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1,500 metres, Men

Date16 – 20 August 2016
LocationEstádio Olímpico João Havelange, Engenho de Dentro, Rio de Janeiro
Participants42 from 26 countries

The favorite in this event was Kenyan Asbel Kiprop, the 2008 gold medalist, a three-time World Champion, and the world list leader in five of the last six years. His main challenger was expected to be the defending gold medalist, Taoufik Makhloufi of Algeria. Both made the final comfortably as did American Matt Centrowitz, who had won silver at the 2013 World Championships, and bronze at the 2011 Worlds, also placing fourth at the London Olympics, but he was not expected to challenge for gold in Rio.

Centrowitz took the lead and set a historically dawdling pace, passing 400 metres in 66.9 and then slowing the pace even more, running 69.8 for the second lap, and passing 800 metres in 2:16.7. The question was who would start the kick, and when. The answer came at 600 metres when Centrowitz took off, running the next 200 metres in 27.4. He was briefly headed at 1,000 metres by Djiboutian Ayanleh Souleiman but he went wide on the far turn and Centrowitz re-took the lead. It was a lead he never relinquished, winning a stunning upset gold medal in 3:50.00. Centro ran a historic last 800 in 1:49.8, although his winning time was the slowest at the Olympics since Luigi Beccali won in 3:51.2 at the 1932 Games. Makhloufi came on fast for the silver medal, adding this to his silver medal from the 800 metres, with bronze going to New Zealand’s Nick Willis.

Centrowitz was the first American to win the 1,500 metres since Mel Sheppard at the 1908 London Olympics. He was only the third American to win gold in the event, with Jim Lightbody winning in 1904 and 1906.

13056Matthew CentrowitzUSA3:39.31 (5 h1)3:39.61 (3 h2)3:50.00 (1)Gold
22009Taoufik MakhloufiALG3:46.82 (1 h2)3:39.88 (2 h1)3:50.11 (2)Silver
32814Nick WillisNZL3:38.55 (6 h3)3:39.96 (3 h1)3:50.24 (3)Bronze
42317Ayanleh SouleimanDJI3:39.25 (3 h1)3:39.46 (2 h2)3:50.29 (4)
52744Abdalaati IguiderMAR3:38.40 (3 h3)3:40.11 (6 h1)3:50.58 (5)
62682Asbel KipropKEN3:38.97 (1 h1)3:39.73 (1 h1)3:50.87 (6)
72349David BustosESP3:39.73 (7 h1)3:56.54 (11 h2)3:51.06 (7)
83051Ben BlankenshipUSA3:38.92 (9 h3)3:39.99 (4 h1)3:51.09 (8)
92038Ryan GregsonAUS3:39.13 (2 h1)3:40.02 (4 h2)3:51.39 (9)
102191Nate BrannenCAN3:47.07 (4 h2)3:40.20 (7 h1)3:51.45 (10)
113022Ronald MusagalaUGA3:38.45 (4 h3)3:40.37 (5 h2)3:51.68 (11)
122458Charlie GriceGBR3:48.51 (10 h2)3:40.05 (5 h1)3:51.73 (12)
132689Ronald KwemoiKEN3:38.33 (2 h3)3:39.42 (1 h2)3:56.76 (13)
6 h2 r2/32394Mekonnen GebremedhinETH3:47.33 (5 h2)3:40.69 (6 h2)
7 h2 r2/32519Homiyu TesfayeGER3:47.44 (7 h2)3:40.76 (7 h2)
8 h1 r2/32177Benson SeureiBRN3:38.82 (7 h3)3:40.53 (8 h1)
8 h2 r2/32207Charles Philibert-ThiboutotCAN3:40.04 (8 h1)3:40.79 (8 h2)
9 h1 r2/32301Jakub HolušaCZE3:38.31 (1 h3)3:40.83 (9 h1)
9 h2 r2/32741Fouad El-KaamMAR3:39.51 (6 h1)3:40.93 (9 h2)
10 h1 r2/32401Dawit WoldeETH3:39.29 (10 h3)3:41.42 (10 h1)
10 h2 r2/32468Chris O'HareGBR3:39.26 (4 h1)3:44.27 (10 h2)
11 h1 r2/32803Henrik IngebrigtsenNOR3:38.50 (5 h3)3:42.51 (11 h1)
12 h1 r2/32094Pieter-Jan HannesBEL3:38.89 (8 h3)3:43.71 (12 h1)
13 h1 r2/32745Brahim KaazouziMAR3:47.39 (6 h2)3:48.66 (13 h1)
AC h2 r2/33046Robby AndrewsUSA3:46.97 (3 h2)– (DQ h2)
DNS r2/32690Elijah ManangoiKEN3:46.83 (2 h2)– (DNS h2)
8 h2 r1/32808Hamish CarsonNZL3:48.18 (8 h2)
9 h1 r1/32811Julian MatthewsNZL3:40.40 (9 h1)
9 h2 r1/32365Adel MechaalESP3:48.41 (9 h2)
10 h1 r1/32416Florian CarvalhoFRA3:41.87 (10 h1)
11 h1 r1/32128Thiago AndréBRA3:44.42 (11 h1)
11 h2 r1/32883Paulo AmotunEOR4:03.96 (11 h2)
11 h3 r1/32006Salim KeddarALG3:40.63 (11 h3)
12 h1 r1/32942Santino KenyiSSD3:45.27 (12 h1)
12 h2 r1/32969Augusto SoaresTLS4:11.35 (12 h2)
12 h3 r1/32043Luke MathewsAUS3:44.51 (12 h3)
13 h1 r1/33013Saud Al-ZaabiUAE4:02.35 (13 h1)
13 h3 r1/33008İlham ÖzbilenTUR3:49.02 (13 h3)
14 h3 r1/33123Mohammed RagehYEM3:58.99 (14 h3)
15 h3 r1/32778Erick RodríguezNCA4:00.30 (15 h3)
AC h2 r1/32802Filip IngebrigtsenNOR– (DQ h2)
AC h2 r1/32316Abdi Waiss MouhyadinDJI– (DNF h2)
DNS2402Aman WoteETH– (DNS h1)

