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100 metres Backstroke, Men

Date29 – 30 July 2012
LocationLondon Aquatics Centre, Olympic Park, Stratford, London
Participants43 from 33 countries

Aaron Peirsol had won the last two gold medals in this event but had retired, so the event seemed much more open. The 2011 World Championship had ended in a tie between two Frenchmen, Camille Lacourt and Jérémy Stravius. Including Peirsol, the last four titles in this event had been won by Americans who were led in London by Matt Grevers, the 2008 silver medalist behind Peirsol.

The final turned into a battle between Lacourt and Grevers with Lacourt leading at the turn in 25.31, actually ahead of Peirsol’s world-record split, but he could not maintain that pace and Grevers came on strong to win in an Olympic record 52.16, the fastest ever textile time. It was the fifth straight gold medal for the United States in the event and came only a few minutes after Missy Franklin had won the women’s 100 back. Lacourt fell apart in the closing metres of the race, dropping off the podium to fourth place, as the silver went to American Nick Thoman in 52.92, with Japan’s Ryosuke Irie winning bronze in 52.97.

1Matt GreversUSA52.92 (1 h6)52.66 (1 h2)52.16 (1)Gold
2Nick ThomanUSA53.48 (1 h4)53.47 (3 h2)52.92 (2)Silver
3Ryosuke IrieJPN53.56 (3 h6)53.29 (2 h2)52.97 (3)Bronze
4Camille LacourtFRA53.51 (1 h5)53.03 (1 h1)53.08 (4)
5Liam TancockGBR53.86 (2 h5)53.25 (2 h1)53.35 (5)
6Helge MeeuwGER53.83 (2 h4)53.52 (4 h2)53.48 (6)
7Hayden StoeckelAUS53.88 (5 h6)53.74 (5 h2)53.55 (7)
8Cheng FeiyiCHN53.22 (2 h6)53.50 (3 h1)53.77 (8)
9Arkady VyatchaninRUS54.01 (3 h5)53.79 (4 h1)
10Nick DriebergenNED53.62 (4 h6)53.81 (5 h1)
11Jan-Philip GlaniaGER54.07 (4 h5)53.90 (6 h2)
12Aschwin WildeboerESP54.36 (4 h4)53.99 (7 h2)
13Gareth KeanNZL54.26 (6 h6)54.00 (8 h2)
14Aristidis GrigoriadisGRE54.52 (6 h5)54.20 (6 h1)
15Charles FrancisCAN54.08 (5 h5)54.42 (7 h1)
16Daniel ArnamnartAUS54.28 (7 h6)54.48 (8 h1)
17Vladimir MorozovRUS54.01 (3 h4)
18Paval SankovichBLR54.53 (1 h3)
19Mirco Di ToraITA54.70 (2 h3)
20Chris Walker-HebbornGBR54.78 (3 h3)
21He JianbinCHN54.81 (4 h3)
22Richárd BohusHUN54.84 (5 h3)
23Bastiaan LijesenNED54.88 (5 h4)
24Yakov ToumarkinISR54.91 (6 h4)
25Juan RandoESP54.93 (7 h4)
26Lavrans SolliNOR55.00 (6 h3)
27Marcin TarczyńskiPOL55.06 (7 h5)
28Daniel OrzechowskiBRA55.16 (8 h4)
29George BovellTTO55.22 (1 h2)
30Mathias GydesenDEN55.31 (7 h3)
31Benjamin StasiulisFRA55.36 (8 h5)
=32Omar PinzónCOL55.37 (2 h2)
=32Charl CrousRSA55.37 (8 h6)
34Pedro MedelCUB55.40 (3 h2)
35Oleksandr IsakovUKR55.43 (4 h2)
36Park Seon-GwanKOR55.51 (5 h2)
37Daniel BellNZL55.53 (8 h3)
38Aleksandr TarabrinKAZ55.55 (6 h2)
39I Gede Siman SudartawaINA55.99 (7 h2)
40Bradley AllyBAR56.27 (1 h1)
41Federico GrabichARG56.56 (8 h2)
42Heshan UnambooweSRI57.94 (2 h1)
43Zane JordanZAM58.77 (3 h1)

