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1,500 metres Freestyle, Men

Date15 – 17 August 2008
LocationBeijing Guojia Youyong Zhongxin, Beijing Aolinpike Gongyuan, Beijing
Participants35 from 27 countries

Australia’s Grant Hackett arrived in Beijing with the aim of becoming the first man to win three successive Olympic titles in the same event. He had maintained an aura of invincibility in the event for the best part of a decade but his winning streak had been snapped at the 2007 World Championships and he had seriously considered switching to the open water event for his farewell Olympic appearance. Hackett re-established himself as favourite with his performance in the heats and qualified fastest with the second fastest time in history. The final soon developed into a duel between Hackett and Canada’s Ryan Cochrane as the two traded the lead throughout the first two thirds of the race. In the final third of the race Oussama Mellouli of Tunisia, swimming in an outside lane, caught up with the leading pair and forged ahead to win an upset victory over the Australian with Cochrane holding on to claim the bronze.

Mellouli’s path to the 2008 Games was not a smooth one. The Tunisian had won the 800 metre title at the 2007 World Championships only to lose it when it was revealed that he failed a doping test at the previous year’s US Open meeting. The substance involved was revealed to be Adderall, an amphetamine used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. He claimed that he been given a pill by a fellow student at the University of Southern California in order to aid him in writing a term paper. The Tunisian authorities originally gave him merely a warning but FINA appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport and the punishment was upgraded to an 18-month ban. Luckily for Mellouli this gave him a small window of time to post a time good enough to qualify him for Olympic selection.

1Oussama MellouliTUN14:47.76 (1 h4)14:40.84 (1)Gold
2Grant HackettAUS14:38.92 (1 h5)14:41.53 (2)Silver
3Ryan CochraneCAN14:40.84 (1 h3)14:42.69 (3)Bronze
4Yury PrilukovRUS14:41.13 (2 h3)14:43.21 (4)
5Larsen JensenUSA14:49.53 (3 h5)14:48.16 (5)
6Dave DaviesGBR14:46.11 (3 h3)14:52.11 (6)
7Zhang LinCHN14:45.84 (2 h5)14:55.20 (7)
8Sun YangCHN14:48.39 (2 h4)15:05.12 (8)
9Mateusz SawrymowiczPOL14:50.30 (3 h4)
10Federico ColbertaldoITA14:51.44 (4 h4)
11Peter VanderkaayUSA14:52.11 (4 h5)
12Spyros GianniotisGRE14:53.32 (5 h5)
13Nicolas RostoucherFRA15:00.58 (1 h2)
14Mads GlæsnerDEN15:03.33 (2 h2)
15Craig StevensAUS15:04.82 (5 h4)
16Park Tae-HwanKOR15:05.55 (4 h3)
17Samuel PizzettiITA15:07.02 (6 h4)
18Takeshi MatsudaJPN15:09.17 (5 h3)
19Gergő KisHUN15:09.67 (6 h5)
20Tom VangeneugdenBEL15:11.04 (3 h2)
21Florian JanistynAUT15:12.46 (1 h1)
22Troy PrinslooRSA15:12.64 (7 h5)
23Serhiy FesenkoUKR15:13.03 (6 h3)
24Maciej HreniakPOL15:16.16 (4 h2)
25Richard CharlesworthGBR15:17.27 (7 h3)
26Marcos RiveraESP15:18.98 (7 h4)
27Sébastien RouaultFRA15:21.14 (8 h3)
28Dragoș ComanROU15:24.05 (5 h2)
29Fernando CostaPOR15:26.21 (6 h2)
30Petar StoychevBUL15:28.84 (2 h1)
31Nikita LobintsevRUS15:35.47 (8 h5)
32Ryan ArabejoPHI15:42.27 (3 h1)
33Ricardo MonasterioVEN15:45.98 (7 h2)
34Juan Martín PereyraARG15:49.57 (4 h1)
35Ediz YıldırımerTUR16:28.79 (5 h1)
DNSChristian KubuschGER– (DNS h2)
DNSLuka TurkSLO– (DNS h4)

Round One (15 August 2008)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (19:00)

15Florian JanistynAUT15:12.460.91
23Petar StoychevBUL15:28.841.04
36Ryan ArabejoPHI15:42.270.76
44Juan Martín PereyraARG15:49.570.92
52Ediz YıldırımerTUR16:28.790.81

Heat Two (19:19)

13Nicolas RostoucherFRA15:00.580.96
25Mads GlæsnerDEN15:03.330.71
32Tom VangeneugdenBEL15:11.040.90
44Maciej HreniakPOL15:16.160.75
51Dragoș ComanROU15:24.050.90
67Fernando CostaPOR15:26.210.82
78Ricardo MonasterioVEN15:45.980.74
DNS6Christian KubuschGER

Heat Three (19:37)

15Ryan CochraneCAN14:40.840.82QOR
24Yury PrilukovRUS14:41.130.83Q
33Dave DaviesGBR14:46.110.89Q
46Park Tae-HwanKOR15:05.550.66
57Takeshi MatsudaJPN15:09.170.75
61Serhiy FesenkoUKR15:13.030.92
78Richard CharlesworthGBR15:17.270.80
82Sébastien RouaultFRA15:21.140.76

Heat Four (19:55)

16Oussama MellouliTUN14:47.760.83Q
22Sun YangCHN14:48.390.84Q
34Mateusz SawrymowiczPOL14:50.300.83
45Federico ColbertaldoITA14:51.440.74
53Craig StevensAUS15:04.820.80
67Samuel PizzettiITA15:07.020.92
78Marcos RiveraESP15:18.980.88
DNS1Luka TurkSLO

Heat Five (20:13)

15Grant HackettAUS14:38.920.78QOR
26Zhang LinCHN14:45.840.81Q
33Larsen JensenUSA14:49.530.76Q
44Peter VanderkaayUSA14:52.110.78
51Spyros GianniotisGRE14:53.320.82
68Gergő KisHUN15:09.670.88
77Troy PrinslooRSA15:12.640.79
82Nikita LobintsevRUS15:35.470.82

Final (17 August 2008 — 10:14)

17Oussama MellouliTUN14:40.840.80
24Grant HackettAUS14:41.530.78
35Ryan CochraneCAN14:42.690.82
43Yury PrilukovRUS14:43.210.90
58Larsen JensenUSA14:48.160.76
62Dave DaviesGBR14:52.110.77
76Zhang LinCHN14:55.200.81
81Sun YangCHN15:05.120.84