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100 metres Backstroke, Women

Date29 – 30 July 2012
LocationLondon Aquatics Centre, Olympic Park, Stratford, London
Participants45 from 38 countries

Missy Franklin (USA) had won the 2011 World Championships at 200 metres and the US Olympic Trials in both backstrokes, but Australian Emily Seebohm had been best in the preliminaries in London, setting an Olympic record of 58.23 in her heat. Franklin swam this final only 12 minutes after she left the pool from her 200 freestyle semi-final, in which she placed fourth in her heat. Because of the close time between races she was allowed to cool down in the diving warm-down pool before this final.

Seebohm led out the final, turning 0.14 seconds ahead of world record pace, but Franklin stayed close. She took the lead only a few strokes from the finish and won the gold medal in an American record 58.33, with Seebohm second. Japan’s Aya Terakawa won the bronze in an Asian record 58.83. The final was very close with the top seven finishers within one second of each other, with Franklin’s winning time ranking fourth all-time. This was Franklin’s second medal of the 2012 Olympics, after the 4x100 free relay, but she would eventually win five medals and four gold medals in London.

1Missy FranklinUSA59.37 (1 h6)59.12 (1 h1)58.33 (1)Gold
2Emily SeebohmAUS58.23 (1 h4)58.39 (1 h2)58.68 (2)Silver
3Aya TerakawaJPN59.82 (3 h6)59.34 (2 h1)58.83 (3)Bronze
4Anastasiya ZuyevaRUS59.88 (1 h5)59.68 (3 h2)59.00 (4)
5Gemma SpofforthGBR1:00.05 (4 h5)59.70 (3 h1)59.20 (5)
6Zhao JingCHN59.97 (3 h4)59.55 (2 h2)59.23 (6)
7Belinda HockingAUS59.61 (2 h6)59.79 (4 h2)59.29 (7)
8Fu YuanhuiCHN59.96 (4 h6)59.82 (4 h1)1:00.50 (8)
9Julia WilkinsonCAN59.94 (2 h5)59.91 (5 h2)
10Simona BaumrtováCZE59.99 (5 h6)1:00.02 (5 h1)
11Rachel BootsmaUSA1:00.03 (3 h5)1:00.04 (6 h2)
12Alexianne CastelFRA1:00.16 (6 h6)1:00.24 (6 h1)
13Arianna BarbieriITA1:00.25 (5 h4)1:00.27 (7 h1)
14Kirsty CoventryZIM1:00.24 (4 h4)1:00.39 (7 h2)
15Georgia DaviesGBR59.92 (2 h4)1:00.56 (8 h1)
16Sinéad RussellCAN1:00.10 (5 h5)1:00.57 (8 h2)
17Mie Ø. NielsenDEN1:00.38 (6 h4)
=18Daryna ZevinaUKR1:00.57 (6 h5)
=18Duane Da RochaESP1:00.57 (7 h4)
20Sharon van RouwendaalNED1:00.61 (8 h4)
21Jenny MensingGER1:00.72 (7 h6)
22Laure ManaudouFRA1:01.03 (8 h6)
23Fernanda GonzálezMEX1:01.28 (1 h3)
24Fabíola MolinaBRA1:01.40 (7 h5)
25Alicja TchórzPOL1:01.44 (2 h3)
26Tao LiSGP1:01.60 (1 h2)
27Elena GemoITA1:01.77 (8 h5)
28Carolina ColoradoCOL1:01.81 (3 h3)
29Kimberly BuysBEL1:01.92 (4 h3)
30Melissa IngramNZL1:01.94 (5 h3)
31Ekaterina AvramovaBUL1:02.20 (6 h3)
32Eygló Ósk GústafsdóttirISL1:02.40 (2 h2)
33Melanie NocherIRL1:02.44 (3 h2)
34Anja ČarmanSLO1:02.68 (4 h2)
35Therese SvendsenSWE1:03.11 (7 h3)
36Sanja JovanovićCRO1:03.38 (5 h2)
37Eszter PovázsayHUN1:03.55 (6 h2)
38Yekaterina RudenkoKAZ1:03.64 (7 h2)
39Stephanie AuHKG1:04.31 (8 h3)
40Hazal SarıkayaTUR1:04.80 (8 h2)
41Karen VilorioHON1:06.38 (1 h1)
42Mònica RamírezAND1:07.72 (2 h1)
43Inés RemersaroURU1:08.03 (3 h1)
44Anahit BarseghyanARM1:08.19 (4 h1)
45Angélique TrinquierMON1:10.79 (5 h1)

