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3,000 metres Steeplechase, Men

Date15 – 17 August 2016
LocationEstádio Olímpico João Havelange, Engenho de Dentro, Rio de Janeiro
Participants45 from 25 countries

Kenyan had dominated this event since the 1972 Olympics, and their team was so strong in 2016 that those ranked 2-7 on the yearly world list were left home. Kenya was led by Ezekiel Kemboi, gold medalist in 2004 and 2012, and winner of the last four World Championships. He was joined by Conseslus Kipruto who led the world list coming to Rio, and had been runner-up at the 2013 and 2015 Worlds. One non-Kenyan given a shot at a medal was American Evan Jager, who had been performing well on the Diamond League circuit over the past two years.

At 1100 metres Kipruto, Kemboi, and Jager had pulled ahead of the field, and would run together most of the way. With two laps left, France’s Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad had moved up from the field and was close to the leading trio. Kipruto and Kemboi moved ahead of Jager at the bell, but Kipruto dropped his teammate on the backstretch, and the duo seemed poised to finish 1-2. Jager, however, ran Kemboi down, passing him on the final barrier, and took the silver medal, with Kemboi seemingly third, and Mekhissi fourth.The French protested Kemboi’s finish, noting that he had stepped off the track exiting a water jump, and the protest was upheld. Kemboi was disqualified and Mekhissi moved up to the bronze medal.

12684Conseslus KiprutoKEN8:21.40 (1 h3)8:03.28 (1)Gold
23076Evan JagerUSA8:25.86 (1 h2)8:04.28 (2)Silver
32430Mahiedine Mekhissi-BenabbadFRA8:26.32 (3 h2)8:11.52 (3)Bronze
42740Soufiane El-BakkaliMAR8:25.17 (2 h1)8:14.35 (4)
52425Yoann KowalFRA8:23.49 (5 h3)8:16.75 (5)
62683Brimin KiprutoKEN8:26.25 (2 h2)8:18.79 (6)
73052Hillary BorUSA8:25.01 (1 h1)8:22.74 (7)
83055Donn CabralUSA8:21.96 (3 h3)8:25.81 (8)
92130Altobeli SilvaBRA8:26.59 (6 h3)8:26.30 (9)
102200Matt HughesCAN8:26.27 (4 h1)8:36.83 (10)
112340Yemane HaileselassieERI8:26.72 (4 h2)8:40.68 (11)
AC r2/23014Jacob AraptanyUGA8:21.53 (2 h3)– (AC)
AC r2/22743Hamid EzzineMAR8:27.69 (5 h2)– (AC)
AC r2/22678Ezekiel KemboiKEN8:25.51 (3 h1)8:08.47 (AC)
AC r2/22990Amor Ben YahiaTUN8:23.12 (4 h3)8:21.67 (AC)
5 h1 r1/22364Sebastián MartosESP8:28.44 (5 h1)
6 h1 r1/23016Benjamin KiplagatUGA8:30.76 (6 h1)
6 h2 r1/22172John KoechBRN8:28.81 (6 h2)
7 h1 r1/22995Halil AkkaşTUR8:33.12 (7 h1)
7 h2 r1/22391Chala BeyoETH8:32.06 (7 h2)
7 h3 r1/22748Hicham Al-SiguéniMAR8:27.82 (7 h3)
8 h1 r1/22389Hailemariyam AmareETH8:35.01 (8 h1)
8 h2 r1/23005Aras KayaTUR8:32.35 (8 h2)
8 h3 r1/22003Hicham BouchichaALG8:33.61 (8 h3)
9 h1 r1/22167Nelson CherutichBRN8:35.87 (9 h1)
9 h2 r1/23120José Gregorio PeñaVEN8:32.38 (9 h2)
9 h3 r1/22205Taylor MilneCAN8:34.38 (9 h3)
10 h1 r1/22599Yuri FlorianiITA8:40.80 (10 h1)
10 h2 r1/22211Chris WinterCAN8:33.95 (10 h2)
10 h3 r1/22859Krystian ZalewskiPOL8:34.52 (10 h3)
11 h1 r1/22658Kazuya ShiojiriJPN8:40.98 (11 h1)
11 h2 r1/22013Bilal TabtiALG8:38.87 (11 h2)
11 h3 r1/22312Ole HesselbjergDEN8:40.08 (11 h3)
12 h1 r1/22467Rob MullettGBR8:48.19 (12 h1)
12 h2 r1/22594Abdoullah BamoussaITA8:42.81 (12 h2)
12 h3 r1/22315Mohamed Ismail IbrahimDJI8:53.10 (12 h3)
13 h1 r1/22092Jeroen D'hoedtBEL8:48.29 (13 h1)
13 h2 r1/22379Kaur KivistikEST8:44.25 (13 h2)
13 h3 r1/22350Fernando CarroESP8:53.17 (13 h3)
14 h1 r1/22183Mitko TsenovBUL8:54.79 (14 h1)
14 h2 r1/22946Abdalla YousifSUD8:52.20 (14 h2)
15 h2 r1/22366Abdelaziz MerzouguiESP9:03.40 (15 h2)
AC h1 r1/22010Ali MassaoudiALG8:49.89 (AC h1)
AC h3 r1/22994Tarık AkdağTUR– (AC h3)
AC h3 r1/22399Tafese SebokaETH– (AC h3)