Round One (29 July 2012 — 11:03)

Fastest 16 swimmers advanced to semi-finals

Heat One (11:03)

14Bradley AllyBAR56.270.57
25Heshan UnambooweSRI57.940.57
33Zane JordanZAM58.770.53

Heat Two (11:06)

18George BovellTTO55.220.60
25Omar PinzónCOL55.370.59
31Pedro MedelCUB55.400.64
42Oleksandr IsakovUKR55.430.70
57Park Seon-GwanKOR55.510.60
64Aleksandr TarabrinKAZ55.550.66
76I Gede Siman SudartawaINA55.990.59
83Federico GrabichARG56.560.67

Heat Three (11:09)

11Paval SankovichBLR54.530.65
25Mirco Di ToraITA54.700.61
37Chris Walker-HebbornGBR54.780.62
44He JianbinCHN54.810.59
53Richárd BohusHUN54.840.58
68Lavrans SolliNOR55.000.61
72Mathias GydesenDEN55.310.61
86Daniel BellNZL55.530.57

Heat Four (11:12)

14Nick ThomanUSA53.480.67Q
25Helge MeeuwGER53.830.62Q
32Vladimir MorozovRUS54.010.571
43Aschwin WildeboerESP54.360.57Q
56Bastiaan LijesenNED54.880.60
61Yakov ToumarkinISR54.910.70
77Juan RandoESP54.930.60
88Daniel OrzechowskiBRA55.160.60

Heat Five (11:15)

14Camille LacourtFRA53.510.70Q
25Liam TancockGBR53.860.63Q
32Arkady VyatchaninRUS54.010.69Q
43Jan-Philip GlaniaGER54.070.62Q
58Charles FrancisCAN54.080.67Q
66Aristidis GrigoriadisGRE54.520.59Q2
71Marcin TarczyńskiPOL55.060.67
87Benjamin StasiulisFRA55.360.67

Heat Six (11:18)

14Matt GreversUSA52.920.62Q
22Cheng FeiyiCHN53.220.58Q
35Ryosuke IrieJPN53.560.58Q
47Nick DriebergenNED53.620.62Q
56Hayden StoeckelAUS53.880.61Q
63Gareth KeanNZL54.260.60Q
71Daniel ArnamnartAUS54.280.53Q
88Charl CrousRSA55.370.62

Semi-Finals (29 July 2012 — 20:28)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (20:28)

15Camille LacourtFRA53.030.70Q
26Liam TancockGBR53.250.65Q
34Cheng FeiyiCHN53.500.62Q
42Arkady VyatchaninRUS53.790.66
53Nick DriebergenNED53.810.60
68Aristidis GrigoriadisGRE54.200.63
77Charles FrancisCAN54.420.66
81Daniel ArnamnartAUS54.480.52

Heat Two (20:35)

14Matt GreversUSA52.660.64Q
23Ryosuke IrieJPN53.290.58Q
35Nick ThomanUSA53.470.64Q
46Helge MeeuwGER53.520.62Q
52Hayden StoeckelAUS53.740.60Q
67Jan-Philip GlaniaGER53.900.61
78Aschwin WildeboerESP53.990.59
81Gareth KeanNZL54.000.57

Final (30 July 2012 — 19:58)

14Matt GreversUSA52.160.63OR
22Nick ThomanUSA52.920.65
36Ryosuke IrieJPN52.970.57
45Camille LacourtFRA53.080.67
53Liam TancockGBR53.350.65
61Helge MeeuwGER53.480.62
78Hayden StoeckelAUS53.550.63
87Cheng FeiyiCHN53.770.59