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Large Hill, Individual, Men

Date14 – 15 February 2014
LocationKompleks Dlya Pryzhkov Na Lyzhakh s Tramplina "Russkiye Gorki", Mountain Cluster, Esto-Sadok
Participants61 from 20 countries
Judge #1Pascal MalecFRA
Judge #2Stefan ThomaITA
Judge #3Ole WalsethNOR
Judge #4Christian WürstenSUI
Judge #5Yuri KalininRUS
DetailsK-Point: 125 m

As on the normal hill, Austrian Michael Hayböck was the leader in the qualifying round, but he again walked away empty-handed after the final. Wind conditions proved to be difficult to handle for the top athletes who were seeded directly into the final. The strong, fluctuating winds resulted in high figures for the newly introduced wind compensation factor. After the first round, Kamil Stoch from Poland, who had already won the gold medal on the normal hill a few days prior, was again leading the field with 139.0 m and a score of 143.4 points after what turned out to be the best jump of the competition. A surprise second was Japanese veteran Noriaki Kasai, competing in his record seventh Olympics, with the same distance but a slightly lower score, leading German Severin Freund by just 0.4 points.

In the second round, German Marinus Kraus, way behind in the intermediate ranking, had a jump of 140.0 m to take the lead. The next to beat his overall score was Norwegian Anders Fannemel, who eventually placed fifth, behind German Severin Freund in fourth place. Slovenian Peter Prevc, silver medalist on the normal hill, was next to take the lead with the best jump of the second round. As the penultimate jumper, Kasai made a jump of 133.5 m, taking the lead with a combined score of 277.4. Stoch’s final jump of 132.5 m and 135.3 points was only the fourth best of the final round. After a moment of uncertainty, the Pole was declared the winner by 1.3 points to win his second gold medal of the Games even though Kasai jumped one meter further over the two rounds. Stoch became the third man to win both individual ski jumping events at one edition of the Olympic Winter Games after Finn Matti Nykänen (1988) and Swiss Simon Ammann (2002 and 2010). Kasai won the silver, his second medal 20 years after a silver in the 1994 team event at Lillehammer, and Prevc the bronze medal.

Potential medal contenders Thomas Morgenstern (AUT), Robert Kranjec (SLO), Thomas Diethart (AUT) and Andreas Wellinger (GER) failed to qualify for the final round, finishing outside the top 30. Simon Ammann, double gold medalist in 2002 and 2010, finished a disappointing 23rd.

1Kamil StochPOLGold
2Noriaki KasaiJPNSilver
3Peter PrevcSLOBronze
4Severin FreundGER
5Anders FannemelNOR
6Marinus KrausGER
7Gregor SchlierenzauerAUT
8Michael HayböckAUT
9Daiki ItoJPN
10Reruhi ShimizuJPN
11Anssi KoivurantaFIN
12Maciej KotPOL
13Taku TakeuchiJPN
14Gregor DeschwandenSUI
15Jan ZiobroPOL
16Anders BardalNOR
17Jernej DamjanSLO
18Jan MaturaCZE
19Roman KoudelkaCZE
20Jurij TepešSLO
21Richard FreitagGER
22Janne AhonenFIN
23Simon AmmannSUI
24Rune VeltaNOR
25Mackenzie Boyd-ClowesCAN
26Dmitry VasilyevRUS
27Jakub JandaCZE
28Antonín HájekCZE
29Ilmir KhazetdinovRUS
30Sebastian ColloredoITA
31Denis KornilovRUS
32Thomas DiethartAUT
33Olli MuotkaFIN
34Piotr ŻyłaPOL
35Nick FairallUSA
36Ronan Lamy ChappuisFRA
37Robert KranjecSLO
38Anders JacobsenNOR
39Choi Seo-WuKOR
40Thomas MorgensternAUT
41Kaarel NurmsaluEST
42Trevor MorriceCAN
43Jarkko MäättäFIN
44Choi Heung-CheolKOR
45Andreas WellingerGER
46Aleksey RomashovRUS
47Vladi ZografskiBUL
48Nick AlexanderUSA
AC r2/2Matthew RowleyCANDQ
AC r2/2Anders JohnsonUSADQ
51Davide BresadolaITA
52Dusty KorekCAN
53Peter FrenetteUSA
54Kim Hyeon-GiKOR
55Gang Chil-GuKOR
56Aleksey PchelintsevKAZ
57Nikos PolychronidisGRE
58Marat ZhaparovKAZ
59Siim-Tanel SammelselgEST
60Roberto DellasegaITA
61Sorin PîteaROU

Qualifying Round (14 February 2014 — 21:30)

Top 35 finishers advance to final. Fifteen jumpers pre-qualified based on World Cup points.

