenceMax Bly, Sr.
7Germany IGER5:29.071:20.73 (1)1:23.05 (8)1:24.09 (10)1:21.20 (9)
Hanns KilianSebastian HuberFritz SchwarzHermann von Valta
8Belgium IBEL5:29.821:25.77 (10)1:21.81 (5)1:21.67 (7)1:20.57 (6)
René, Baron de LundenPhilippe de Pret RooseEric De SpoelberchGaston Braun
9France IFRA5:30.361:22.75 (4)1:22.18 (6)1:23.11 (9)1:22.32 (10)
Louis BalsanJacques BridouJean DauvenJean, Marquis de Suarez d'Aulan
10Italy IITA5:31.071:26.96 (12)1:22.46 (7)1:20.98 (6)1:20.67 (7)
Tonino, Marquis Brivio SforzaCarlo SolveniEmilio Dell'OroRaffaele Manardi
11Austria IAUT5:45.131:27.38 (13)1:26.84 (12)1:26.17 (12)1:24.74 (11)
Franz LorenzRichard LorenzFranz WohlgemuthRudolf Höll
12Czechoslovakia IITCH5:45.521:26.68 (11)1:25.60 (11)1:28.13 (13)1:25.11 (12)
Gustav LeubnerBedřich PoseltWilhelm BlechschmidtWalter Heinzl
13Austria IIAUT5:57.911:30.70 (14)1:29.62 (14)1:30.95 (14)1:26.64 (13)
Franz BednarViktor WigelbeyerJohann Baptist von GudenusRobert Bednar
DNFRomania ROU1:31.81 (15)1:28.37 (13)1:25.21 (11)– (DNF)
Alexandru BudișteanuTiţă RădulescuAlexandru IonescuAurel Mărășescu
DNFItaly IIITA1:23.02 (5)– (DNF)
Francesco De ZannaErnesto FranceschiUberto GillarduzziAmedeo Angeli
DNFCzechoslovakia ITCH– (DNF)
Josef LanzendörferEwald MenzlRobert ZintelKarel Růžička
Walter TrottFritz VonhofWolfgang KummerRudolf Werlich
René CharletÉtienne PayotAlbert MugnierAmédée Ronzel
DNSRomania IROU– (DNS)
Emil AngelescuDumitru GheorghiuTeodor PopescuAlexandru Tăutu