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Welterweight (≤69 kilograms), Men

Date15 – 29 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Gymnastirio Pygmakhias Peristeriou, Peristeri
Participants27 from 27 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

Oleg Saitov, having already been champion at both Atlanta and Sydney, aimed to join the elite band of three-time Olympic boxing champions with victory in Athens. After a relatively lean period following the 2000 Games he had re-established his reputation by claiming his second European title earlier in 2004. However Saitov was not the favourite for the title – that honour went to [Lorenzo Aragon], the Cuban who had won both World Championships since the last Olympics. The anticipated face-off between Saitov and Aragon never materialized as the Russian’s run of wins was snapped in his 13th Olympic bout. Saitov’s unlikely conqueror was the unheralded 21 year old Kazakh Bakhtiyar Artayev who had only qualified for Athens after winning the last chance Asian qualifying tournament. Artayev’s task appeared even more insurmountable against Aragon in the final but the underdog rallied after losing the first round and gradually took control of the fight. By the end of the four rounds the Kazakh held a ten point lead and had broken the winning streak of the Cuban which went back 18 months. Artayev’s outstanding performances in the semi-final and final earned him the Val Barker Trophy for the most stylish boxer of the competition. Although he boxed for another eight years at the top international level and won medals at World and Asian championships he never again quite reached the same level of performance at he showed in 2004 and was eliminated at the quarter-final stage in Beijing.

1Bakhtiyar ArtayevKAZGold
2Lorenzo AragónCUBSilver
=3Kim Jeong-JuKORBronze
=3Oleg SaitovRUSBronze
=5Juan Camilo NovoaCOL
=5Ruslan XeyirovAZE
=5Sherzod KhusanovUZB
=5Viktor PoliakovUKR
=9Vilmos BalogHUN
=9Vitalie GruşacMDA
=9Vanes MartirosyanUSA
=9Hanati SilamuCHN
=9Bülent UlusoyTUR
=9Mohamed HikalEGY
=9Xavier NoëlFRA
=9Aliasker BashirovTKM
=17Benamar MeskineALG
=17Theodoros KotakosGRE
=17Adam TrupishCAN
=17Sadat TebazaalwaUGA
=17Ellis ChibuyeZAM
=17Jean Carlos PradaVEN
=17Basharmal SultaniAFG
=17Miloud Ait HammiMAR
=17Ged O'MahonyAUS
=17Andre BertoHAI
=17Rolandas JasevičiusLTU
DNSWilly TankeuCMR

Round One (15 August 2004)

Winner of each match advanced to the second round.

Match #1 Juan Camilo NovoaCOL Bye
Match #2 Vilmos BalogHUN Bye
Match #3 Kim Jeong-JuKOR Bye
Match #4 Vitalie GruşacMDA Bye
Match #5 Vanes MartirosyanUSA Benamar MeskineALG Decision (45 - 20)
Match #6 Lorenzo AragónCUB Theodoros KotakosGRE Referee Stops Contest (Outscored) (Round 3, 1:29)
Match #7 1 Ruslan XeyirovAZE Adam TrupishCAN 2Referee Stops Contest (Injured) (Round 3, 0:05)
Match #8 Hanati SilamuCHN Sadat TebazaalwaUGA Decision (29 - 17)
Match #9 Bülent UlusoyTUR Ellis ChibuyeZAM Decision (45 - 32)
Match #10 Sherzod KhusanovUZB Jean Carlos PradaVEN Decision (33 - 20)
Match #11 Mohamed HikalEGY Basharmal SultaniAFG Decision (40 - 12)
Match #12 Oleg SaitovRUS Miloud Ait HammiMAR Decision (30 - 15)
Match #13 Viktor PoliakovUKR Ged O'MahonyAUS Decision (54 - 27)
Match #14 Xavier NoëlFRA Andre BertoHAI Decision (36 - 34)
Match #15 Bakhtiyar ArtayevKAZ Willy TankeuCMR Walkover
Match #16 Aliasker BashirovTKM Rolandas JasevičiusLTU Decision (54 - 21)

Round Two (19 August 2004)

Winner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.

Match #1 Juan Camilo NovoaCOL Vilmos BalogHUN Decision (33 - 24)
Match #2 Kim Jeong-JuKOR Vitalie GruşacMDA Decision (23 - 20)
Match #3 Lorenzo AragónCUB Vanes MartirosyanUSA Decision (20 - 11)
Match #4 Ruslan XeyirovAZE Hanati SilamuCHN Decision (26 - 16)
Match #5 Sherzod KhusanovUZB Bülent UlusoyTUR Decision (23 - 9)
Match #6 Oleg SaitovRUS Mohamed HikalEGY Decision (18 - 17)
Match #7 Viktor PoliakovUKR Xavier NoëlFRA Decision (32 - 25)
Match #8 Bakhtiyar ArtayevKAZ Aliasker BashirovTKM Decision (33 - 23)

Quarter-Finals (22 August 2004)

Winner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.

Match #1 Kim Jeong-JuKOR Juan Camilo NovoaCOL Decision (25 - 23)
Match #2 Lorenzo AragónCUB Ruslan XeyirovAZE Decision (16 - 14)
Match #3 Oleg SaitovRUS Sherzod KhusanovUZB Decision (22 - 14)
Match #4 Bakhtiyar ArtayevKAZ Viktor PoliakovUKR Referee Stops Contest (Outscored) (Round 3, 0:50)

Semi-Finals (27 August 2004)

Winner of each match advanced to the final match.

Referee (Match #1)Pasquale FiaccoCAN
Judge #1 (Match #1)Ghulam Hussain PatniPAK
Judge #2 (Match #1)Gerardo MonteroDOM
Judge #3 (Match #1)Omer CoskunTUR
Judge #4 (Match #1)Mohamed BrahamTUN
Judge #5 (Match #1)Yevgeny SudakovRUS
Referee (Match #2)Somsak SeanglaiTHA
Judge #1 (Match #2)José BonetPUR
Judge #2 (Match #2)P. Muralidharan RajaIND
Judge #3 (Match #2)Mthawduzo Michael MorokaBOT
Judge #4 (Match #2)Sokol SokolovBUL
Judge #5 (Match #2)Thabo Victor MohapiLES
Match #1 Lorenzo AragónCUB Kim Jeong-JuKOR Decision (38 - 10)
Match #2 Bakhtiyar ArtayevKAZ Oleg SaitovRUS Decision (20 - 18)

Final Round (29 August 2004)

Referee (Match 1/2)Zbigniew GorskiPOL
Judge #1 (Match 1/2)Pasquale FiaccoCAN
Judge #2 (Match 1/2)Somsak SeanglaiTHA
Judge #3 (Match 1/2)Omer CoskunTUR
Judge #4 (Match 1/2)Thabo Victor MohapiLES
Judge #5 (Match 1/2)Mohamed BrahamTUN
Match 1/2 Bakhtiyar ArtayevKAZ Lorenzo AragónCUB Decision (36 - 26)