Round One (29 July 2012 — 10:00)

Fastest 16 swimmers advanced to semi-finals

Heat One (10:00)

13Karen VilorioHON1:06.380.74
24Mònica RamírezAND1:07.720.67
35Inés RemersaroURU1:08.030.66
46Anahit BarseghyanARM1:08.190.62
52Angélique TrinquierMON1:10.790.80

Heat Two (10:03)

18Tao LiSGP1:01.600.55
23Eygló Ósk GústafsdóttirISL1:02.400.68
34Melanie NocherIRL1:02.440.69
41Anja ČarmanSLO1:02.680.68
55Sanja JovanovićCRO1:03.380.77
66Eszter PovázsayHUN1:03.550.66
77Yekaterina RudenkoKAZ1:03.640.73
82Hazal SarıkayaTUR1:04.800.67

Heat Three (10:06)

14Fernanda GonzálezMEX1:01.280.58
25Alicja TchórzPOL1:01.440.63
32Carolina ColoradoCOL1:01.810.68
48Kimberly BuysBEL1:01.920.63
57Melissa IngramNZL1:01.940.67
66Ekaterina AvramovaBUL1:02.200.64
71Therese SvendsenSWE1:03.110.72
83Stephanie AuHKG1:04.310.58

Heat Four (10:09)

15Emily SeebohmAUS58.230.68QOR
26Georgia DaviesGBR59.920.69Q
34Zhao JingCHN59.970.58Q
48Kirsty CoventryZIM1:00.240.62Q
57Arianna BarbieriITA1:00.250.70Q
63Mie Ø. NielsenDEN1:00.380.62
71Duane Da RochaESP1:00.570.71
82Sharon van RouwendaalNED1:00.610.60

Heat Five (10:13)

14Anastasiya ZuyevaRUS59.880.70Q
26Julia WilkinsonCAN59.940.64Q
35Rachel BootsmaUSA1:00.030.59Q
47Gemma SpofforthGBR1:00.050.67Q
53Sinéad RussellCAN1:00.100.64Q
62Daryna ZevinaUKR1:00.570.61
71Fabíola MolinaBRA1:01.400.61
88Elena GemoITA1:01.770.77

Heat Six (10:16)

14Missy FranklinUSA59.370.66Q
23Belinda HockingAUS59.610.72Q
35Aya TerakawaJPN59.820.57Q
42Fu YuanhuiCHN59.960.61Q
58Simona BaumrtováCZE59.990.60Q
61Alexianne CastelFRA1:00.160.75Q
76Jenny MensingGER1:00.720.76
87Laure ManaudouFRA1:01.030.62

Semi-Finals (29 July 2012 — 20:49)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (20:49)

14Missy FranklinUSA59.120.64Q
25Aya TerakawaJPN59.340.60Q
37Gemma SpofforthGBR59.700.69Q
46Fu YuanhuiCHN59.820.59Q
52Simona BaumrtováCZE1:00.020.61
61Alexianne CastelFRA1:00.240.73
78Arianna BarbieriITA1:00.270.73
83Georgia DaviesGBR1:00.560.68

Heat Two (20:56)

14Emily SeebohmAUS58.390.64Q
22Zhao JingCHN59.550.59Q
33Anastasiya ZuyevaRUS59.680.71Q
45Belinda HockingAUS59.790.73Q
56Julia WilkinsonCAN59.910.65
67Rachel BootsmaUSA1:00.040.59
78Kirsty CoventryZIM1:00.390.61
81Sinéad RussellCAN1:00.570.64

Final (30 July 2012 — 19:51)

15Missy FranklinUSA58.330.63
24Emily SeebohmAUS58.680.65
33Aya TerakawaJPN58.830.58
42Anastasiya ZuyevaRUS59.000.71
57Gemma SpofforthGBR59.200.67
66Zhao JingCHN59.230.57
71Belinda HockingAUS59.290.67
88Fu YuanhuiCHN1:00.500.60