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200 metres Breaststroke, Men

Date7 – 10 July 1912
LocationSimstadion, Djurgårdsbrunnsviken, Stockholm
Participants24 from 11 countries

International breaststroke competition in this era was dominated by Continental Europeans, notably the Germans. The world record was held by Belgium’s Félicien Courbet, with a mark of 3:00.8 set at Schaerback on 2 October 1910. Although Courbet was in Stockholm he did not advance in his semi-final heat. The most recent ASA championships had been won as follows: 1907-09 - Percy Courtman (GBR), 1910 - Harald Julin (SWE), 1911 - Ödön Toldi (HUN), and 1912-13 - Courtman. Thus the event was wide-open.

But none of the above won a medal, although all but Toldi competed. The event was swept by the Germans, led by Walter Bathe, who challenged, but did not break, Courbet’s world record with a mark of 3:01.8.

1Walter BatheGER3:03.4 (1 h4)3:02.2 (1 h2)3:01.8 (1)Gold
2Willy LützowGER3:07.4 (1 h1)3:04.4 (2 h2)3:05.0 (2)Silver
3Paul MalischGER3:08.8 (1 h2)3:09.6 (1 h1)3:08.0 (3)Bronze
4Percy CourtmanGBR3:09.8 (2 h4)3:09.4 (3 h2)3:08.8 (4)
AC r3/3Thor HenningSWE3:14.0 (2 h1)3:10.4 (2 h1)– (DNF)DNF
3 h1 r2/3Harald JulinSWE3:12.8 (2 h6)3:10.6 (3 h1)
4 h1 r2/3Lennart LindroosFIN3:16.6 (3 h1)3:11.6 (4 h1)
4 h2 r2/3Oszkár DemjánHUN3:07.8 (1 h6)3:11.2 (4 h2)
5 h1 r2/3Carlyle AtkinsonGBR– (DNS h1)3:15.2 (5 h1)
5 h2 r2/3Félicien CourbetBEL3:12.6 (1 h5)3:11.6 (5 h2)
6 h1 r2/3Arvo AaltonenFIN3:13.0 (2 h2)3:17.0 (6 h1)
AC h2 r2/3Pontus HansonSWE3:14.2 (2 h5)– (DNF h2)DNF
3 h2 r1/3Nils AnderssonSWE3:20.6 (3 h2)
3 h4 r1/3Fredrik LöwenadlerSWE3:22.2 (3 h4)
3 h6 r1/3Herman CederbergFIN3:18.6 (3 h6)
4 h1 r1/3Frank SchryverANZ3:24.0 (4 h1)
4 h2 r1/3Josef WastlAUT3:25.6 (4 h2)
4 h6 r1/3Vilhelm LindgrénFIN3:21.2 (4 h6)
5 h2 r1/3Georgy BaymakovRUS3:29.0 (5 h2)
5 h6 r1/3Sven HansonSWE3:24.4 (5 h6)
6 h6 r1/3Oscar HamrénSWE– (6 h6)
AC h4 r1/3Mike McDermottUSA[3:18.2] (DQ h4)DQ
AC h5 r1/3George InnocentGBR[3:16.0] (DQ h5)DQ
AC h5 r1/3Audun RustenNOR[3:39.8] (DQ h5)DQ
DNSHeinrich BrandstetterAUT– (DNS h3)
DNSRudolf DlouchyAUT– (DNS h5)
DNSDaniel LehuFRA– (DNS h5)
DNSLouis LaufrayFRA– (DNS h3)
DNSHenri DuboisFRA– (DNS h5)
DNSVictor Pierre EggmanFRA– (DNS h2)
DNSRichard HallardFRA– (DNS h2)
DNSWalter KrohnGER– (DNS h5)
DNSAlfred StühmerGER– (DNS h5)
DNSÖdön ToldiHUN– (DNS h5)
DNSJános WenkHUN– (DNS h5)
DNSAndrás BaronyiHUN– (DNS h2)
DNSImre ElekHUN– (DNS h2)
DNSDavide BaiardoITA– (DNS h2)
DNSMario MassaITA– (DNS h5)
DNSVirgilio BellazzaITA– (DNS h4)
DNSAttilio BellezzaITA– (DNS h5)
DNSAldo CigheriITA– (DNS h2)
DNSMario PortolongoITA– (DNS h5)
DNSJohn JohnsenNOR– (DNS h2)
DNSGeorge GodfreyRSA– (DNS h5)
DNSArno AlmqvistRUS– (DNS h5)
DNSNikolay VoronkovRUS– (DNS h5)
DNSIlarion BorisovskyRUS– (DNS h4)
DNSSven HenningSWE– (DNS h5)

