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Free Pistol, 50 metres, Men

Date10 August 2016
LocationCentro Olímpico de Tiro, Parque Olímpico de Deodoro, Deodoro, Rio de Janeiro
Participants41 from 29 countries

World record holder and Olympic champion in this event in 2008 and 2012, Korean Jin Jong-Oh, was the big favorite, and impressed by winning the qualification by a clear margin. In the final, he started badly with a 6.6 point miss in the fourth round. But he finished the competition strongly, and overtook his closest rival, Vietnamese Hoàng Xuân Vinh, winner of the air pistol event, with his last two shots. Jin then became the first shooter in the Olympic history to win gold medals in three successive games. Kim Song Guk from PRK (North Korea), 30 years of age and competing in his first Olympics, won the bronze medal.

11591Jin Jong-OKOR567 (1)193.7 (1)GoldFOR
22091Hoàng Xuân VinhVIE556 (6)191.3 (2)Silver
31834Kim Song-GukPRK557 (5)172.8 (3)Bronze
41589Han Seung-WuKOR562 (3)151.0 (4)
51238Wang ZhiweiCHN556 (8)129.4 (5)
61880Vladimir GoncharovRUS557 (4)111.0 (6)
71962Pavol KoppSVK556 (7)91.4 (7)
81236Pang WeiCHN565 (2)67.2 (8)
91363Pablo CarreraESP555 (9)
102048Will BrownUSA555 (10)
111821João CostaPOR554 (11)
121499Jitu RaiIND554 (12)
131574Rashid YunusmetovKAZ553 (13)
142059Jay ShiUSA553 (14)
151432Tsotne MachavarianiGEO552 (15)
161925Dimitrije GrgićSRB552 (16)
171711Naung Ye TunMYA552 (17)
181926Damir MikecSRB551 (18)
191565Tomoyuki MatsudaJPN550 (19)
201611Atallah Al-AnaziKSA550 (20)
212037Oleh OmelchukUKR550 (21)
222011Yusuf DikeçTUR550 (22)
231885Denis KulakovRUS548 (23)
241833Kim Jong-SuPRK548 (24)
251497Prakash NanjappaIND547 (25)
261549Giuseppe GiordanoITA547 (26)
271274Jorge GrauCUB546 (27)
281064Daniel RepacholiAUS545 (28)
292014İsmail KeleşTUR544 (29)
301164Júlio AlmeidaBRA542 (30)
312092Trần Quốc CườngVIE542 (31)
321192Samuil DonkovBUL541 (32)
331964Juraj TužinskýSVK541 (33)
341488Miklós TátraiHUN539 (34)
351802Marko CarrilloPER536 (35)
361573Vladimir IsachenkoKAZ536 (36)
371661Johnathan WongMAS535 (37)
381334Samy Abdel RazekEGY534 (38)
391169Felipe WuBRA533 (39)
401781David MuñozPAN528 (40)
411152Rudolf KnijnenburgBOL522 (41)

Qualification (10 August 2016 — 09:00)

50 metres. 60 shots in six series of 10.

152Jin Jong-OKOR56795959195949712Q
228Pang WeiCHN56597919594959311Q
324Han Seung-WuKOR5629395979590928Q
420Vladimir GoncharovRUS55786929696969113Q
544Kim Song-GukPRK5579192949294948Q
611Hoàng Xuân VinhVIE55690939192969411Q
714Pavol KoppSVK5569293949193938Q
840Wang ZhiweiCHN5569495919588935Q
926Pablo CarreraESP55588969093929612
1043Will BrownUSA5559289949194956
1139João CostaPOR55493919491968911
1223Jitu RaiIND5549295909495889
1350Rashid YunusmetovKAZ5539294919391928
1436Jay ShiUSA5539291899594927
1548Tsotne MachavarianiGEO55292919591939011
1645Dimitrije GrgićSRB5529194939093918
1716Naung Ye TunMYA5529094909194934
1817Damir MikecSRB5518990939194947
1937Tomoyuki MatsudaJPN55093919289949112
2035Atallah Al-AnaziKSA55092869293969111
2131Oleh OmelchukUKR55092938895909210
2229Yusuf DikeçTUR55090929491948910
2327Denis KulakovRUS5489292909387949
2430Kim Jong-SuPRK5488989919493928
2519Prakash NanjappaIND54785909193959310
2634Giuseppe GiordanoITA5479389919190934
2715Jorge GrauCUB5468990929589916
2841Daniel RepacholiAUS54590919294898910
2921İsmail KeleşTUR5448990909390925
3012Júlio AlmeidaBRA5428890919090937
3122Trần Quốc CườngVIE5429286928694926
3233Samuil DonkovBUL5419189918688966
3353Juraj TužinskýSVK5418786959391895
3418Miklós TátraiHUN5398992929190854
3513Marko CarrilloPER5369194937990896
3647Vladimir IsachenkoKAZ5368887928893884
3732Johnathan WongMAS5359089918687924
3838Samy Abdel RazekEGY5348294908790916
3946Felipe WuBRA5339288878889893
4025David MuñozPAN5288691869188869
4151Rudolf KnijnenburgBOL5228989858487884

Final (10 August 2016 — 12:00)

Two rounds of 3 shots, then 1 round of 2 shots, with lowest shooter eliminated. Six rounds of 2 shots with lowest shooter eliminated after each round.

1GJin Jong-OKOR193.79.18.910.09.69.710.
2DHoàng Xuân VinhVIE191.310.
3FKim Song-GukPRK172.89.710.29.99.310.910.
4AHan Seung-WuKOR151.09.48.410.08.19.910.18.710.310.
5EWang ZhiweiCHN129.410.
6HVladimir GoncharovRUS111.
7BPavol KoppSVK91.47.610.09.410.310.58.49.810.38.07.1
8CPang WeiCHN67.27.319.710.