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Pole Vault, Men

Date9 – 10 July 1924
LocationStade Olympique de Colombes, Colombes
Participants20 from 13 countries

The world record holder was Charles Hoff (NOR) but an injured ankle kept him out of the event. He competed in Paris, however, making the final of the 800 metres, in which he placed eighth. That made the favorite Ralph Spearow (USA) but he would finish only sixth, off-form on the day. The Americans swept the medals, led by Lee Barnes and Glenn Graham, who tied for first. Barnes won the gold in a jump-off with Graham. They started the jump-off at 3.90 metres, and each missed one attempt at that attempt. After a failure by both at 3.85 metres, Barnes won the title by clearing 3.80 metres as Graham missed. American Jim Brooker completed the USA sweep by winning the bronze medal in a jump-off over Denmark’s Henry Petersen. Barnes was only 17-years-old in 1924.

PosNrAthleteNOCQualifying RoundFinal Round
1Lee BarnesUSA3.66 (=1)3.95 (1)Gold1
2Glenn GrahamUSA3.66 (=1)3.95 (2)Silver2
3Jim BrookerUSA3.66 (=1)3.90 (3)Bronze3
4Henry PetersenDEN3.66 (=1)3.90 (4)4
5Vic PickardCAN3.66 (=1)3.80 (5)
6Ralph SpearowUSA3.66 (=1)3.70 (6)
7Maurice HenrijeanBEL3.66 (=1)3.66 (7)
=8Paul DufauretFRA3.55 (=8)
=8Irvine FrancisCAN3.55 (=8)
=8Maurice VautierFRA3.55 (=8)
=11Eurico de FreitasBRA3.40 (=11)
=11Harry de KeijserNED3.40 (=11)
=11Marcel MuzardFRA3.40 (=11)
=11Robert DuthilFRA3.40 (=11)
=15Argyris KaragiannisGRE3.20 (=15)
=15František Fuhrherr-NovýTCH3.20 (=15)
=15John CampbellGBR3.20 (=15)
=15Stefan AdamczakPOL3.20 (=15)
=15Valter EverEST3.20 (=15)
=15Yrjö HelanderFIN3.20 (=15)
DNSRichard HaselsteinerAUT
DNSEmilio PaggettiITA
DNSJan MildevBUL
DNSRaimund HeldAUT
DNSKároly BrauszHUN
DNSGiacinto LambiasiITA
DNSLouis DejoieHAI
DNSRené Joannes-PowellBEL
DNSJindřich JirsákTCH
DNSLaurits JørgensenDEN
DNSJános KarlovitsHUN
DNSCarlo ButtiITA
DNSCharles HoffNOR

Qualifying Round (9 July 1924 — 14:00)

All those clearing 3.66 metres advanced to the final.

=1Lee BarnesUSA3.66Q
=1Jim BrookerUSA3.66Q
=1Vic PickardCAN3.66Q
=1Glenn GrahamUSA3.66Q
=1Henry PetersenDEN3.66Q
=1Maurice HenrijeanBEL3.66Q
=1Ralph SpearowUSA3.66Q
=8Paul DufauretFRA3.55
=8Irvine FrancisCAN3.55
=8Maurice VautierFRA3.55
=11Eurico de FreitasBRA3.40
=11Robert DuthilFRA3.40
=11Harry de KeijserNED3.40
=11Marcel MuzardFRA3.40
=15Argyris KaragiannisGRE3.20
=15František Fuhrherr-NovýTCH3.20
=15John CampbellGBR3.20
=15Stefan AdamczakPOL3.20
=15Valter EverEST3.20
=15Yrjö HelanderFIN3.20

Qualifying Round, Group A (9 July 1924)

=1Lee BarnesUSA3.66
=1Jim BrookerUSA3.66
3Vic PickardCAN3.66
4Paul DufauretFRA3.55
=5Eurico de FreitasBRA3.40
=5Robert DuthilFRA3.40
=7Argyris KaragiannisGRE3.20
=7František Fuhrherr-NovýTCH3.20
=7John CampbellGBR3.20

Qualifying Round, Group B (9 July 1924)

=1Glenn GrahamUSA3.66
=1Henry PetersenDEN3.66
=1Maurice HenrijeanBEL3.66
=1Ralph SpearowUSA3.66
=5Irvine FrancisCAN3.55
=5Maurice VautierFRA3.55
=7Harry de KeijserNED3.40
=7Marcel MuzardFRA3.40
=9Stefan AdamczakPOL3.20
=9Valter EverEST3.20
=9Yrjö HelanderFIN3.20

Final Round (10 July 1924 — 14:30)

1Lee BarnesUSA3.95
2Glenn GrahamUSA3.95
3Jim BrookerUSA3.90
4Henry PetersenDEN3.90
5Vic PickardCAN3.80
6Ralph SpearowUSA3.70
7Maurice HenrijeanBEL3.66

Jump-Off for 1-2

PosAthleteNOCHeight3.90 m3.85 m3.80 m
1Lee BarnesUSA3.80xxo
2Glenn GrahamUSA3.80xxx

Jump-Off for 3-4

PosAthleteNOCHeight3.80 m
1Jim BrookerUSA3.80oo
2Henry PetersenDEN3.80ox