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200 metres Butterfly, Men

Date31 August – 2 September 1960
LocationStadio Olimpico del Nuoto, Roma
Participants34 from 23 countries

This event was on the Olympic program for only the second time, having been added in 1956. By the time of the Rome Olympics, Mike Troy of the USA had set the last five world records, lowering the mark from 2:19.0 in July 1959 to 2:13.2 set at the 1960 US Trials in Detroit. Although he had lost the 1959 Pan American Games to his countryman, Dave Gillanders, he was heavily favored in Rome and did not disappoint, winning the final easily in another world record time of 2:12.8, with Gillanders placing third, behind Australia’s Neville Hayes. Troy later served with the Navy in Vietnam, where he was decorated for valor.

1Mike TroyUSA2:15.5 (1 h1)2:18.0 (1 h1)2:12.8 (1)Gold
2Neville HayesAUS2:18.1 (1 h4)2:21.6 (2 h1)2:14.6 (2)Silver
3Dave GillandersUSA2:16.2 (1 h3)2:18.7 (1 h2)2:15.3 (3)Bronze
4Fritz DennerleinITA2:18.3 (1 h2)2:20.5 (3 h2)2:16.0 (4)
5Haruo YoshimutaJPN2:19.4 (2 h5)2:21.7 (3 h1)2:18.3 (5)
6Kevin BerryAUS2:18.9 (1 h5)2:23.1 (4 h1)2:18.5 (6)
7Valentin KuzminURS2:19.3 (2 h2)2:19.1 (2 h2)2:18.9 (7)
8Kenzo IzutsuJPN2:20.3 (2 h1)2:21.5 (4 h2)2:19.4 (8)
9Pavel PazdírekTCH2:24.2 (3 h3)2:23.5 (5 h2)
10Eulalio RíosMEX2:22.0 (3 h2)2:24.2 (5 h1)
11Grigory KiselyovURS2:24.6 (3 h1)2:24.8 (6 h1)
=12Luis NicolaoARG2:23.9 (2 h3)2:26.8 (7 h1)
=12Ian BlythGBR2:24.9 (5 h1)2:26.8 (8 h1)
14Jürgen BachmannGER2:25.0 (3 h4)2:28.4 (6 h2)
15Alexandru PopescuROU2:24.6 (4 h1)2:28.5 (7 h2)
DNFIlkka SuvantoFIN2:23.9 (2 h4)– (DNF h2)
17Håkan BengtssonSWE2:25.0 (4 h2)
18Fernando FanjulARG2:25.2 (3 h5)
19Wolfgang SieberGER2:25.4 (5 h2)
20Gerrit KortewegNED2:26.4 (6 h2)
21Cam GroutCAN2:27.7 (7 h2)
22Amir Hussin HamsainPHI2:27.9 (4 h3)
23Luís Vaz JorgePOR2:28.9 (5 h3)
24László KissHUN2:31.0 (4 h5)
25José Vicente LeónESP2:31.4 (5 h5)
26Giampiero FossatiITA2:31.9 (6 h1)
27Veljko RogošićYUG2:35.5 (6 h5)
28Henri VidilFRA2:36.0 (4 h4)
29Bert SittersNED2:36.6 (7 h1)
30Heriberto de la FeESP2:37.0 (5 h4)
31Ahiron RadjaePHI2:39.8 (6 h4)
32Aldo PersekeBRA2:50.8 (6 h3)
33Fong Seow HorMAL2:56.4 (7 h5)
34Lovro RadonićYUG3:00.6 (7 h3)
DNSIan BlackGBR– (DNS h4)
DNSMiklós AmbrusHUN– (DNS h5)
DNSHabib NasutionINA– (DNS h3)
DNSGershon ShefaISR– (DNS h2)
DNSPhan Hữu DongVNM– (DNS h1)

Round One (31 August 1960 — 20:30)

Fastest 16 advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One

14Mike TroyUSA2:15.5QOR
25Kenzo IzutsuJPN2:20.3Q
33Grigory KiselyovURS2:24.6Q
48Alexandru PopescuROU2:24.6Q
56Ian BlythGBR2:24.9Q
62Giampiero FossatiITA2:31.9
77Bert SittersNED2:36.6
DNS1Phan Hữu DongVNM

Heat Two

14Fritz DennerleinITA2:18.3Q
25Valentin KuzminURS2:19.3Q
37Eulalio RíosMEX2:22.0Q
42Håkan BengtssonSWE2:25.0q
56Wolfgang SieberGER2:25.4
61Gerrit KortewegNED2:26.4
73Cam GroutCAN2:27.7
DNS8Gershon ShefaISR

Heat Three

14Dave GillandersUSA2:16.2Q
23Luis NicolaoARG2:23.9Q
35Pavel PazdírekTCH2:24.2Q
46Amir Hussin HamsainPHI2:27.9
57Luís Vaz JorgePOR2:28.9
61Aldo PersekeBRA2:50.8
78Lovro RadonićYUG3:00.6
DNS2Habib NasutionINA

Heat Four

14Neville HayesAUS2:18.1Q
22Ilkka SuvantoFIN2:23.9Q
33Jürgen BachmannGER2:25.0q
41Henri VidilFRA2:36.0
57Heriberto de la FeESP2:37.0
66Ahiron RadjaePHI2:39.8
DNS5Ian BlackGBR

Heat Five

15Kevin BerryAUS2:18.9Q
24Haruo YoshimutaJPN2:19.4Q
33Fernando FanjulARG2:25.2
42László KissHUN2:31.0
57José Vicente LeónESP2:31.4
66Veljko RogošićYUG2:35.5
71Fong Seow HorMAL2:56.4
DNS8Miklós AmbrusHUN


14Jürgen BachmannGER2:23.1Q
25Håkan BengtssonSWE2:25.1

Semi-Finals (1 September 1960 — 9:45)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

14Mike TroyUSA2:18.0Q
25Neville HayesAUS2:21.6Q
36Haruo YoshimutaJPN2:21.7Q
43Kevin BerryAUS2:23.1Q
52Eulalio RíosMEX2:24.2
61Grigory KiselyovURS2:24.8
77Luis NicolaoARG2:26.8
88Ian BlythGBR2:26.8

Heat Two

14Dave GillandersUSA2:18.7Q
23Valentin KuzminURS2:19.1Q
35Fritz DennerleinITA2:20.5Q
46Kenzo IzutsuJPN2:21.5Q
57Pavel PazdírekTCH2:23.5
68Jürgen BachmannGER2:28.4
71Alexandru PopescuROU2:28.5
DNF2Ilkka SuvantoFIN

Final (2 September 1960 — 20:40)

14Mike TroyUSA2:12.8WR
27Neville HayesAUS2:14.6
35Dave GillandersUSA2:15.3
46Fritz DennerleinITA2:16.0
51Haruo YoshimutaJPN2:18.3
68Kevin BerryAUS2:18.5
73Valentin KuzminURS2:18.9
82Kenzo IzutsuJPN2:19.4