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Air Pistol, 10 metres, Men

Date 6 August 2016
LocationCentro Olímpico de Tiro, Parque Olímpico de Deodoro, Deodoro, Rio de Janeiro
Participants46 from 31 countries

Hoàng Xuân Vinh, a 41-year old colonel in the Vietnamese Army, won his country’s first Olympic gold medal after a thrilling competition. After 14 shots in the final he had a seemingly comfortable lead, 2.3 points ahead of his closest rival, Brazilian home favorite Felipe Wu. But Hoàng lost his concentration, shooting four 9-pointers in his final five shots, and before the final shot was overtaken by Wu. However, the Vietnamese ended the competition with a perfect 10.7, Wu responded with 10.1, and Hoàng secured the gold by a mere 0.4 points. Defending champion Pang Wei of China, won the bronze medal just three hours after his wife Du Li had secured a silver medal for the family in the women’s 10 m air rifle event.

12091Hoàng Xuân VinhVIE581 (4)202.5 (1)Gold
21169Felipe WuBRA580 (7)202.1 (2)Silver
31236Pang WeiCHN590 (1)180.4 (3)Bronze
41964Juraj TužinskýSVK582 (3)159.4 (4)
51591Jin Jong-OKOR584 (2)139.8 (5)
61549Giuseppe GiordanoITA580 (5)118.4 (6)
71880Vladimir GoncharovRUS580 (8)98.9 (7)
81499Jitu RaiIND580 (6)78.7 (8)
91925Dimitrije GrgićSRB579 (9)
101363Pablo CarreraESP579 (10)
111821João CostaPOR578 (11)
122048Will BrownUSA577 (12)
131164Júlio AlmeidaBRA577 (13)
142037Oleh OmelchukUKR577 (14)
151081Ruslan LunyovAZE577 (15)
161237Pu QifengCHN577 (16)
171834Kim Song-GukPRK577 (17)
182059Jay ShiUSA577 (18)
191597Lee Dae-MyeongKOR577 (19)
201502Gurpreet SinghIND576 (20)
212011Yusuf DikeçTUR576 (21)
221565Tomoyuki MatsudaJPN576 (22)
231573Vladimir IsachenkoKAZ575 (23)
242014İsmail KeleşTUR575 (24)
251926Damir MikecSRB575 (25)
262092Trần Quốc CườngVIE575 (26)
271833Kim Jong-SuPRK575 (27)
281661Johnathan WongMAS574 (28)
291432Tsotne MachavarianiGEO574 (29)
301334Samy Abdel RazekEGY574 (30)
311882Vladimir IsakovRUS574 (31)
321611Atallah Al-AnaziKSA573 (32)
331711Naung Ye TunMYA572 (33)
341192Samuil DonkovBUL572 (34)
352034Pavlo KorostylovUKR572 (35)
361058Blake BlackburnAUS570 (36)
371274Jorge GrauCUB569 (37)
381962Pavol KoppSVK569 (38)
391731Rafael Antonio LacayoNCA569 (39)
401574Rashid YunusmetovKAZ567 (40)
411815Piotr DanilukPOL567 (41)
421488Miklós TátraiHUN567 (42)
431802Marko CarrilloPER566 (43)
441064Daniel RepacholiAUS565 (44)
451340Ahmed MohamedEGY564 (45)
461781David MuñozPAN563 (46)

Qualification (6 August 2016 — 13:00)

10 metres. Four rounds of 10 shots each. Top eight from preliminary round advanced to the final round.

114Pang WeiCHN59097989998999927Q
254Jin Jong-OKOR584979498100969924Q
335Juraj TužinskýSVK58296979897989623Q
411Hoàng Xuân VinhVIE58196979897989518Q
549Giuseppe GiordanoITA58097959895989724Q
642Jitu RaiIND58096969896969822Q
741Felipe WuBRA58096959997979619Q
832Vladimir GoncharovRUS58096969998949717Q
919Dimitrije GrgićSRB57996969797969720
1043Pablo CarreraESP57998959397989818
1121João CostaPOR57898979696949721
1220Will BrownUSA57795989795969623
1348Júlio AlmeidaBRA57797949697969720
1418Oleh OmelchukUKR57796989699949420
1516Ruslan LunyovAZE57796949597969919
1623Pu QifengCHN57797979495989619
1725Kim Song-GukPRK57798959795979518
1855Jay ShiUSA57797959598979517
198Lee Dae-MyeongKOR57798969595979612
2037Gurpreet SinghIND57694969399999521
2128Yusuf DikeçTUR57695939798989517
2253Tomoyuki MatsudaJPN57692959698979814
2324Vladimir IsachenkoKAZ57594979698959519
2451İsmail KeleşTUR57599939398949818
2517Damir MikecSRB57598979597929618
267Trần Quốc CườngVIE57595989696979316
2740Kim Jong-SuPRK57595959596969815
2846Johnathan WongMAS57494969698939717
2929Tsotne MachavarianiGEO57496979597959416
3013Samy Abdel RazekEGY57496929696979714
3144Vladimir IsakovRUS57494939696989712
3236Atallah Al-AnaziKSA57396949595989518
3334Naung Ye TunMYA57296959692969719
3447Samuil DonkovBUL57296989794949319
3526Pavlo KorostylovUKR57298969596959214
3630Blake BlackburnAUS57091979596969510
3752Jorge GrauCUB56995949694949616
389Pavol KoppSVK56996939795949412
3927Rafael Antonio LacayoNCA5699795959593948
4031Rashid YunusmetovKAZ56796969394959316
4133Piotr DanilukPOL56796969795948914
4238Miklós TátraiHUN5679495959394969
4310Marko CarrilloPER56694929796929511
4445Daniel RepacholiAUS56591979795968913
4539Ahmed MohamedEGY56493939294989413
4622David MuñozPAN56388989794919515

Final (6 August 2016 — 15:30)

Two rounds of 3 shots, then 1 round of 2 shots, with lowest shooter eliminated. Six rounds of 2 shots with lowest shooter eliminated after each round.

1BHoàng Xuân VinhVIE202.510.410.410.710.09.810.610.19.810.110.310.610.310.410.
2DFelipe WuBRA202.110.510.310.410.510.710.
3HPang WeiCHN180.48.610.110.79.410.210.510.39.910.59.810.310.68.710.49.89.810.610.2
4CJuraj TužinskýSVK159.410.610.210.310.510.19.710.59.910.29.09.910.
5AJin Jong-OKOR139.810.
6GGiuseppe GiordanoITA118.49.510.19.710.810.510.410.410.
7EVladimir GoncharovRUS98.910.29.710.510.
8FJitu RaiIND78.