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Free Rifle, 1,000 yards, Men

Date 9 July 1908
LocationBisley Rifle Range, Bisley
Participants50 from 8 countries
Format1,000 yards. 20 shots. 100 possible.

Joshua Millner was 61 years old, having started his shooting career in 1871 and distinguishing himself on the first British Palma team in 1876. Representing the Irish Ulster Rifle Association, he used a match rifle based on a Mannlicher action with a British service barrel and a Blood telescopic sight. He used a British .303 cartridge with a pointed 225-grain bullet at a muzzle velocity of 2,200 feet/second (670.5 mps). Millner shot in the )back position), lying on his back with his feet pointed at the target, knees drawn up and the rifle supported by his feet.

1Joshua MillnerGBR98Gold
2Kellogg CaseyUSA93Silver
3Maurice BloodGBR925/5/5/5/5/5/5Bronze
4Richard BarnettGBR924/5/5/4
5Ted RankenGBR924/4
=6Tom CaldwellGBR91
=6John SellarsGBR91
=6Harry KerrCAN91
=9Fred UttonCAN90
=9Charles CroweCAN90
=11Bill LeushnerUSA89
=11Sydney BrownCAN89
=13Charles JeffersUSA88
=13Ivan EastmanUSA88
=13Sumner BenedictUSA88
=16Charles WinderUSA87
=16Dugald McInnesCAN87
=16Thomas FremantleGBR87
=19Percy WhiteheadGBR86
=19Raoul, Comte de BoigneFRA86
=19Frank MorrisCAN86
=19Harry SimonUSA86
23Charles AngeliniFRA85
=24John HoptonGBR84
=24Edward GreeneUSA84
=24John HessionUSA84
27James FreebornCAN83
=28Alexander RogersGBR82
=28Paul ColasFRA82
=28Thomas ElmittCAN82
=28James JonesCAN82
=28Jørgen BruNOR82
33Alex MartinCAN79
34Ossian JörgensenSWE77
=35George RoweCAN75
=35Léon HechtFRA75
37James SteeleCAN74
38Daniel MérillonFRA69
39Léon MoreauxFRA67
40Georg ErdmannNOR61
=41Asmund EngerNOR58
=41Kolbjørn KvamNOR58
43Erik OhlssonSWE54
44Fredrik MossbergSWE48
45Alexandros TheofilakisGRE30
46Ernst RosellSWE27
47Mathias GlomnesNOR26
48Léon TétartFRA21
49Ernst Wagner-HohenlobbeseGER12
DNFOlivius SkymoenNOR0