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Half-Middleweight (≤63 kilograms), Women

Date 9 August 2016
LocationArena Carioca 2, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants26 from 26 countries

The gold in the women’s under 63kg division remained in Slovenia as London 2012 gold medalist Urška Žolnir was succeeded as champion by her compatriot, the top-seeded Tina Trstenjak. Formerly part of Yugoslavia, this small country had won just one women’s Olympic gold medal prior to 2016, and Trstenjak’s gold doubled the tally with both golds being won in the same sport and event.

Although not high in the official ranking list, fighting in front of her home crowd, Brazil’s Mariana Silva started as one of the favorites. However, the 2016 Pan American Games gold medalist was defeated in the semi-final by Trstenjak who scored an Ippon (full point) with a Tate-shiho-gatam (Straight four-corner hold) 3:39 min into the match. In the final, the Slovenian faced second seed Clarisse Agbegnenou from France. The two top athletes in this division had already met in the finals of the European and World Championships with Trstenjak winning the most recent bout. In the Rio final, the 25-year-old overpowered the younger Frenchwoman, with Togolese roots, with an Ippon after only 1:45 min, applying a Kuzure-kami-shiho-gatame (Modified top four-corner hold) to clinch the gold.

Home favorite Silva also missed her second chance to win a medal, losing the bronze medal match against Netherlands’ Anicka Van Emden by Yuko (Advantage). For the second bronze medal, third-seeded Miku Tashiro from Japan faced Israel’s fourth-seeded Yarden Gerbi. Gerbi’s victory by Waza-ari gave Israel its first medal in the Rio Games and made this event the first without a medal for Japan.

1Tina TrstenjakSLOGold
2Clarisse AgbegnenouFRASilver
=3Yarden GerbiISRBronze
=3Anicka van EmdenNEDBronze
=5Miku TashiroJPN
=5Mariana SilvaBRA
=7Yang JunxiaCHN
=7Kathrin UnterwurzacherAUT
=9Edwige GwendITA
=9Tsedevsurengiin MönkhzayaMGL
=9Maricet EspinosaCUB
=9Martyna TrajdosGER
=9Büşra KatipoğluTUR
=9Alice SchlesingerGBR
=9Katharina HaeckerAUS
=9Estefanía GarcíaECU
=17Mia HermanssonSWE
=17Rizlen ZouakMAR
=17Marian UrdabayevaKAZ
=17Phupu Lamu KhatriNEP
=17Szandra SzögediGHA
=17Katerina NikoloskaMKD
=17Yekaterina ValkovaRUS
=17Park Ji-YunKOR
=17Laura SallésAND
=17Mamadama BangouraGUI

Round One (9 August 2016 — 10:00)

Winners advance to round two.

Match 1 Tina TrstenjakSLO bye
Match 2 Edwige GwendITA Mia HermanssonSWE 1011/0000 SON 2:14
Match 3 Tsedevsurengiin MönkhzayaMGL Rizlen ZouakMAR 1011/0002 UKG 3:42
Match 4 Yang JunxiaCHN Marian UrdabayevaKAZ 1000/0000 UGR 1:03
Match 5 Yarden GerbiISR bye
Match 6 Maricet EspinosaCUB Phupu Lamu KhatriNEP 0110/0003 TKG 4:00
Match 7 Martyna TrajdosGER bye
Match 8 Mariana SilvaBRA Szandra SzögediGHA 1000/0000 OEJ 0:59
Match 9 Clarisse AgbegnenouFRA bye
Match 10 Büşra KatipoğluTUR Katerina NikoloskaMKD 0001/0002 P12 0:18 GS
Match 11 Anicka van EmdenNED Yekaterina ValkovaRUS 0001/0003 P05 4:00
Match 12 Alice SchlesingerGBR Park Ji-YunKOR 1000/0000 HRG 2:59
Match 13 Miku TashiroJPN bye
Match 14 Katharina HaeckerAUS Laura SallésAND 1000/0001 OSM 1:05
Match 15 Kathrin UnterwurzacherAUT bye
Match 16 Estefanía GarcíaECU Mamadama BangouraGUI 1003/0004 P29 2:19

Round Two (9 August 2016)

Winners advance to quarter-finals.

Match 1 Tina TrstenjakSLO Edwige GwendITA 0000/0002 P29 4:00
Match 2 Yang JunxiaCHN Tsedevsurengiin MönkhzayaMGL 1000/0010 UNK 2:56
Match 3 Yarden GerbiISR Maricet EspinosaCUB 1000/0010 KEG 2:36
Match 4 Mariana SilvaBRA Martyna TrajdosGER 0001/0003 P40 4:00
Match 5 Clarisse AgbegnenouFRA Büşra KatipoğluTUR 1020/0001 KEG 1:39
Match 6 Anicka van EmdenNED Alice SchlesingerGBR 0000/0001 P16 4:00
Match 7 Miku TashiroJPN Katharina HaeckerAUS 1110/0003 KSG 3:51
Match 8 Kathrin UnterwurzacherAUT Estefanía GarcíaECU 0100/0001 KSG 4:00

Quarter-Finals (9 August 2016)

Winners advance to semi-finals. Losers advance to repêchage for bronze medal tournament.

Match 1 Tina TrstenjakSLO Yang JunxiaCHN 1010/0000 KAG 3:23
Match 2 Mariana SilvaBRA Yarden GerbiISR 0010/0000 ISN 1:58 GS
Match 3 Clarisse AgbegnenouFRA Anicka van EmdenNED 1011/0001 UNA 3:54
Match 4 Miku TashiroJPN Kathrin UnterwurzacherAUT 0010/0000 KUG 4:00

Repêchage (9 August 2016)

Winners advance to bronze medal matches.

Match 1 Yarden GerbiISR Yang JunxiaCHN 0102/0000 UMK 4:00
Match 2 Anicka van EmdenNED Kathrin UnterwurzacherAUT 0012/0000 OUG 4:00

Semi-Finals (9 August 2016)

Winners advance to gold medal final. Losers advance to bronze medal matches.

Match 1 Tina TrstenjakSLO Mariana SilvaBRA 1010/0000 TSG 3:39
Match 2 Clarisse AgbegnenouFRA Miku TashiroJPN 0000/0001 P16 4:00

Final Round (9 August 2016)

Match 3/5 Yarden GerbiISR Miku TashiroJPN 0113/0000 OUC 4:00
Match 3/5 Anicka van EmdenNED Mariana SilvaBRA 0011/0000 ISN 4:00
Match 1/2 Tina TrstenjakSLO Clarisse AgbegnenouFRA 1010/0000 KKS 1:45