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Air Pistol, 10 metres, Men

Date28 July 2012
LocationRoyal Artillery Barracks, Woolwich, London
Participants44 from 33 countries

Jin Jong-O (KOR) had placed second in this event at the 2008 Olympics. In London he moved up from second in the qualifying, taking the lead in the final on his first shot, and went on to win the gold medal. The defending gold medalist, China’s Pang Wei led the qualifiers but shot poorly in the final and dropped off the podium to fourth place. The favorites had difficulty in this event in London. Tan Zongliang, the Chinese #1 seed, could only manage 581 for 12th place in qualifying and did not make the final. The defending World Champion was Japan’s Tomoyuki Matsuda, but struggled and finished only 13th. Turkey’s Yusuf Dikeç opened with a poor series of 92, and although he improved in the final rounds, could only finish with 575 for 27th place.

The Chinese had won six straight medals in this event but were shut-out in 2012, despite Tan and Pang coming in among the favorites. The silver went to Italian pistol shooter Luca Tesconi. Andrija Zlatić won the bronze medal, winning the first shooting medal for Serbia. Jin would later win the free pistol in London, becoming the first shooter to win two gold medals at one Olympics since Unified Team shooter Marina Dobrancheva-Logvinenko in 1992, and only the second shooter to do so since 1924, back when there were numerous team events. In fact, Jin became only the seventh shooter to win two individual gold medals at one Olympics, following Dobrancheva-Logvinenko and five shooters from 1906-20.

11496Jin Jong-OKOR688.2588 (1)100.2 (1)Gold
21157Luca TesconiITA685.8584 (5)101.8 (2)Silver
31763Andrija ZlatićSRB685.2585 (3)100.2 (3)Bronze
41264Pang WeiCHN683.7586 (2)97.7 (4)
51462Oleh OmelchukUKR683.6583 (6)100.6 (5)
61872Pablo CarreraESP683.3585 (4)98.3 (6)
71288João CostaPOR682.3583 (8)99.3 (7)
81670Kai JahnssonFIN679.1583 (7)96.1 (8)
91923Hoàng Xuân VinhVIE582582 (9)
101711Leonid YekimovRUS582582 (10)
111098Kanstantsin LukaschykBLR582582 (11)
121159Tan ZongliangCHN581581 (12)
131470Tomoyuki MatsudaJPN581581 (13)
141437Ásgeir SigurgeirssonISL580580 (14)
151792Juraj TužinskýSVK580580 (15)
161025Norayr BakhtamyanARM579579 (16)
171759Damir MikecSRB578578 (17)
181299Franck DumoulinFRA577577 (18)
191871Denys KushnirovUKR577577 (19)
201000Arben KucanaALB577577 (20)
211789Pavol KoppSVK576576 (21)
221304Walter LapeyreFRA575575 (22)
231901Daryl SzarenskiUSA575575 (23)
241851İsmail KeleşTUR575575 (24)
251351Florian SchmidtGER575575 (25)
261719Denis KulakovRUS575575 (26)
271849Yusuf DikeçTUR575575 (27)
281042Daniel RepacholiAUS575575 (28)
291449Francesco BrunoITA574574 (29)
301095Yury DauhapolauBLR571571 (30)
311404Vijay KumarIND570570 (31)
321781Patrick ScheuberSUI569569 (32)
331418Ebrahim BarkhordariIRI569569 (33)
341903Jason TurnerUSA569569 (34)
351493Choi Yeong-RaeKOR569569 (35)
361837Roger DanielTTO568568 (36)
371815Jakkrit PanichpatikumTHA566566 (37)
381250Karim WagihEGY566566 (38)
391595Kyu MaungMYA565565 (39)
401480Vyacheslav PodlesnyKAZ565565 (40)
411589Nikola ŠaranovićMNE565565 (41)
421369Sergio SánchezGUA565565 (42)
431006Fateh ZiadiALG562562 (43)
441823Sergey BabikovTJK562562 (44)

Qualification (28 July 2012 — 12:00)

10 metres. Four rounds of 10 shots each. 600 possible. Top eight from Qualification advanced to the Final.

113Jin Jong-OKOR58899989698999831Q
228Pang WeiCHN586100989798989526Q
312Andrija ZlatićSRB585979610099969725Q
436Pablo CarreraESP585989996100969622Q
523Luca TesconiITA58498969896989821Q
619Oleh OmelchukUKR58397989898969624Q
743Kai JahnssonFIN58397999795969920Q
832João CostaPOR58397979998969618Q
914Hoàng Xuân VinhVIE582989597951009726
1024Leonid YekimovRUS58294989599979923
1133Kanstantsin LukaschykBLR58297969898969716
1226Tan ZongliangCHN58198979597969828
132Tomoyuki MatsudaJPN58198949797979818
1416Ásgeir SigurgeirssonISL58097969798969625
1521Juraj TužinskýSVK58095969998959714
168Norayr BakhtamyanARM57995999798979313
1729Damir MikecSRB57897959599969623
187Franck DumoulinFRA57799989695949523
1922Denys KushnirovUKR57797959696979621
2044Arben KucanaALB57794969698969712
219Pavol KoppSVK57697949598959714
2230Walter LapeyreFRA57596959696989420
2325Daryl SzarenskiUSA57597939795989519
2417İsmail KeleşTUR57598939696969618
2510Florian SchmidtGER57595989596959617
2638Denis KulakovRUS57594979897949517
271Yusuf DikeçTUR57592959598969915
2831Daniel RepacholiAUS57595989695979412
2942Francesco BrunoITA57499959796939419
303Yury DauhapolauBLR57196939795949614
3120Vijay KumarIND57094959497979320
325Patrick ScheuberSUI56997959696919417
3335Ebrahim BarkhordariIRI56995939696989117
3418Jason TurnerUSA56995969196979415
3527Choi Yeong-RaeKOR56993979694949512
3634Roger DanielTTO56897949493949610
3739Jakkrit PanichpatikumTHA56697959395939312
3840Karim WagihEGY56692929798959212
3911Kyu MaungMYA56595949592949519
4037Vyacheslav PodlesnyKAZ56594959395939515
4115Nikola ŠaranovićMNE56592939696939513
4241Sergio SánchezGUA56596959395969013
434Fateh ZiadiALG56291929497949417
446Sergey BabikovTJK56290969495949313

Final (28 July 2012 — 15:30)

11Jin Jong-OKOR688.2100.258810.610.510.410.
25Luca TesconiITA685.8101.858410.59.610.79.69.310.710.710.510.59.7
33Andrija ZlatićSRB685.2100.258510.
42Pang WeiCHN683.797.758610.
56Oleh OmelchukUKR683.6100.658310.410.110.310.510.010.510.58.59.510.3
64Pablo CarreraESP683.398.358510.610.
78João CostaPOR682.399.358310.39.610.
87Kai JahnssonFIN679.196.15838.