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Foil, Individual, Women

Date10 August 2016
LocationArena Carioca 3, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants35 from 27 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament.

Top seeded Arianna Errigo of Italy, the silver (individual) and gold (team) medalist in London, seven times world champion since 2009, and one of the heavy favorites, fell victim to 16th seeded Canadian Eleanor Harvey in the round of the last 16. This result may have been the major surprise in the early rounds of the women’s individual foil tournament but was not the only upset for some other top ten athletes. The two best US fencers, Lee Kiefer and Nzingha Prescod, also went out in the same round and Korea’s Nam Hyeon-Hui lost her first bout (round of 32) against Shiho Nishioka, whose previous best result was finishing 21st at the 2013 World Championships. France lost its two competitors, Ysaora Thibus and Astrid Guyart, each to Russian opponents in the quarter-finals. That left two Russians in the semi-finals, along with Italy’s 2012 gold medalist Elisa Di Francisca and Tunisia’s Ines Boubakri who, despite winning a bronze medal at the 2014 World Championships, was the least expected member of the last four. But Boubakri had already eliminated the surprise winners Harvey and Nishioka on her way to the semi-final.

In the semi-finals, Inna Deriglazova outclassed compatriot Aida Shanayeva 15–3 in an all-Russian bout. Di Francisca had more trouble outscoring Boubakri 12–9. In the final, Di Francisca took an early three-point before Deriglazova enjoyed an impressive 7–0 rally in the second period. With only half a minute to go, the Russian led 12–7 but Di Francisca desperately came back with four consecutive points, but the Russian held on for a narrow 12–11 victory. Deriglazova, eight years younger than Di Francisca destroyed the Italian’s dream of repeating her 2012 triumph. Ines Boubakri, however, took home the first Olympic medal won by an African female fencer by beating Shanayeva 15-11 in the bronze medal bout.

1Inna DeriglazovaRUS2Gold
2Elisa Di FranciscaITA5Silver
3Inès BoubakriTUN8Bronze
4Aida ShanayevaRUS3
5Ysaora ThibusFRA6
6Astrid GuyartFRA10
7Eleanor HarveyCAN16
8Liu YongshiCHN20
9Arianna ErrigoITA1
10Lee KieferUSA4
11Nzingha PrescodUSA7
12Le HuilinCHN11
13Jeon Hui-SukKOR14
14Aida MohamedHUN15
15Hanna ŁyczbińskaPOL21
16Shiho NishiokaJPN24
17Nam Hyeon-HuiKOR9
18Carolin GolubytskyiGER12
19Edina KnapekHUN13
20Anissa KhelfaouiALG17
21Saskia van ErvenCOL18
22Isis GiménezVEN19
23Youssra ZakaraniMAR22
24Olha LeleikoUKR23
25Noura MohamedEGY25
26Nataly MichelMEX26
27İrem KarameteTUR27
28Lin Po HeungHKG28
29Mona ShaitoLBN29
30Taís RochelBRA30
31Bia BulcãoBRA31
32Đỗ Thị AnhVIE33
33Aikaterini KontokhristopoulouGRE32
34Mălina CălugăreanuROU34
35Lubna Al-OmairKSA35

Round One (10 August 2016)

Winner of each match advanced to round two.

Bout #1 Arianna ErrigoITA bye
Bout #2 Đỗ Thị AnhVIE 15 – 13Aikaterini KontokhristopoulouGRE
Bout #31 Eleanor HarveyCAN bye
Bout #4 Anissa KhelfaouiALG bye
Bout #5 Shiho NishiokaJPN bye
Bout #6 Nam Hyeon-HuiKOR bye
Bout #7 Inès BoubakriTUN bye
Bout #8 Noura MohamedEGY bye
Bout #9 Elisa Di FranciscaITA bye
Bout #10 Lin Po HeungHKG bye
Bout #11 Hanna ŁyczbińskaPOL bye
Bout #12 Carolin GolubytskyiGER bye
Bout #13 Liu YongshiCHN bye
Bout #14 Edina KnapekHUN bye
Bout #15 Lee KieferUSA bye
Bout #16 Mona ShaitoLBN bye
Bout #17 Aida ShanayevaRUS bye
Bout #18 Taís RochelBRA 15 – 0Lubna Al-OmairKSA
Bout #19 Jeon Hui-SukKOR bye
Bout #20 Isis GiménezVEN bye
Bout #21 Le HuilinCHN bye
Bout #22 Youssra ZakaraniMAR bye
Bout #23 Ysaora ThibusFRA bye
Bout #24 İrem KarameteTUR bye
Bout #25 Nzingha PrescodUSA bye
Bout #26 Nataly MichelMEX bye
Bout #27 Astrid GuyartFRA bye
Bout #28 Olha LeleikoUKR bye
Bout #29 Aida MohamedHUN bye
Bout #30 Saskia van ErvenCOL bye
Bout #31 Bia BulcãoBRA 15 – 12Mălina CălugăreanuROU
Bout #32 Inna DeriglazovaRUS bye

