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Four, Men

Date11 – 12 February 1972
LocationMount Teine Bobsleigh Course, Mount Teine
Participants72 from 11 countries
FormatFour runs, total time determined placement.
DetailsCurves: 14
Length: 1563 m
Start Altitude: 495 m
Vertical Drop: 70 m

Crews from West Germany, Italy and Switzerland had tasted world championship glory since the Grenoble Games with Wolfgang Zimmerer of West Germany having been the most successful pilot with medals from all three editions since 1969. With the reigning world championship crew not competing the burden of Swiss expectation fell on the Switzerland I crew of Jean Wicki who had already won the bronze medal in the two man event.

Wicki put together a series of four excellent runs and pulled out a gap of three-quarters of a second over his rivals and reclaimed the Olympic four man title for Switzerland after a gap of sixteen years. The more exciting battle was for the other places on the podium. The tussle between Italy I and the two West Germany crews ended with the Italians winning the silver medals but only by a tenth of a second.

PosNrBobsleighNOCTimeRun 1Run 2Run 3Run 4
15Switzerland ISUI4:43.071:10.71 (1)1:11.44 (2)1:10.21 (3)1:10.71 (3)Gold
Jean WickiHans LeuteneggerWerner CamichelEdy Hubacher
210Italy IITA4:43.831:11.39 (5)1:11.33 (1)1:10.19 (2)1:10.92 (4)Silver
Nevio De ZordoAdriano FrassinelliCorrado Dal FabbroGianni Bonichon
318West Germany IFRG4:43.921:11.18 (3)1:11.75 (3)1:10.30 (4)1:10.69 (2)Bronze
Wolfgang ZimmererStefan GaisreiterWalter SteinbauerPeter Utzschneider
412Switzerland IISUI4:44.561:12.36 (14)1:11.89 (5)1:10.09 (1)1:10.22 (1)
Hans CandrianErwin JuonGaudenz BeeliHeinz Schenker
52West Germany IIFRG4:45.091:10.83 (2)1:11.88 (4)1:11.06 (6)1:11.32 (=7)
Horst FlothDonat ErtelWalter GilikPepi Bader
66Austria IAUT4:45.771:11.20 (4)1:12.46 (=10)1:11.11 (=8)1:11.00 (5)
Herbert GruberUtz ChwallaJosef EderJosef Oberhauser
73Austria IIAUT4:46.661:11.58 (8)1:12.46 (=10)1:11.16 (10)1:11.46 (10)
Werner Delle KarthWerner MoserWalter Delle KarthFritz Sperling
89Italy IIITA4:46.731:11.89 (10)1:12.49 (=12)1:11.11 (=8)1:11.24 (6)
Gianfranco GaspariRoberto ZandonellaMario ArmanoLuciano De Paolis
91France FRA4:46.751:11.79 (9)1:12.18 (6)1:11.27 (11)1:11.51 (11)
Patrick ParisotYves BonsangAlain RoyGilles Morda
1019Romania ROU4:47.121:12.07 (11)1:12.65 (14)1:11.08 (7)1:11.32 (=7)
Ion PanțuruIon ZangorDumitru PascuDumitru Focșeneanu
1115Sweden SWE4:47.401:12.14 (12)1:12.42 (8)1:11.43 (13)1:11.41 (9)
Carl-Erik ErikssonTom MentzerThomas GustafssonJan Johansson
124Japan IJPN4:47.921:11.51 (=6)1:12.99 (=15)1:11.42 (12)1:12.00 (=13)
Susumu EsashikaKazumi AbeRikio SatoYoshiyuki Ichihashi
1313Canada CAN4:48.061:12.61 (15)1:12.43 (9)1:10.76 (5)1:12.26 (16)
Hans GehrigDavid RichardsonPeter BlakeleyAndrew Faulds
1414United States IIUSA4:48.431:12.31 (13)1:12.34 (7)1:11.80 (14)1:11.98 (12)
Bob SaidJames CopleyKen MorrisPhil Duprey
1516Great Britain IIGBR4:50.461:13.00 (17)1:12.49 (=12)1:12.72 (16)1:12.25 (15)
John HammondJackie PriceAlan JonesPeter Clifford
167Great Britain IGBR4:51.031:12.83 (16)1:13.65 (17)1:12.55 (15)1:12.00 (=13)
John EvelynMike FreemanGomer LloydBill Sweet
DQ8United States IUSA– (DQ)1
Jim Hickey, Jr.Jim BridgesHoward Siler, Jr.Tom Becker
DQ11Japan IIJPN1:11.51 (=6)1:12.99 (=15)– (DQ)
Toshihisa NagataHiroshi InabaKoichi SugawaraAkihiko Suzuki
DNS17Canada ICAN– (DNS)
Bob StoreyMichael HartleyColin NelsonVance White