Round One1 (7 July 1912 — 13:50-19:30)

Top two in each heat and the fastest third-place advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One (13:50)

1Willy LützowGER3:07.4QOR
2Thor HenningSWE3:14.0Q
3Lennart LindroosFIN3:16.6q
4Frank SchryverANZ3:24.0
DNSCarlyle AtkinsonGBR

Heat Two

1Paul MalischGER3:08.8Q
2Arvo AaltonenFIN3:13.0Q
3Nils AnderssonSWE3:20.6
4Josef WastlAUT3:25.6
5Georgy BaymakovRUS3:29.0
DNSVictor Pierre EggmanFRA2
DNSRichard HallardFRA3
DNSAndrás BaronyiHUN4
DNSImre ElekHUN5
DNSDavide BaiardoITA6
DNSAldo CigheriITA7
DNSJohn JohnsenNOR8

Heat Three

1Carlyle AtkinsonGBR3:12.0Q
DNSHeinrich BrandstetterAUT
DNSLouis LaufrayFRA

Heat Four (19:30)

1Walter BatheGER3:03.4QOR
2Percy CourtmanGBR3:09.8Q
3Fredrik LöwenadlerSWE3:22.2
DQMike McDermottUSA[3:18.2]
DNSVirgilio BellazzaITA
DNSIlarion BorisovskyRUS

Heat Five

1Félicien CourbetBEL3:12.6Q
2Pontus HansonSWE3:14.2Q
DQGeorge InnocentGBR[3:16.0]
DQAudun RustenNOR[3:39.8]
DNSRudolf DlouchyAUT9
DNSDaniel LehuFRA10
DNSHenri DuboisFRA11
DNSWalter KrohnGER12
DNSAlfred StühmerGER13
DNSÖdön ToldiHUN14
DNSJános WenkHUN15
DNSMario MassaITA16
DNSAttilio BellezzaITA17
DNSMario PortolongoITA18
DNSGeorge GodfreyRSA19
DNSArno AlmqvistRUS20
DNSNikolay VoronkovRUS21
DNSSven HenningSWE22

Heat Six

1Oszkár DemjánHUN3:07.8Q
2Harald JulinSWE3:12.8Q
3Herman CederbergFIN3:18.6
4Vilhelm LindgrénFIN3:21.2
5Sven HansonSWE3:24.4
6Oscar HamrénSWE

Semi-Finals (9 July 1912 — 20:15)

Top two in each heat and the fastest third-place advanced to the final.

Heat One

1Paul MalischGER3:09.6Q
2Thor HenningSWE3:10.4Q
3Harald JulinSWE3:10.6
4Lennart LindroosFIN3:11.6
5Carlyle AtkinsonGBR3:15.2
6Arvo AaltonenFIN3:17.0

Heat Two

1Walter BatheGER3:02.2QOR
2Willy LützowGER3:04.4Q
3Percy CourtmanGBR3:09.4q
4Oszkár DemjánHUN3:11.2
5Félicien CourbetBEL3:11.6
DNFPontus HansonSWE

Final (10 July 1912 — 19:30)

1Walter BatheGER3:01.8OR
2Willy LützowGER3:05.0
3Paul MalischGER3:08.0
4Percy CourtmanGBR3:08.8
DNFThor HenningSWE