140Michael HayböckAUT124.8Q
249Daiki ItoJPN122.0Q
332Reruhi ShimizuJPN120.4Q
450Marinus KrausGER120.2Q
538Anssi KoivurantaFIN118.9Q
=651Thomas MorgensternAUT116.0Q
=648Taku TakeuchiJPN116.0Q
847Jernej DamjanSLO115.9Q
944Maciej KotPOL115.4Q
1035Jakub JandaCZE113.6Q
1137Janne AhonenFIN110.0Q
1224Olli MuotkaFIN109.9Q
1346Jan ZiobroPOL109.0Q
1434Gregor DeschwandenSUI108.2Q
=1545Jurij TepešSLO107.9Q
=1539Anders FannemelNOR107.9Q
=1741Jan MaturaCZE106.4Q
=1736Rune VeltaNOR106.4Q
1931Mackenzie Boyd-ClowesCAN105.5Q
207Roman KoudelkaCZE104.6Q
2142Richard FreitagGER104.4Q
2210Sebastian ColloredoITA104.1Q
2328Denis KornilovRUS104.0Q
2421Kaarel NurmsaluEST103.6Q
2530Anders JacobsenNOR103.0Q
2633Dmitry VasilyevRUS102.8Q
2743Piotr ŻyłaPOL101.3Q
2826Ronan Lamy ChappuisFRA99.8Q
2917Choi Seo-WuKOR97.7Q
301Nick AlexanderUSA96.6Q
3120Nick FairallUSA95.7Q
3216Ilmir KhazetdinovRUS93.8Q
3329Jarkko MäättäFIN93.0Q
=3427Antonín HájekCZE91.8Q
=3422Aleksey RomashovRUS91.8Q
3613Anders JohnsonUSA91.1Q
379Choi Heung-CheolKOR88.6Q
385Matthew RowleyCAN88.4Q
394Vladi ZografskiBUL87.9Q
4011Trevor MorriceCAN84.5Q
4125Davide BresadolaITA83.9
4214Dusty KorekCAN82.7
4319Peter FrenetteUSA80.9
4415Kim Hyeon-GiKOR80.3
456Gang Chil-GuKOR78.8
4618Aleksey PchelintsevKAZ75.8
478Nikos PolychronidisGRE74.7
4812Marat ZhaparovKAZ73.2
492Siim-Tanel SammelselgEST69.0
5023Roberto DellasegaITA68.9
513Sorin PîteaROU59.6
PRQ52Robert KranjecSLO
PRQ53Thomas DiethartAUT
PRQ54Andreas WellingerGER
PRQ55Anders BardalNOR
PRQ56Simon AmmannSUI
PRQ58Gregor SchlierenzauerAUT
PRQ60Peter PrevcSLO
DNS57Severin FreundGERpQ
DNS59Noriaki KasaiJPNpQ
DNS61Kamil StochPOLpQ

Final Round1 (15 February 2014 — 21:45)

Two jumps, with both scored on distance and form. Only the top 30 jumpers (and ties) from the first jump advance to the second jump.

150Kamil StochPOL278.7
248Noriaki KasaiJPN277.4
349Peter PrevcSLO274.8
446Severin FreundGER272.2
528Anders FannemelNOR264.3
639Marinus KrausGER257.4
747Gregor SchlierenzauerAUT255.2
829Michael HayböckAUT254.7
938Daiki ItoJPN252.5
1021Reruhi ShimizuJPN252.2
1127Anssi KoivurantaFIN250.6
1233Maciej KotPOL250.4
1337Taku TakeuchiJPN249.3
1423Gregor DeschwandenSUI247.4
1535Jan ZiobroPOL246.6
1644Anders BardalNOR246.5
1736Jernej DamjanSLO245.9
1830Jan MaturaCZE244.8
194Roman KoudelkaCZE243.5
2034Jurij TepešSLO242.2
2131Richard FreitagGER242.1
2226Janne AhonenFIN241.3
2345Simon AmmannSUI239.2
2425Rune VeltaNOR238.7
2520Mackenzie Boyd-ClowesCAN237.9
2622Dmitry VasilyevRUS235.0
2724Jakub JandaCZE231.6
2816Antonín HájekCZE225.7
299Ilmir KhazetdinovRUS220.8
306Sebastian ColloredoITA219.6
3117Denis KornilovRUS109.7
3242Thomas DiethartAUT109.1
3314Olli MuotkaFIN108.9
3432Piotr ŻyłaPOL108.7
3511Nick FairallUSA108.3
3615Ronan Lamy ChappuisFRA108.2
3741Robert KranjecSLO108.1
3819Anders JacobsenNOR107.6
3910Choi Seo-WuKOR106.4
4040Thomas MorgensternAUT106.3
4112Kaarel NurmsaluEST105.9
427Trevor MorriceCAN103.4
4318Jarkko MäättäFIN101.3
445Choi Heung-CheolKOR99.0
4543Andreas WellingerGER96.6
4613Aleksey RomashovRUS93.6
472Vladi ZografskiBUL89.3
481Nick AlexanderUSA87.0
DQ3Matthew RowleyCAN[101.2]2
DQ8Anders JohnsonUSA[95.8]4