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Shot Put, Men

Date21 July 1952
LocationHelsingin Olympiastadion, Helsinki
Participants20 from 14 countries

Between 1949-51 Jim Fuchs, bronze medalist at the 1948 Olympics, was the world’s best shot putter, winning 88 consecutive meets, and breaking the world record four times. But at the 1951 AAUs he was beaten by Parry O’Brien. O’Brien in turn was beaten at the 1952 US Trials by Darrow Hooper. But at the Trials, only two inches separated Fuchs, O’Brien, and Hooper, so an American sweep was considered likely. O’Brien opened the final with 17.41 (57-1½) and this would be good enough for the gold medal. In the final round, Hooper put a scare into him, with 17.39 (57-0¾) but had to settle for silver. Fuchs second consecutive bronze medal gave the US another sweep in the shot put – it’s sixth one.

11035Parry O'BrienUSA16.05 (1)17.41 (1)GoldOR
21034Darrow HooperUSA15.48 (4)17.39 (2)Silver
31033Jim FuchsUSA15.29 (=5)17.06 (3)Bronze
4460Oto GrigalkaURS15.90 (2)16.78 (4)
5706Roland NilssonSWE15.81 (3)16.55 (5)
6211John SavidgeGBR14.89 (12)16.19 (6)
7462Georgy FyodorovURS15.16 (7)16.06 (7)
8520Per StavemNOR15.12 (8)16.02 (8)
9907Jiří SkoblaTCH15.29 (=5)15.92 (9)
10582Tadeusz KrzyżanowskiPOL14.90 (11)15.08 (10)
11632Lucien GuillierFRA14.62 (13)14.84 (11)
12261Angiolo ProfetiITA14.93 (10)14.74 (12)
13283Alois SchwablAUT15.00 (9)14.45 (13)
14 r1/2818Aapo PerkoFIN14.50 (14)
15 r1/2819Toivo TelenFIN14.30 (15)
16 r1/2551Ramón RosarioPUR14.21 (16)
17 r1/2820Kaarto RaskFIN14.08 (17)
18 r1/2386Konstantinos GiataganasGRE14.05 (18)
19 r1/2210John GilesGBR13.73 (19)
20 r1/2927Nuri TuranTUR13.00 (20)
DNS360Gino Roy PellaCAN– (DNS)
DNS384Aristidis RoubanisGRE– (DNS)
DNS163Friðrik GuðmundssonISL– (DNS)
DNS581Mieczysław ŁomowskiPOL– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (21 July 1952 — 10:00)

All those reaching 14.60 metres advanced to the final.

111Parry O'BrienUSA16.0516.05-Q
24Oto GrigalkaURS15.9015.90-Q
310Roland NilssonSWE15.8115.81-Q
47Darrow HooperUSA15.4815.48-Q
=52Jim FuchsUSA15.2915.29-Q
=520Jiří SkoblaTCH15.2915.29-Q
71Georgy FyodorovURS15.1615.16-Q
821Per StavemNOR15.1214.4514.5415.12Q
919Alois SchwablAUT15.0015.00-Q
1014Angiolo ProfetiITA14.9314.93-Q
118Tadeusz KrzyżanowskiPOL14.9014.1114.90Q
1218John SavidgeGBR14.8914.89-Q
136Lucien GuillierFRA14.6214.13×14.62Q
1413Aapo PerkoFIN14.5014.2314.5014.26
1522Toivo TelenFIN14.3013.7814.30×
1616Ramón RosarioPUR14.2114.2114.0013.94
1715Kaarto RaskFIN14.0814.0813.8113.80
1824Konstantinos GiataganasGRE14.0512.0614.05×
193John GilesGBR13.7313.7313.70×
2023Nuri TuranTUR13.0013.00××
DNS12Gino Roy PellaCAN
DNS17Aristidis RoubanisGRE
DNS5Friðrik GuðmundssonISL
DNS9Mieczysław ŁomowskiPOL

Final Round (21 July 1952 — 15:00)

111Parry O'BrienUSA17.4117.4117.2116.7916.8717.1216.53OR
24Darrow HooperUSA17.3917.0216.5917.0816.9016.9317.39
313Jim FuchsUSA17.0616.93×××17.06×
412Oto GrigalkaURS16.7816.5316.7815.9116.2716.2916.33
55Roland NilssonSWE16.5516.5516.0816.33×××
66John SavidgeGBR16.1916.1716.18×16.1916.03×
72Georgy FyodorovURS16.0615.9816.0116.06
81Per StavemNOR16.0215.1416.0215.31
99Jiří SkoblaTCH15.9215.7315.6015.92
103Tadeusz KrzyżanowskiPOL15.0815.0814.5714.32
118Lucien GuillierFRA14.8413.9414.4614.84
1210Angiolo ProfetiITA14.7414.5914.0014.74
137Alois SchwablAUT14.4514.4314.2014.45