Round Two (10 August 2016)

Winner of each match advanced to round three.

Bout #1 Arianna ErrigoITA 15 – 9Đỗ Thị AnhVIE
Bout #2 Eleanor HarveyCAN 15 – 6Anissa KhelfaouiALG
Bout #3 Shiho NishiokaJPN 15 – 12Nam Hyeon-HuiKOR
Bout #4 Inès BoubakriTUN 15 – 4Noura MohamedEGY
Bout #5 Elisa Di FranciscaITA 15 – 8Lin Po HeungHKG
Bout #6 Hanna ŁyczbińskaPOL 14 – 9Carolin GolubytskyiGER
Bout #7 Liu YongshiCHN 15 – 9Edina KnapekHUN
Bout #8 Lee KieferUSA 15 – 3Mona ShaitoLBN
Bout #9 Aida ShanayevaRUS 15 – 13Taís RochelBRA
Bout #10 Jeon Hui-SukKOR 10 – 8Isis GiménezVEN
Bout #11 Le HuilinCHN 15 – 4Youssra ZakaraniMAR
Bout #12 Ysaora ThibusFRA 15 – 6İrem KarameteTUR
Bout #13 Nzingha PrescodUSA 15 – 9Nataly MichelMEX
Bout #14 Astrid GuyartFRA 15 – 9Olha LeleikoUKR
Bout #15 Aida MohamedHUN 15 – 12Saskia van ErvenCOL
Bout #16 Inna DeriglazovaRUS 15 – 6Bia BulcãoBRA

Round Three (10 August 2016)

Winner of each match advanced to quarter-finals.

Bout #1 Eleanor HarveyCAN 15 – 11Arianna ErrigoITA
Bout #2 Inès BoubakriTUN 15 – 10Shiho NishiokaJPN
Bout #3 Elisa Di FranciscaITA 15 – 6Hanna ŁyczbińskaPOL
Bout #4 Liu YongshiCHN 15 – 9Lee KieferUSA
Bout #5 Aida ShanayevaRUS 15 – 11Jeon Hui-SukKOR
Bout #6 Ysaora ThibusFRA 15 – 13Le HuilinCHN
Bout #7 Astrid GuyartFRA 14 – 11Nzingha PrescodUSA
Bout #8 Inna DeriglazovaRUS 15 – 6Aida MohamedHUN

Quarter-Finals (10 August 2016)

Winner of each match advanced to semi-finals.

Bout #1 Inès BoubakriTUN 15 – 13Eleanor HarveyCAN
Bout #2 Elisa Di FranciscaITA 15 – 10Liu YongshiCHN
Bout #3 Aida ShanayevaRUS 15 – 13Ysaora ThibusFRA
Bout #4 Inna DeriglazovaRUS 15 – 6Astrid GuyartFRA

Semi-Finals (10 August 2016)

Winner of each match advanced to final pool.

Bout #1 Elisa Di FranciscaITA 12 – 9Inès BoubakriTUN
Bout #2 Inna DeriglazovaRUS 15 – 3Aida ShanayevaRUS

Final Round (10 August 2016)

Bout 1/2 Inna DeriglazovaRUS 12 – 11Elisa Di FranciscaITA
Bout 3/4 Inès BoubakriTUN 15 – 11Aida ShanayevaRUS