Round One (15 August 2016)

Top three in each heat and next six fastest advanced to the final.

Heat One (10:25)

PosNrAthleteNOCTime (A)
112Hillary BorUSA8:25.01Q
215Soufiane El-BakkaliMAR8:25.17Q
37Ezekiel KemboiKEN8:25.51Q
44Matt HughesCAN8:26.27q
59Sebastián MartosESP8:28.44
614Benjamin KiplagatUGA8:30.76
713Halil AkkaşTUR8:33.12
86Hailemariyam AmareETH8:35.01
93Nelson CherutichBRN8:35.87
1011Yuri FlorianiITA8:40.80
115Kazuya ShiojiriJPN8:40.98
128Rob MullettGBR8:48.19
1310Jeroen D'hoedtBEL8:48.29
141Mitko TsenovBUL8:54.79
AC2Ali MassaoudiALG8:49.89DQ1


1000 m2:48.22Jeroen D'hoedt
2000 m5:42.82Benjamin Kiplagat

Heat Two (10:40)

PosNrAthleteNOCTime (A)
111Evan JagerUSA8:25.86Q
210Brimin KiprutoKEN8:26.25Q
39Mahiedine Mekhissi-BenabbadFRA8:26.32Q
47Yemane HaileselassieERI8:26.72q
51Hamid EzzineMAR8:27.69q
66John KoechBRN8:28.81
75Chala BeyoETH8:32.06
813Aras KayaTUR8:32.35
912José Gregorio PeñaVEN8:32.38
103Chris WinterCAN8:33.95
1115Bilal TabtiALG8:38.87
122Abdoullah BamoussaITA8:42.81
134Kaur KivistikEST8:44.25
1414Abdalla YousifSUD8:52.20
158Abdelaziz MerzouguiESP9:03.40


1000 m2:50.59Yemane Haileselassie
2000 m5:42.20John Koech

Heat Three (10:55)

PosNrAthleteNOCTime (A)
114Conseslus KiprutoKEN8:21.40Q
21Jacob AraptanyUGA8:21.53Q
38Donn CabralUSA8:21.96Q
49Amor Ben YahiaTUN8:23.12q
511Yoann KowalFRA8:23.49q
63Altobeli SilvaBRA8:26.59q
75Hicham Al-SiguéniMAR8:27.82
812Hicham BouchichaALG8:33.61
92Taylor MilneCAN8:34.38
106Krystian ZalewskiPOL8:34.52
114Ole HesselbjergDEN8:40.08
127Mohamed Ismail IbrahimDJI8:53.10
1313Fernando CarroESP8:53.17
AC15Tarık AkdağTURDNF
AC10Tafese SebokaETHDQ2


1000 m2:47.40Conseslus Kipruto
2000 m5:38.12Jacob Araptany

Final (17 August 2016 — 11:55)

PosNrAthleteNOCTime (A)
11Conseslus KiprutoKEN8:03.28OR
213Evan JagerUSA8:04.28
312Mahiedine Mekhissi-BenabbadFRA8:11.52
48Soufiane El-BakkaliMAR8:14.35
59Yoann KowalFRA8:16.75
610Brimin KiprutoKEN8:18.79
73Hillary BorUSA8:22.74
811Donn CabralUSA8:25.81
92Altobeli SilvaBRA8:26.30
106Matt HughesCAN8:36.83
117Yemane HaileselassieERI8:40.68
AC15Jacob AraptanyUGADNF
AC4Hamid EzzineMARDNF
AC14Ezekiel KemboiKEN8:08.47DQ3
AC5Amor Ben YahiaTUN8:21.67DQ4


1000 m2:41.64Conseslus Kipruto
2000 m5:25.82Evan Jager