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Rapid-Fire Pistol, 25 metres, Men

Date29 – 30 July 1992 — 09:00 (29/7), 09:00-14:00 (30/7)
LocationCampo de Tiro Olímpico de Mollet, Mollet del Vallès
Participants30 from 23 countries
FormatTop eight advanced to elimination round of 20 shots, 200 possible. Top four advance to the final of 10 shots.

Ralf Schumann was the clear favorite, having won the 1990 World Championships and as the world record holder since 1987. The rapid-fire competition in 1992 was different, with three rounds of competition. Schumann led after round one with 594, and shot 195 in the semi-final round to continue to lead by three shots over Kazakhstan’s Vladimir Vokhmyanin. Four shooters went on to the final round – Schumann, Vokhmyanin, the 1988 gold medalist Afanasijs Kuzmins (LAT), and Poland’s Krzysztof Kucharczyk. All four shot 96 or 97 in the final round, but Schumann held on for the gold medal. But Kuzmins shot 97 to tie Vokhmyanin and the higher score in the final round brought him the silver medal, with Vokhmyanin placing third and Kucharczyk fourth. Schumann would dominate this event in the coming years, winning the gold again in 1996 and 2004.

1Ralf SchumannGER885Gold
2Afanasijs KuzminsLAT882Silver
3Vladimir VokhmyaninEUN882Bronze
4Krzysztof KucharczykPOL880
5John McNallyUSA781
6Myroslav IhnatiukEUN779
7Adam KaczmarekPOL778
8Bernardo TobarCOL776
9Roger MarUSA586
10Petri EteläniemiFIN585
=11Meng GangCHN585
=11Pierluigi UssorioITA585
=13Iulian RaiceaROU584
=13Jindřich SkupaTCH584
15René OstholdGER583
=16Christian KezelFRA582
=16Toni KüchlerSUI582
=16Hans-Rudolf SchneiderSUI582
=16Juan SeguíESP582
=20Kim Bong-CholPRK581
=20Emil MilevBUL581
=22Katsumasa OnishiJPN579
=22Lajos PálinkásHUN579
24Ivan DimitrovBUL577
25Dimitrios BaltasGRE575
26Pat MurrayAUS574
27Nguyễn Quốc CườngVIE573
=28Adrian BretonGBR571
=28Sándor KacskóHUN571
30Kristo RoboALB565

Preliminary Round (29 – 30 July 1992)

25 metres. 60 shots in two courses of 30. 600 possible.

1Ralf SchumannGER594299295Q
2Adam KaczmarekPOL591295296Q
3Krzysztof KucharczykPOL590293297Q
4Vladimir VokhmyaninEUN590295295Q
5Afanasijs KuzminsLAT590297293Q
6John McNallyUSA587293294Q
7Bernardo TobarCOL587294293Q
8Myroslav IhnatiukEUN586292294Q
9Roger MarUSA586293293
10Petri EteläniemiFIN585292293
=11Meng GangCHN585292293
=11Pierluigi UssorioITA585291294
=13Iulian RaiceaROU584290294
=13Jindřich SkupaTCH584293291
15René OstholdGER583289294
=16Christian KezelFRA582291291
=16Toni KüchlerSUI582293289
=16Hans-Rudolf SchneiderSUI582290292
=16Juan SeguíESP582289293
=20Kim Bong-CholPRK581292289
=20Emil MilevBUL581291290
=22Katsumasa OnishiJPN579291288
=22Lajos PálinkásHUN579284295
24Ivan DimitrovBUL577290287
25Dimitrios BaltasGRE575286289
26Pat MurrayAUS574290284
27Nguyễn Quốc CườngVIE573288285
=28Adrian BretonGBR571290281
=28Sándor KacskóHUN571290281
30Kristo RoboALB565279286

Elimination Round (30 July 1992)

25 metres. 20 shots. 200 possible.

1Ralf SchumannGER789594195
2Vladimir VokhmyaninEUN786590196
3Afanasijs KuzminsLAT785590195
4Krzysztof KucharczykPOL783590193
5John McNallyUSA781587194
6Myroslav IhnatiukEUN779586193
7Adam KaczmarekPOL778591187
8Bernardo TobarCOL776587189

Final Round (30 July 1992)

25 metres. 10 shots. 100 possible.

1Ralf SchumannGER88578996OR
2Afanasijs KuzminsLAT88278597
3Vladimir VokhmyaninEUN88278696
4Krzysztof KucharczykPOL88078397