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Bantamweight (≤56 kilograms), Men

Date25 July 1952 — 13:00
LocationMessuhalli II, Helsinki
Participants19 from 18 countries
FormatTotal of best lifts in military press, snatch, and clean & jerk determined placement. Ties broken by lightest bodyweight.

Iran’s Mahmoud Namdjou was a strong favorite, having won the World title in 1949-51, after placing fifth at the 1948 Olympics. None of the 1948 medalists returned and one other omission was that the United States had no entrant in this class. Namdjou trailed his countryman, Ali Mirzai, after the press, 95.0 to 90.0, but both would eventually be beaten by Soviet bantamweight Ivan Udodov, who had no international record. Namdjou held on to win the silver medal while Mirzai took a bronze, as Iran placed two athletes on the podium for the first time at the Olympics. This would not happen again until 2012, when Iran won gold and silver in super-heavyweight weightlifting. Udodov never competed at the Olympics again, but he won the 1953 World Championship as a bantamweight, then moved up in class and won World silvers in 1954-55.

1Ivan UdodovURS315.0=WRGold
2Mahmoud NamdjouIRI307.5Silver
3Ali MirzaiIRI300.0Bronze
4Kim Hae-NamKOR295.0
5Kamal MahgoubEGY292.5
6Pedro LanderoPHI292.5
7Maurice MegennisGBR280.0
8Lon bin Mohamed NoorSGP275.0
9Rosaire SmithCAN275.0
10Karel SaitlTCH272.5
11Nils JacobssonSWE272.5
12Marcel ThévenetFRA270.0
13Aarne VehkonenFIN267.5
14Josef SchusterGER267.5
15Nicolás VivasPUR265.0
16Roland MagnenatSUI250.0
17Augustyn DziedzicPOL245.0
ACAlexandru CosmaROU70.0
DNFIsamu ShiraishiJPN