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200 metres Individual Medley, Women

Date30 – 31 July 2012
LocationLondon Aquatics Centre, Olympic Park, Stratford, London
Participants34 from 28 countries

Ye Shiwen of China had won this event at the 2011 World Championships, had already won the 400 IM in London, and was heavily favored when this final started. The defending champion was Australian Steph Rice, and she was back but was considered only a long shot for a medal. Rice led the field through the butterfly leg with the only sub-28 second split, but Ye moved ahead on the backstroke and Rice fell well back on the breaststroke leg. After 150 metres, the race was between Ye, Australian Alicia Coutts and American Caitlin Leverenz, but Ye was simply too strong for the others and pulled away to win in 2:07.57, with Coutts coming in second in 2:08.15. Leverenz was third, just ahead of Rice, equaling her result in both IMs from the 2010 Pan-Pacs. Ye’s time was an all-time textile best and an Olympic record.

Ye became the sixth swimmer to double in the 200/400 IM, and the fifth in a row. This had been done previously by Claudia Kolb (USA) in 1968, and since 1996, consecutively by Michelle Smith (IRL), Yana Klochkova (UKR) (2000-04), and Rice in 2008. Ye’s two gold medals while still only 16-years-old made her the first to do that since Diana Mocanu (ROU) in 2000.

1Ye ShiwenCHN2:08.90 (1 h5)2:08.39 (1 h2)2:07.57 (1)Gold
2Alicia CouttsAUS2:10.74 (3 h4)2:09.83 (2 h2)2:08.15 (2)Silver
3Caitlin LeverenzUSA2:10.63 (1 h4)2:10.06 (3 h2)2:08.95 (3)Bronze
4Steph RiceAUS2:12.23 (3 h5)2:10.80 (5 h2)2:09.55 (4)
5Ariana KukorsUSA2:11.94 (2 h3)2:10.08 (4 h2)2:09.83 (5)
6Kirsty CoventryZIM2:10.51 (2 h5)2:10.93 (3 h1)2:11.13 (6)
7Hannah MileyGBR2:12.27 (4 h5)2:10.89 (2 h1)2:11.29 (7)
8Katinka HosszúHUN2:10.68 (2 h4)2:10.74 (1 h1)2:14.19 (8)
9Evelyn VerrasztóHUN2:12.17 (3 h3)2:11.53 (4 h1)
10Mireia BelmonteESP2:11.73 (1 h3)2:11.54 (5 h1)
11Li JiaxingCHN2:13.43 (6 h3)2:12.69 (6 h2)
12Theresa MichalakGER2:12.75 (4 h3)2:13.24 (7 h2)
13Amit IvryISR2:13.29 (5 h3)2:13.31 (6 h1)
14Izumi KatoJPN2:13.85 (5 h5)2:14.47 (7 h1)
15Joanna MaranhãoBRA2:14.26 (7 h3)2:14.74 (8 h1)
16Beatriz GómezESP2:13.93 (4 h4)2:15.12 (8 h2)
17Erica MorningstarCAN2:14.32 (8 h3)
18Hanna DzerkalUKR2:14.55 (1 h2)
19Lisa ZaiserAUT2:14.56 (2 h2)
20Stina GardellSWE2:14.70 (6 h5)
21Sophie AllenGBR2:14.72 (5 h4)
22Sycerika McMahonIRL2:14.76 (3 h2)
23Choi Hye-RaKOR2:14.91 (6 h4)
24Kathryn MeaklimRSA2:15.25 (7 h4)
25Ranokhon OmonovaUZB2:15.37 (4 h2)
26Natalie WiegersmaNZL2:16.24 (7 h5)
27Erica DittmerMEX2:16.54 (5 h2)
28Eygló Ósk GústafsdóttirISL2:16.81 (6 h2)
29Katarína ListopadováSVK2:16.81 (1 h1)
30Kim Daniela PavlinCRO2:17.17 (7 h2)
31Cheng Wan-JungTPE2:17.39 (2 h1)
32Barbora ZávadováCZE2:17.54 (8 h4)
33Emilia PikkarainenFIN2:17.66 (3 h1)
34Yekaterina AndreyevaRUS2:17.84 (8 h5)

Round One (30 July 2012 — 10:00)

Fastest 16 swimmers advanced to semi-finals

Heat One (10:00)

14Katarína ListopadováSVK2:16.810.72
23Cheng Wan-JungTPE2:17.390.77
35Emilia PikkarainenFIN2:17.660.66

Heat Two (10:04)

15Hanna DzerkalUKR2:14.550.77
24Lisa ZaiserAUT2:14.560.64
37Sycerika McMahonIRL2:14.760.66
43Ranokhon OmonovaUZB2:15.370.73
52Erica DittmerMEX2:16.540.81
66Eygló Ósk GústafsdóttirISL2:16.810.80
71Kim Daniela PavlinCRO2:17.170.71

Heat Three (10:08)

15Mireia BelmonteESP2:11.730.70Q
24Ariana KukorsUSA2:11.940.76Q
36Evelyn VerrasztóHUN2:12.170.73Q
42Theresa MichalakGER2:12.750.68Q
51Amit IvryISR2:13.290.70Q
67Li JiaxingCHN2:13.430.71Q
78Joanna MaranhãoBRA2:14.260.76Q
83Erica MorningstarCAN2:14.320.76

Heat Four (10:12)

15Caitlin LeverenzUSA2:10.630.71Q
23Katinka HosszúHUN2:10.680.73Q
34Alicia CouttsAUS2:10.740.75Q
42Beatriz GómezESP2:13.930.72Q
56Sophie AllenGBR2:14.720.69
67Choi Hye-RaKOR2:14.910.75
71Kathryn MeaklimRSA2:15.250.82
88Barbora ZávadováCZE2:17.540.77

Heat Five (10:15)

14Ye ShiwenCHN2:08.900.76Q
26Kirsty CoventryZIM2:10.510.76Q
35Steph RiceAUS2:12.230.74Q
43Hannah MileyGBR2:12.270.68Q
52Izumi KatoJPN2:13.850.74Q
67Stina GardellSWE2:14.700.68
71Natalie WiegersmaNZL2:16.240.68
88Yekaterina AndreyevaRUS2:17.840.81

Semi-Finals (30 July 2012 — 20:55)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (20:55)

15Katinka HosszúHUN2:10.740.74Q
22Hannah MileyGBR2:10.890.71Q
34Kirsty CoventryZIM2:10.930.78Q
46Evelyn VerrasztóHUN2:11.530.73
53Mireia BelmonteESP2:11.540.71
67Amit IvryISR2:13.310.64
71Izumi KatoJPN2:14.470.75
88Joanna MaranhãoBRA2:14.740.77

Heat Two (21:03)

14Ye ShiwenCHN2:08.390.76QOR
23Alicia CouttsAUS2:09.830.74Q
35Caitlin LeverenzUSA2:10.060.71Q
46Ariana KukorsUSA2:10.080.76Q
52Steph RiceAUS2:10.800.77Q
61Li JiaxingCHN2:12.690.75
77Theresa MichalakGER2:13.240.71
88Beatriz GómezESP2:15.120.69

Final (31 July 2012 — 20:43)

14Ye ShiwenCHN2:07.570.79OR
25Alicia CouttsAUS2:08.150.76
33Caitlin LeverenzUSA2:08.950.73
47Steph RiceAUS2:09.550.76
56Ariana KukorsUSA2:09.830.75
68Kirsty CoventryZIM2:11.130.75
71Hannah MileyGBR2:11.290.69
82Katinka HosszúHUN2:14.190.74