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Heavyweight (>100 kilograms), Men

Date12 August 2016
LocationArena Carioca 2, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants31 from 31 countries

France won both men and women’s heavyweight gold medals on the final day of the Rio 2016 judo competition, and victory in the men’s edition was the final gold medal of the entire competition, repeating their feat of London 2012. Teddy Riner, the country’s flagbearer during the Opening Ceremony and one of the heavy favorites, successfully defended his gold medal from London. The 2.04 m tall, almost 140 kg giant, continued his winning streak at European and World Championships, as well as Olympic Games, because his last major defeat was in the final of the 2010 World Championships. In the quarter-final in Rio, Riner opposed the home favorite Rafael da Silva. Although Silva received three penalties, he survived the regular period of five minutes but was eventually defeated by a Waza-ari (half point) by Riner. In the semi-final, Riner had to once more go the full distance against Israel’s Or Sasson, again winning by a Waza-ari with Sumi-gaeshi (corner throw) in the last second.

The other half of the draw was dominated by Japan’s Hisayoshi Harasawa. After a difficult start in his first bout, he dominated his remaining opponents , winning the next three fights by Ippon (full point). The final was between the two dominant judokas in this division, Riner and Harasawa, but the gold medal was finally decided based on Shidos (penalties), with two given to Harasawa early in the bout and one to Riner half a minute from the final bell. This was enough for Riner to clinch the gold, leaving silver for Harasawa. The bronze medals went to two of Riner’s victims, Rafael Silva and Or Sasson.

In his first contest of the day, Sasson met Egypt’s Islam El-Shehaby, a fixture overshadowed by political issues. When the Israeli won by Ippon, El-Shehaby refused to shake hands or bow, the normal gesture of appreciation after any encounter in judo. Consequently, the Egyptian was booed by the crowd. Allegedly, he had been under pressure by nationalists and Islamists not to compete at all.

1Teddy RinerFRAGold
2Hisayoshi HarasawaJPNSilver
=3Rafael SilvaBRABronze
=3Or SassonISRBronze
=5Abdullo TangriyevUZB
=5Álex GarcíaCUB
=7Roy MeyerNED
=7Yury KrakovetskyKGZ
=9Mohammed Amine TayebALG
=9Renat SaidovRUS
=9Kim Seong-MinKOR
=9Maciej SarnackiPOL
=9Uşangi KokauriAZE
=9Barna BorHUN
=9Yakiv KhammoUKR
=9Daniel NateaROU
=17Battulgyn TemüülenMGL
=17Ramón PiletaHON
=17Daniel AllerstorferAUT
=17Deo Gracia NgokabaCGO
=17Freddy FigueroaECU
=17Islam El-ShehabyEGY
=17Þormóður JónssonISL
=17Adam OkruashviliGEO
=17Artūrs ŅikiforenkoLAT
=17Faicel JaballahTUN
=17Mukhamadmurod AbdurakhmonovTJK
=17Rachid SidibéBUR
=17André BreitbarthGER
=17Kunathip Yea-OnTHA
=17Derek SuaSAM

Round One (12 August 2016 — 10:00)

Winners advance to round two.

Match 1 Teddy RinerFRA bye
Match 2 Mohammed Amine TayebALG Battulgyn TemüülenMGL 0102/0002 TNO 5:00
Match 3 Rafael SilvaBRA Ramón PiletaHON 1100/0001 OSG 3:22
Match 4 Renat SaidovRUS Daniel AllerstorferAUT 0011/0001 UMM 5:00
Match 5 Roy MeyerNED Deo Gracia NgokabaCGO 1000/0000 YSG 0:44
Match 6 Kim Seong-MinKOR Freddy FigueroaECU 1020/0000 KAG 1:28
Match 7 Or SassonISR Islam El-ShehabyEGY 1001/0000 ISN 3:24
Match 8 Maciej SarnackiPOL Þormóður JónssonISL 1002/0004 P29 3:34
Match 9 Hisayoshi HarasawaJPN Adam OkruashviliGEO 0001/0002 P12 5:00
Match 10 Uşangi KokauriAZE Artūrs ŅikiforenkoLAT 1110/0002 KIK 4:43
Match 11 Barna BorHUN Faicel JaballahTUN 1010/0001 KKE 4:20
Match 12 Álex GarcíaCUB Mukhamadmurod AbdurakhmonovTJK 1001/0000 SMK 3:41
Match 13 Yakiv KhammoUKR Rachid SidibéBUR 1000/0000 SUG 1:04
Match 14 Yury KrakovetskyKGZ André BreitbarthGER 1001/0001 HRG 2:01
Match 15 Daniel NateaROU Kunathip Yea-OnTHA 1000/0000 SMK 1:28
Match 16 Abdullo TangriyevUZB Derek SuaSAM 1000/0003 UMA 1:52

Round Two (12 August 2016)

Winners advance to quarter-finals.

Match 1 Teddy RinerFRA Mohammed Amine TayebALG 1000/0001 KSH 1:05
Match 2 Rafael SilvaBRA Renat SaidovRUS 1001/0002 OSM 3:31
Match 3 Roy MeyerNED Kim Seong-MinKOR 1012/0000 YSG 4:01
Match 4 Or SassonISR Maciej SarnackiPOL 0101/0001 STG 5:00
Match 5 Hisayoshi HarasawaJPN Uşangi KokauriAZE 1001/0000 OUG 3:26
Match 6 Álex GarcíaCUB Barna BorHUN 0000/0001 P12 5:00
Match 7 Yury KrakovetskyKGZ Yakiv KhammoUKR 1110/0000 YGU 2:48
Match 8 Abdullo TangriyevUZB Daniel NateaROU 1101/0001 SON 4:38

Quarter-Finals (12 August 2016)

Winners advance to semi-finals. Losers advance to repêchage for bronze medal tournament.

Match 1 Teddy RinerFRA Rafael SilvaBRA 0101/0003 SUG 5:00
Match 2 Or SassonISR Roy MeyerNED 0101/0000 SON 5:00
Match 3 Hisayoshi HarasawaJPN Álex GarcíaCUB 1000/0004 P16 3:28
Match 4 Abdullo TangriyevUZB Yury KrakovetskyKGZ 1001/0010 STG 1:56

Repêchage (12 August 2016)

Winners advance to bronze medal matches.

Match 1 Rafael SilvaBRA Roy MeyerNED 0001/0002 P29 5:00
Match 2 Álex GarcíaCUB Yury KrakovetskyKGZ 1000/0001 OUG 3:26

Semi-Finals (12 August 2016)

Winners advance to gold medal final. Losers advance to bronze medal matches.

Match 1 Teddy RinerFRA Or SassonISR 0101/0001 SUG 5:00
Match 2 Hisayoshi HarasawaJPN Abdullo TangriyevUZB 1011/0004 OUG 4:28

Final Round (12 August 2016)

Match 3/5 Rafael SilvaBRA Abdullo TangriyevUZB 0011/0002 HRM 5:00
Match 3/5 Or SassonISR Álex GarcíaCUB 0001/0002 P29 5:00
Match 1/2 Teddy RinerFRA Hisayoshi HarasawaJPN 0001/0000 P02 5:00