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Parallel Giant Slalom, Men

Date19 February 2014
LocationEkstrim-Park Rosa Khutor, Krasnaya Polyana / Ekstrim-Park Rosa Khutor, Krasnaya Polyana
Participants32 from 12 countries
Course SetterDenis TikhomirovRUS
DetailsGates: 29
Length: 650 m
Start Altitude: 1175 m
Vertical Drop: 155 m

An American won the gold medal in the parallel giant slalom, but he won it for Russia. Vic Wild grew up in Washington state and became a top Alpine snowboarder, but the Alpine snowboard events were not supported by the US ski federation, which left Wild fighting for funds to continue training. In 2010 Wild had met Russian snowboarder Alyona Zavarzina, and they married in 2011. With the marriage Wild was able to apply for Russian citizenship and their federation was more than willing to support a medal contender, so Wild began competing for Russia in 2012.

The final came down to Wild against Swiss rider Nevin Galmarini. Galmarini won the first run but Wild’s margin on the second run gave him the gold medal, only a few minutes after his wife, Zavarzina, won a bronze medal in the women’s parallel giant slalom. Slovenian Žan Košir won the bronze medal race, defeating German Patrick Büssler. Many of the favorites crashed out early. The last three gold medals had been won by Philipp Schoch (SUI) in 2002-06 and Jasey Jay Anderson (CAN) in 2010 but they both went out in the 1/8th-finals. Two Austrian favorites also struggled as 2013 World Champion Benjamin Karl went out in the quarters, and 2013/14 World Cup leader Lukas Mathies did not make it past qualifying.

Wild thanked the Russian team for their support, noting that he did not speak Russian, and that many of his teammates helped him, stating, “I don’t think many of them like me, but I really appreciate it.”

17Vic WildRUSGold
28Nevin GalmariniSUISilver
35Žan KoširSLOBronze
421Patrick BusslerGER
53Rok MargučSLO
620Rok FlanderSLO
71Simon SchochSUI
89Andreas PrommeggerAUT
926Andrey SobolevRUS
1015Benjamin KarlAUT
1118Kaspar FlütschSUI
1219Philipp SchochSUI
1313Alexander BergmannGER
1422Jasey-Jay AndersonCAN
1510Matthew MorisonCAN
164Sylvain DufourFRA
1729Kim Sang-GyeomKOR
182Roland FischnallerITA
1928Valery KolegovRUS
2023Stefan BaumeisterGER
2130Izidor ŠušteršičSLO
2211Anton UnterkoflerAUT
2332Yosyp PeniakUKR
2414Justin ReiterUSA
2531Rado YankovBUL
2627Sin Bong-SikKOR
2717Michael LambertCAN
2824Christoph MickITA
2916Stanislav DetkovRUS
3012Aaron MarchITA
DQ25Meinhard ErlacherITA
DQ6Lukas MathiesAUT

Qualifying Round

Date19 February 2014 — 9:42
1Andrey SobolevRUS1:35.62Q
2Vic WildRUS1:35.88Q
3Patrick BusslerGER1:36.94Q
4Rok MargučSLO1:37.33Q
5Benjamin KarlAUT1:37.44Q
6Rok FlanderSLO1:37.53Q
7Kaspar FlütschSUI1:37.82Q
8Žan KoširSLO1:37.82Q
9Philipp SchochSUI1:37.85Q
10Simon SchochSUI1:38.46Q
11Alexander BergmannGER1:38.49Q
12Nevin GalmariniSUI1:39.07Q
13Jasey-Jay AndersonCAN1:39.47Q
14Matthew MorisonCAN1:39.62Q
15Sylvain DufourFRA1:39.76Q
16Andreas PrommeggerAUT1:39.76Q
17Kim Sang-GyeomKOR1:40.27
18Roland FischnallerITA1:40.48
19Valery KolegovRUS1:40.69
20Stefan BaumeisterGER1:40.72
21Izidor ŠušteršičSLO1:41.02
22Anton UnterkoflerAUT1:41.04
23Yosyp PeniakUKR1:41.14
24Justin ReiterUSA1:41.25
25Rado YankovBUL1:42.08
26Sin Bong-SikKOR1:43.43
27Michael LambertCAN1:43.69
28Christoph MickITA1:48.25
29Stanislav DetkovRUS
30Aaron MarchITA
DQMeinhard ErlacherITA
DQLukas MathiesAUT


Date19 February 2014 — 13:12
FormatWinner of each heat advance to quarter-finals.

Heat #1

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Andreas PrommeggerAUT+0.42Q
2Andrey SobolevRUS+1.81

Heat #2

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Žan KoširSLOQ
2Philipp SchochSUI+0.19+1.17

Heat #3

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Nevin GalmariniSUI+0.59Q
2Benjamin KarlAUT+0.10

Heat #4

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Rok MargučSLO+0.09Q
2Jasey-Jay AndersonCAN+0.47

Heat #5

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Patrick BusslerGERQ
2Matthew MorisonCAN+0.53+0.30

Heat #6

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Rok FlanderSLOQ
2Alexander BergmannGER+0.14+0.34

Heat #7

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Simon SchochSUI+0.14Q
2Kaspar FlütschSUI+0.22

Heat #8

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Vic WildRUSQ
2Sylvain DufourFRA+0.77+5.65


Date19 February 2014 — 13:54
FormatWinner of each heat advance to semi-finals, loser advance to classification round.

Heat #1

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Žan KoširSLOQ
2Andreas PrommeggerAUT+0.04+0.53

Heat #2

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Nevin GalmariniSUIQ
2Rok MargučSLO+0.29+0.09

Heat #3

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Patrick BusslerGERQ
2Rok FlanderSLO+0.46+0.40

Heat #4

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Vic WildRUSQ
2Simon SchochSUI+1.50+4.19


Date19 February 2014 — 14:18
FormatWinner of each heat advance to final.

Heat #1

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Nevin GalmariniSUIQ
2Žan KoširSLO+0.12+1.36

Heat #2

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Vic WildRUSQ
2Patrick BusslerGER+0.86+2.61

Final Round

Date19 February 2014 — 14:35

Heat 1/2

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Vic WildRUS+0.54
2Nevin GalmariniSUI+2.14

Heat 3/4

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Žan KoširSLO
2Patrick BusslerGER+0.72+2.26