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400 metres Freestyle, Men

Date9 – 10 August 2008
LocationBeijing Guojia Youyong Zhongxin, Beijing Aolinpike Gongyuan, Beijing
Participants36 from 26 countries

The 400 freestyle at the Beijing Olympics promised to be a clash between the old and the new. The old guard was represented by 28-year-old Australian Grant Hackett in his third Olympic Games whilst the standard bearer for the new generation was the teenaged Korean Park Tae-Hwan who had upset Hackett to win the world title in 2007. Hackett led in the early stages but Park took control of the final by the half way mark and was clear with a hundred metres to go. As the race neared its end Park’s lead was reduced by the fast finishing Zhang Lin but, although roared on by the home crowd, the Chinese swimmer could not catch the Korean. Park’s victory was the first by a Korean swimmer at Olympic level. As Hackett faded back to sixth Larsen Jensen of the USA moved through to claim the bronze medal. This event was one of the few in Beijing that did not see the world record broken. The record, held by Ian Thorpe, would last another year.

1Park Tae-HwanKOR3:43.35 (2 h3)3:41.86 (1)Gold
2Zhang LinCHN3:43.32 (1 h3)3:42.44 (2)Silver
3Larsen JensenUSA3:43.10 (1 h4)3:42.78 (3)Bronze
4Peter VanderkaayUSA3:44.22 (2 h5)3:43.11 (4)
5Oussama MellouliTUN3:44.54 (3 h4)3:43.45 (5)
6Grant HackettAUS3:44.03 (1 h5)3:43.84 (6)
7Yury PrilukovRUS3:44.82 (3 h5)3:43.97 (7)
8Nikita LobintsevRUS3:43.45 (2 h4)3:48.29 (8)
9Ryan CochraneCAN3:44.85 (4 h5)
10Takeshi MatsudaJPN3:44.99 (3 h3)
11Federico ColbertaldoITA3:45.28 (4 h3)
12Mads GlæsnerDEN3:45.38 (4 h4)
13Massi RosolinoITA3:45.57 (5 h4)
14Nicolas RostoucherFRA3:47.15 (5 h3)
15David CarryGBR3:47.17 (5 h5)
16Serhiy FesenkoUKR3:47.75 (6 h5)
17Dragoș ComanROU3:47.79 (7 h5)
18Paul BiedermannGER3:48.03 (6 h3)
19Przemysław StańczykPOL3:48.11 (8 h5)
20David BrandlAUT3:48.63 (1 h2)
21Dean MilwainGBR3:48.77 (7 h3)
22Paweł KorzeniowskiPOL3:48.78 (6 h4)
23Sébastien RouaultFRA3:48.84 (2 h2)
24Spyros GianniotisGRE3:49.34 (3 h2)
25Craig StevensAUS3:50.22 (8 h3)
26Gard KvaleNOR3:50.47 (1 h1)
27Dominik MeichtrySUI3:50.55 (4 h2)
28Sun YangCHN3:50.90 (7 h4)
29Christian KubuschGER3:52.73 (8 h4)
30Jean BassonRSA3:52.90 (5 h2)
31Daniele TirabassiVEN3:53.26 (2 h1)
32Balázs GercsákHUN3:54.14 (6 h2)
33Květoslav SvobodaCZE3:56.54 (3 h1)
34Jon RudDEN3:57.41 (7 h2)
35Juan Martín PereyraARG3:59.35 (4 h1)
36Oleg RabotaKAZ4:02.16 (5 h1)
DNSLuka TurkSLO– (DNS h2)

Round One (9 August 2008)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (19:16)

15Gard KvaleNOR3:50.470.79
24Daniele TirabassiVEN3:53.260.71
33Květoslav SvobodaCZE3:56.540.86
46Juan Martín PereyraARG3:59.350.91
52Oleg RabotaKAZ4:02.160.87

Heat Two (19:21)

15David BrandlAUT3:48.630.85
24Sébastien RouaultFRA3:48.840.71
33Spyros GianniotisGRE3:49.340.87
47Dominik MeichtrySUI3:50.550.68
56Jean BassonRSA3:52.900.72
68Balázs GercsákHUN3:54.140.75
72Jon RudDEN3:57.410.73
DNS1Luka TurkSLO

Heat Three (19:26)

15Zhang LinCHN3:43.320.73Q
24Park Tae-HwanKOR3:43.350.69Q
32Takeshi MatsudaJPN3:44.990.79
43Federico ColbertaldoITA3:45.280.82
51Nicolas RostoucherFRA3:47.150.89
67Paul BiedermannGER3:48.030.85
78Dean MilwainGBR3:48.770.78
86Craig StevensAUS3:50.220.80

Heat Four (19:32)

14Larsen JensenUSA3:43.100.78Q
26Nikita LobintsevRUS3:43.450.80Q
35Oussama MellouliTUN3:44.540.78Q
48Mads GlæsnerDEN3:45.380.72
53Massi RosolinoITA3:45.570.92
67Paweł KorzeniowskiPOL3:48.780.80
72Sun YangCHN3:50.900.85
81Christian KubuschGER3:52.730.86

Heat Five (19:37)

14Grant HackettAUS3:44.030.73Q
25Peter VanderkaayUSA3:44.220.75Q
33Yury PrilukovRUS3:44.820.86Q
42Ryan CochraneCAN3:44.850.79
57David CarryGBR3:47.170.69
61Serhiy FesenkoUKR3:47.750.87
78Dragoș ComanROU3:47.790.85
86Przemysław StańczykPOL3:48.110.82

Final (10 August 2008 — 10:26)

13Park Tae-HwanKOR3:41.860.69
25Zhang LinCHN3:42.440.74
34Larsen JensenUSA3:42.780.76
47Peter VanderkaayUSA3:43.110.75
51Oussama MellouliTUN3:43.450.77
62Grant HackettAUS3:43.840.76
78Yury PrilukovRUS3:43.970.79
86Nikita LobintsevRUS3:48.290.81