Round One (16 August 2016)

Top six in each heat and next six fastest advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One (10:30)

PosNrAthleteNOCTime (A)
15Asbel KipropKEN3:38.97Q
210Ryan GregsonAUS3:39.13Q
36Ayanleh SouleimanDJI3:39.25Q
411Chris O'HareGBR3:39.26Q
57Matthew CentrowitzUSA3:39.31Q
614Fouad El-KaamMAR3:39.51Q
72David BustosESP3:39.73q
812Charles Philibert-ThiboutotCAN3:40.04q
93Julian MatthewsNZL3:40.40
108Florian CarvalhoFRA3:41.87
1113Thiago AndréBRA3:44.42
124Santino KenyiSSD3:45.27
131Saud Al-ZaabiUAE4:02.35
DNS9Aman WoteETH


400 m59.52Florian Carvalho
800 m1:59.94Florian Carvalho
1200 m2:57.68Fouad El-Kaam

Heat Two (10:39)

PosNrAthleteNOCTime (A)
18Taoufik MakhloufiALG3:46.82Q
210Elijah ManangoiKEN3:46.83Q
32Robby AndrewsUSA3:46.97Q
46Nate BrannenCAN3:47.07Q
511Mekonnen GebremedhinETH3:47.33Q
67Brahim KaazouziMAR3:47.39Q
712Homiyu TesfayeGER3:47.44q1
84Hamish CarsonNZL3:48.18
91Adel MechaalESP3:48.41
1013Charlie GriceGBR3:48.51q
113Paulo AmotunEOR4:03.96
1214Augusto SoaresTLS4:11.35
DQ9Filip IngebrigtsenNOR2
DNF5Abdi Waiss MouhyadinDJI


400 m1:05.97Elijah Manangoi
800 m2:11.67Elijah Manangoi
1200 m3:07.70Elijah Manangoi

Heat Three (10:48)

PosNrAthleteNOCTime (A)
110Jakub HolušaCZE3:38.31Q
212Ronald KwemoiKEN3:38.33Q
313Abdalaati IguiderMAR3:38.40Q
414Ronald MusagalaUGA3:38.45Q
52Henrik IngebrigtsenNOR3:38.50Q
611Nick WillisNZL3:38.55Q
77Benson SeureiBRN3:38.82q
81Pieter-Jan HannesBEL3:38.89q
99Ben BlankenshipUSA3:38.92q
103Dawit WoldeETH3:39.29q
116Salim KeddarALG3:40.63
124Luke MathewsAUS3:44.51
135İlham ÖzbilenTUR3:49.02
1415Mohammed RagehYEM3:58.99
158Erick RodríguezNCA4:00.30


400 m59.23Benson Seurei
800 m2:00.28Benson Seurei
1200 m2:58.92Benson Seurei

Semi-Finals (18 August 2016)

Top five in each heat and next two fastest advanced to the final.

Heat One (20:45)

PosNrAthleteNOCTime (A)
110Asbel KipropKEN3:39.73Q
211Taoufik MakhloufiALG3:39.88Q
33Nick WillisNZL3:39.96Q
412Ben BlankenshipUSA3:39.99Q
56Charlie GriceGBR3:40.05Q
62Abdalaati IguiderMAR3:40.11q
78Nate BrannenCAN3:40.20q
84Benson SeureiBRN3:40.53
91Jakub HolušaCZE3:40.83
1013Dawit WoldeETH3:41.42
115Henrik IngebrigtsenNOR3:42.51
129Pieter-Jan HannesBEL3:43.71
137Brahim KaazouziMAR3:48.66


400 m1:03.11Brahim Kaazouzi
800 m2:03.86Brahim Kaazouzi
1200 m3:00.50Benson Seurei

Heat Two (20:55)

PosNrAthleteNOCTime (A)
19Ronald KwemoiKEN3:39.42Q
210Ayanleh SouleimanDJI3:39.46Q
31Matthew CentrowitzUSA3:39.61Q
47Ryan GregsonAUS3:40.02Q
512Ronald MusagalaUGA3:40.37Q
66Mekonnen GebremedhinETH3:40.69
713Homiyu TesfayeGER3:40.76
811Charles Philibert-ThiboutotCAN3:40.79
93Fouad El-KaamMAR3:40.93
105Chris O'HareGBR3:44.27
112David BustosESP3:56.54q
DQ8Robby AndrewsUSA3
DNS4Elijah ManangoiKEN


400 m59.67Ronald Musagala
800 m2:03.59Ronald Musagala
1200 m3:00.45Ayanleh Souleiman

Final (20 August 2016 — 21:00)

PosNrAthleteNOCTime (A)
14Matthew CentrowitzUSA3:50.00
27Taoufik MakhloufiALG3:50.11
310Nick WillisNZL3:50.24
41Ayanleh SouleimanDJI3:50.29
52Abdalaati IguiderMAR3:50.58
63Asbel KipropKEN3:50.87
713David BustosESP3:51.06
811Ben BlankenshipUSA3:51.09
96Ryan GregsonAUS3:51.39
109Nate BrannenCAN3:51.45
115Ronald MusagalaUGA3:51.68
128Charlie GriceGBR3:51.73
1312Ronald KwemoiKEN3:56.76


400 m1:06.83Matthew Centrowitz
800 m2:16.59Matthew Centrowitz
1200 m3:12.00Matthew Centrowitz