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Welterweight (≤69 kilograms), Men

Date29 July – 12 August 2012
LocationExCeL, Newham, London
Participants28 from 28 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

Unsurprisingly the two favourites and top seeded fighters in the welterweight division were the two men who reached the World Championship final a year earlier, Taras Shelestiuk of Ukraine and the Kazakh fighter Serik Sapiyev. Behind those two as many as a dozen other boxers had serious hopes of a medal. After a quiet first series of bouts controversy reared its’ head in the second round of fights when the result of the match-up between American Errol Spence and Vikas Krishan Yadav of India was overturned when it was decided the referee had failed to issue two warnings to the Indian fighter in the final round.

The quarter-finals also saw an outbreak of bickering over two bouts which were both decided on countback after a tie. Fred Evans, the European champion from Great Britain, scored a contentious victory over Canada’s Custio Clayton whilst Frenchman Alexis Vastine exited the ring in floods of tears when he lost an unpopular decision to Shelestiuk. Inspired by the home crowd Evans then picked up an upset victory over Shelestiuk to book a meeting with Sapiyez in the gold medal decider. Up to the final Sapiyev had been amongst the most impressive performers in the whole boxing tournament and, despite the noise emanating from the home support, he was a class above his British opponent in each of the three rounds and kept up his nations’ record of winning at least one boxing title at each Olympic Games they have attended. For his performances Sapiyev was awarded the Val Barker Trophy for the outstanding boxer of the Games.

1Serik SapiyevKAZGold
2Fred EvansGBRSilver
=3Taras ShelestiukUKRBronze
=3Andrey ZamkovoyRUSBronze
=5Alexis VastineFRA
=5Custio ClaytonCAN
=5Errol SpenceUSA
=5Gabriel MaestreVEN
=9Vasile BelousMDA
=9Byambyn TüvshinbatMGL
=9Cameron HammondAUS
=9Egidijus KavaliauskasLTU
=9Vikas Krishan YadavIND
=9Adam NolanIRL
=9Siphiwe LusiziRSA
=9Yasuhiro SuzukiJPN
=17Selemani KidundaTAN
=17Yannick MitoumbaGAB
=17Patrick WojcickiGER
=17Óscar MolinaMEX
=17Moustapha HimaNIG
=17Ilyas AbbadiALG
=17Myke de CarvalhoBRA
=17Carlos SánchezECU
=17Qiong MaimaitituersunCHN
=17Ahmed AbdulkareemIRQ
=17Amin GhasemipourIRI
=17Mehdi KhalsiMAR

Round One (29 July 2012)

Winner of each match advanced to the second round.

Match #1 Taras ShelestiukUKR Bye
Match #2 Vasile BelousMDA Selemani KidundaTAN Decision (20 - 7)
Match #3 Byambyn TüvshinbatMGL Yannick MitoumbaGAB Decision (17 - 4)
Match #4 Alexis VastineFRA Patrick WojcickiGER Decision (16 - 12)
Match #5 Custio ClaytonCAN Óscar MolinaMEX Decision (12 - 8)
Match #6 Cameron HammondAUS Moustapha HimaNIG Decision (13 - 6)
Match #7 Fred EvansGBR Ilyas AbbadiALG Decision (18 - 10)
Match #8 Egidijus KavaliauskasLTU Bye
Match #9 Vikas Krishan YadavIND Bye
Match #10 Errol SpenceUSA Myke de CarvalhoBRA Decision (16 - 10)
Match #11 Adam NolanIRL Carlos SánchezECU Decision (14 - 8)
Match #12 Andrey ZamkovoyRUS Qiong MaimaitituersunCHN Decision (16 - 11)
Match #13 Siphiwe LusiziRSA Ahmed AbdulkareemIRQ Decision (17 - 13)
Match #14 Gabriel MaestreVEN Amin GhasemipourIRI Decision (13 - 8)
Match #15 Yasuhiro SuzukiJPN Mehdi KhalsiMAR Decision (14 - 13)
Match #16 Serik SapiyevKAZ Bye

Round Two (3 August 2012)

Winner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.

Match #1 Taras ShelestiukUKR Vasile BelousMDA Decision (15 - 7)
Match #2 Alexis VastineFRA Byambyn TüvshinbatMGL Decision (13 - 12)
Match #3 Custio ClaytonCAN Cameron HammondAUS Decision (14 - 11)
Match #4 Fred EvansGBR Egidijus KavaliauskasLTU Decision (11 - 7)
Match #5 1 Errol SpenceUSA 2Vikas Krishan YadavIND Decision (15 - 13)
Match #6 Andrey ZamkovoyRUS Adam NolanIRL Decision (18 - 9)
Match #7 Gabriel MaestreVEN Siphiwe LusiziRSA Decision (18 - 13)
Match #8 Serik SapiyevKAZ Yasuhiro SuzukiJPN Decision (25 - 11)

Quarter-Finals (7 August 2012)

Winner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.

Match #1 Taras ShelestiukUKR Alexis VastineFRA Decision (18 - 18)
Match #2 3 Fred EvansGBR Custio ClaytonCAN 4Decision (14 - 14)
Match #3 Andrey ZamkovoyRUS Errol SpenceUSA Decision (16 - 11)
Match #4 Serik SapiyevKAZ Gabriel MaestreVEN Decision (20 - 9)

Semi-Finals (10 August 2012)

Winner of each match advanced to the final match.

Match #1 Fred EvansGBR Taras ShelestiukUKR Decision (11 - 10)
Match #2 Serik SapiyevKAZ Andrey ZamkovoyRUS Decision (18 - 12)

Final Round (12 August 2012)

Match 1/2 Serik SapiyevKAZ Fred EvansGBR Decision (17 - 9)