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Trap, Team, Men

Date29 June – 1 July 1912
LocationRåsunda, Solna
Participants36 from 6 countries
FormatSix-man teams. Shot in three stages. 100 possible per individual; 600 possible per team.

The United States team had the highest score in all three stages, winning the gold medal quite easily over Great Britain. A seventh team was entered, Russia, but they did not compete. Because there were seven entries, only four teams were supposed to advance to the second stage. But Finland and Sweden were tied at 95 after the first stage and both were allowed to continue, eliminating only France after the first day. Both Finland and Sweden were eliminated after the second stage, leaving the final shooting to the United States, Great Britain, and Germany. The real contest was for the silver medal between Great Britain and Germany. After stage one, Germany was in second place, trailing the United States by only one bird, and after two stages, Britain led Germany by only one bird. Both teams scored 247 in the final stage to give Great Britain the silver medal.

1United StatesUSA532Gold
Jay Graham53294
Charles Billings53293
Ralph Spotts53290
John Hendrickson53289
Frank Hall53286
Edward Gleason53280
2Great BritainGBR511Silver
Harry Humby51191
William Grosvenor51189
Alexander Maunder51189
George Whitaker51184
John Butt51179
Charles Palmer51179
Franz, Baron von Zedlitz und Leipe51091
Horst Goeldel-Bronikoven51088
Erich, Count von Bernstorff-Gyldensteen51087
Erland Koch51082
Albert Preuß51081
Alfred Goeldel-Bronikoven51081
Åke Lundeberg24348
Alf Swahn24345
Johan Ekman24341
Victor Wallenberg24340
Hjalmar Frisell24338
Carl Wollert24331
Edvard Bacher23344
Robert Huber23343
Adolf Schnitt23341
Emil Collan23337
Karl Fazer23336
Axel Fredrik Londen23332
André Fleury9016
Henri, Baron de Castex9015
Georges, Marquis de Créqui-Montfort de Courtivron9015
Charles, Baron de Jaubert9015
René Texier9015
Édouard, Baron Creuzé de Lesser9014